Checking the compost temperatures.

good morning everybody
okay today you got some few things to do first I gonna get the temperature of
the compost pile and then gonna do some (self) wicking tub we’re gonna show you how
we’re gonna do it. I’m gonna take temperature of these two files and then
afterwards need to do some house chores and to wash the clothes. Our washing
machine broke down again so we need to manually wash our clothes however we modified already the washing
machine to become our impromptu/temporary dryer the motors working by the logic board.. I don’t know what happened to the board I
don’t know which part but it happens is so many times we got so frustrated and
talking about buying new ones but right now we don’t have enough cash to buy some so
we have to wash it by hand wash everything by hand now. Luckily the (washer) motor is still working so that we can use it as a dryer. 59 degree Celsius here. Lets move on to the other one.. brothers and sisters milking from their mum.
the orange is the older one in the white is the next litter. only one survived for each litter.. the first one (litter) all dies. the second one all dies.the third one
this orange one survived and the fourth is the white orange black kitten 61 degrees Celsius If you’d like the video, please Like and Subscribe.

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