Cheesecake Factory Calorie Challenge

– We’re biking away
Cheesecake Factory calories. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – London, Nashville, St. Louis, Columbus, and Washington, DC. We’re playing live shows in your town and we wanna see you there. Go to
for tickets and info. – They say if you’re
trying to eat healthier, the best way to get on track
is to cook for yourself and avoid eating at
restaurants, but Drake says– ♪ Why you gotta fight
with me at Cheesecake ♪ ♪ You know I love to go there ♪ And if Cheesecake Factory’s
good enough for Champagne Papi, it’s good enough for me. – But some of the calorie
counts on the menu items that, the Che-Fac is what I call it, can be out of control,
so today we’re going to spin our wheels and cycle
through all our options in order to guess the calorie
counts on some gear-shifting, crazy Cheesecake Factory dishes. It’s time for– ♪ That’s the way ♪ ♪ Uh-huh uh-huh ♪ ♪ I bike it ♪ (funky 70s music) – Oh hi, you might notice
that we’re wearing Spandex and perched on bicycles
and Jordan is here. – Yes, he’s the host of our
nightmare SoulCycle session. – Get ready to be a
ralphing factory, boys. – Uh-oh.
– ‘Cause here’s how it works. Each round I’ll give you
a Cheesecake Factory dish which you get to taste. – Okay. – Bike contraptions are connected to our water-powered calorie-o-meter. On my count, you have to
pedal the water level up to your official guess. When the time’s up, I
hit the shut-down valves and your answers will be locked in. Whoever guesses the most right is named the Tour de Cramps champion.
– Ah. – And gets a gold cheesecake medal. – Yes.
– Let’s bike-eat. – All right!
– Bike-eat. (funky 70s music) – First dish is Sheila’s
avocado chicken salad. – Okay, good ol’ Sheila.
– Oh yeah. She’s actually the wife
of Cheesecake Factory founder David Overton.
– Oh. – She’s known for her sunny disposition and love of diarrhea. (Rhett and crew laughs) – Now (chuckles), we’ve got some chicken. There’s avocado in this.
– Avocado adds calories. – That packs the calories.
– Uh-huh, uh-huh. I got some on my shoe. – I’ve never been a calorie counter, so I feel like unlike most
games, I’m at a disadvantage. (crew chuckles) – I tend to look at the calories, but at the Cheesecake Factory,
you start looking around and you’re just like, ah, screw it. You know, so I haven’t paid
too much attention there. – There’s so much to
look at besides calories at the Cheesecake Factory. – Yeah, there’s like an
ad for a frame store too. – Yeah, yeah, that’s funny. What’s up with that? – I think that is enough tasting time. I think it is time to guess,
so you two will start pedaling and stop when you think you reached the correct amount of calories. – Okay so we go from 3000 down
to 900 is our range, I see. – Yes.
– Okay. – Ready, set, go. (Link groans)
(Rhett grunts) – Oh I got some red liquid coming up. Oh yeah, I got to really pedal. – Okay here we go.
– 900, 1000. 1100, 1200, 1300, 14. Oh yeah, oh yeah, bring it, bring it. Bring it! Woo-ee! I’m actually just excited
that this thing works so well. Oh but this isn’t my answer. I can go backwards? Oh yeah.
– I locked in my answer. – Almost time to lock in your guesses. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! – Three, two, one–
– Wait, wait! No no no no no no no no! – Stop!
– I just wanted to see how high it could get. – Hey, that’s what you get
for messing around, man. – That’s fine.
– That’s what you get. – All right.
– I can’t go over. This isn’t Price Is Right.
– That’s right. – Rhett, your guess is 1250 calories. – [Rhett] Yes. – My guess is–
– And Link your guess is– – 2150 calories.
– Yes, 2150. The points go to Link.
– Yes! – The actual calorie count, 1830 calories. – Boom!
– What? No way! – For a salad, that is a salad. – What? – It’s a salad and it is that unhealthy. – Crazy.
– Yeah, it’s crazy. – [Link] I was pedaling. – Sheila be crazy!
– Yeah. Sheila was trapped in
the Arctic for awhile and needed to pack on some pounds. – That’s right. (funky 70s music) – Next up we have Bistro Shrimp Pasta. – Oh yeah.
– Fun fact, a– – [Link] I thought these were chicken. – A bistro means a small restaurant, and an actual Cheesecake
Factory is a building where cheesecakes could have
been made by children working 18 hours a day until the Fair
Labor Standards Act of 1938. – Okay.
– (chuckles) Oh wow. – [Link] Hmm, never had
this, it’s pretty good. – Really good. – The shrimp are fried. The noodles are coated in
some sort of buttery thing. – This is a good carb load.
– I’ll call it sauce. – I need that before I lock in my answer. – Mm.
– It’s good. Is Sheila responsible for this too? – Uh, no, Sheila was
actually against the creation of this dish. – Noodles and fried shrimp.
– You were wrong, Sheila. – Creamy sauce, mm. – Not too creamy, it’s not too creamy. – Not too creamy but it’s got
calories written all over it. – It does.
– Oh gosh. I should have stretched. – All right that’s enough tasting. It’s time to pedal. Ready, set, go. – Okay. Gotta get it back up there. – [Rhett] Yep. (upbeat dance music) – [Link] Oh yeah! – [Rhett] I think I’m
burning off that bite. – [Link] Bring it! – Woop! (Rhett sighs) – Now it’s time to lock in your answers. Three, two, one, stop. – [Link] It’s still higher than you. – Link, you are locked
in at 2200 calories. Rhett, you are locked in at 2000 calories, meaning Rhett is the winner. The actual calorie count, 2010 calories. – Whoa-ho, hey hey! – 2010.
– Yeah. I zoomed in around that shrimp. – Dang, son.
– Calculating. (funky 70s music) – Now that you’re sweaty, it’s time for a dairy-based dessert. It’s the Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake. – What makes it extreme? The calories? – Uh, oh, you’re looking for a hint and I’m not gonna give you one. – Just whisper it to me. – Link, I have to tell you,
it’s got a lot of calories. – I can tell you that
Oreo Dream is the name of an adult film and
you shouldn’t Google it. Unless you’re open-minded. (Rhett laughs) – Now what is this,
what’s the dollop on top? – That’s a dollop of icing. I’m gonna get a little taste of that just to make sure it’s real. – I do not believe in
icing on a cheesecake. So I’m deducting that
from my calorie count. – It doesn’t have less calories just ’cause you don’t like it. – That’s true. – That is good in a lot of different ways. And it has a little, extra
little Oreo just in case you want a little extra.
– Put that in your pocket. I tend to take all
things home in my pocket from Cheesecake Factory. The silverware, decor. Booklet menus. – And this is just the
caloric count for one slice. – For one slice, not an entire
cheesecake, yes, one slice. – Okay, mm.
– Okay that’s enough tasting. It’s time to guess. Start pedaling in three, two, one, go! – Here we go! (upbeat dance music) – All right stop pedaling
in three, two, one. – [Link] Oh! – All right, Rhett, your
guess, 1400 calories. – [Rhett] It’s just a slice of cheesecake. – [Jordan] Link, your
guess, 1700 calories. – 1730.
– The actual calorie count, 1620. Link, you are closest. Worth pointing out, this is
less calories than the salad. – (chuckles) Yes it is.
– Wow. – So this, you should probably eat this. – Yeah, make the smart choice next time. – Yeah. Oh I’ll just have a cheesecake. I’m trying to watch my figure. (Rhett and Link chuckle) (funky 70s music) Last one, last dish, we’ve
got the Factory Nachos with spicy chicken. – Factory Nachos?
– Factory Nachos. – That’s an appetizing–
– Signature item. Fun fact about these. I asked my step-dad about them, he says, “Looks the same going in as coming out.” He’s a colorful man. – Yep.
– I like your step-dad. – Yeah so these are actually, what you have in front
of you is a half portion but you are trying to
guess the total calories for a full portion which
is under the shareables. – Good gracious.
– Section on the menu. – This is, so twice this. – You’re not supposed to
eat all the nachos yourself. – Or anything else on the menu. – (chuckles) But if you were to, it would be this many nachos. – I’m telling you right
now, there’s a lot of grease floating around on this thing. You got the chicken grease,
you got the guacamole grease, you got the jalapeno grease.
– Oh look at that. I got a floppy one.
– Got the chip grease. – I like getting the floppy one. In nachos, that rules.
– Floppy one’s good. – [Link] All right. – Okay I think that’s enough tasting. It’s time to guess. – It’s gonna be a lot of pedaling. – Start pedaling. – These might be deceptive. – In three, two, one, go. (upbeat dance music) – Going for it. Going for it! Going for it! (grunts) (yelps) The burn! Oh!
– Whoa! – I broke it! Lock it!
– Stop, stop, stop! We’re locked, we’re locked–
– Something’s loose! – It’s locked!
(Rhett laughs) – Woo!
– Okay. – Something popped loose on my mechanism. – Okay all right. – And it hit me in the back of the foot. – Link–
– I’m not bleeding! – Your maybe inadvertent guess was 2400. Rhett, your guess was 2600. Actual calorie count, 2800 calories. – Woo!
– Rhett, you win that round. But it’s a perfect tie. Like the nachos, you
guys are going to share this golden cheesecake medal. Get in here, guys, get in here. – Okay.
– Let me– – Oh wow.
– Put this. Oh, your heads might be
a little big for this, but we’ll make do. Oh, okay, you got it, great. – We are the champions!
– Woo! – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – Meet us at the Cheesecake Factory. – You know what time it is. – My name is Aya and
I’m about to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. (wind blowing) – There she goes! – At first I was gonna say, is that legal? But then I saw the
people so I guess it is. – Yeah it’s legal.
– Click the top link to watch us play Is That On
The Cheesecake Factory Menu with Jordan and Emily
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Be your Mythical
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100 thoughts on “Cheesecake Factory Calorie Challenge

  1. I didn't believe this so I checked and it's 1130 calories for the salad and 1370 for the bistro pasta, 700 out both times. If you're gonna do a game like this and put so much effort into the bikes, at least get your facts right 😀

  2. guess i will never ever be eating at this place,,,,,,uuuuggggg,,,wow… the cheese cake is less calories than salad,,,,,,,,uuuuuggggggggg

  3. Can somebody tell me how is this possible that the food show in the video has THIS many calories? I'm shook by the fact that a salad can contain that many calories, I thought that a normal sized meal ranges from 600-800cal but this video blew my mind. How is America managing to do something like this?

  4. How are the calories that high? That's insane! My daily count is about 1900 calories a day. It doesn't make sense to me lol

  5. The caloric count is totally messed up. There is no way any of these meals is over 800 to 900 kcal.
    I am pretty sure you guys have mistaken Kj numbers for Kcal numbers, which gives people wrong perception of how much they should actually eat in a day.
    I am eating around 4300 lean calories a day, which is around 18000 kilojoules… so honestly 1870 kj for a salad isn't all that bad, which most of the high caloric numbers are contained in the avocado which is great fat and very benefitial for your health.

    Honestly kind of dissapointed by this mistake

  6. I love you guys but personally get a weird vibe off that other guy, Jordan. Ive tried to like him but he kind of puts me off your videos. I cant explain it. Keep up the good work.

  7. Do people actually count calories
    No one looks at a dish they want and sees “oh it has a a lot of calories” and DOESNT order it

  8. My life is a lie….I don’t have a Cheesecake Factory anywhere near me and I thought it was a place that ONLY sold cheesecake..I am disappointed…

  9. so jordans dad is a colorful man…. so hes dad could maybe possibly be cotton candy randy even if he plays that role himself

  10. Definitely the wildest part of this is how a salad has more calories than an Oreo cheesecake. That’s ridiculous.

  11. Glad I just rewatched this! I had forgotten just how hot they look in those biking outfits…especially Link!☺

  12. It's crazy that you guys think the number of calories determines if something is healthy or not. Calories are not just inherently unhealthy. They are required for life.

  13. As someone who has gone through disordered eating, this is why anything from cheesecake factory was one of my fear foods

  14. How can you tell it's going to be a good GMM video?
    1. Jordan is in it
    2. There's a competition
    3. There's food

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