Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

– Panda Express to me is like
white people’s Chinese food. (Chinese folk music) – This is so gross. – Wow, this looks like a candle. – It’s like soggy on the inside. (Chinese folk music) – If you actually know
real Chinese chow mein, you’d be like, “This is
American Chinese chow mein.” – Ew, it smells like stinky feet. – It actually tastes pretty authentic. – I think it’s not that bad. – Wow, you’ve never had
authentic Chinese food before. – Yeah, this is judged. – I’d rather eat this than the egg roll, I’ll put it that way. – Low standards. (laughs) – That’s how I end up with her. – He looks down at Panda Express, but he eats McDonald’s all the time. I don’t understand. – Melanie likes it. Do you want mine? (laughs) – Good job says my grandpa. (Chinese folk music) – If you blind folded me,
I’m eating plain rice. – It kinda tastes like cardboard. (Chinese folk music) – It smells so bad. – It smells like putrid. – Wow. (laughs) – It’s really sour. (laughs) – Yeah, I do not like that. Nope, no. – This reminds me of taking shots, like the bad aftertaste. – They don’t like it. (Chinese folk music) – This is my dad’s favorite. Like if he were here, he would hate this. – Oh it smells good. – Actually it smells OK. – This smells good, yeah. – Really? I feel like it smells weird. – I like this. – Oh, it’s really salty. (Chinese folk music) – Orange chicken is not real Chinese food. My mom calls it the food
that fools Americans. – Oh, no, no, no, I know what this is. Burnt soy sauce. – Not sure what that is, you know. – This chicken is sad. – He had to finish all his orange chicken. He says it’s so good. – I can’t imagine anyone
thinking that Panda’s actually Chinese food. – But you know what my
dad used to always say is that you can’t leave one
grain of rice on the plate. – [Melanie] Yeah, that’s
what my mom always said too, so I don’t like wasting food. – Right, did you not get that
when you were younger too? – Oh no, all the time. – The grain of rice.

100 thoughts on “Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

  1. I love the part where they eat the chowmein and one of them says “I would eat this over the egg roll, let’s just say that.” His girl replying with “Low Standards.” THIS MAN IS GONNA SLEEP ON THE COUCH FOR SAYIN “That’s how I ended up with you.”

  2. the kids prob thinking they know everything about chinease food vs the elderly chinease ppl who have actual knowledge on the food cause they wise saying that the food is good

  3. I only gave a “like” because of the elders. They are respectful even when it is not to their liking. Whereas the younger ones are acting like a brat 🤦🏻‍♀️.

  4. Wow, you can see how how big the generational divide is.

    The elders appreciate the food and even when they don't like a certain dish they're still respectful about it.

    They probably grew up in a time where food was scarce and you were lucky if you could eat a single meal.

    Also why do the younger generation seem so insecure about how Chinese they are. I'm the only one of my siblings to be born in the United States but I'm not sweating it over.

  5. The teenagers are acting like they are Gordon Ramsay or food conessiuers or experts and expecting like a six-star restaurant standards….at least the elderly are respecting and giving their honest opinions

  6. I always appreciate the people from the actual countries as opposed to the kids who more than likely live in the us but have the nationality of the food. You can tell who knows what they talking about and who has no idea.

  7. The young people probably went to China a few time and ate only a specific kind. The elderlys probably ate a lot and remembered the taste

  8. “ I can’t imagine that people think panda is actually Chinese food. ”

    People don’t think that at all. And no where is it even advertised it’s authentic Chinese food. That’s like saying people who eat Taco Bell or papa johns think that’s authentic Spanish or Italian food.

    The younger groups tasting food sound extremely narcissistic. While the elders politely enjoy there food whether it’s traditional or not. Millennials come off extremely ignorant, it makes me ashamed to be one myself.

  9. okay the younger ones were just being unnecessary and very rude saying it “smells like feet” and stuff they don’t have to like it but other people eat it and enjoy it just being it’s not actual authentic Chinese food doesn’t mean they have to be rude about it , now if we tried their authentic food and didn’t like it they would be upset

  10. the elders were very respectful. they obviously knew it wasn’t authentic but they weren’t picking the littlest things to make fun of the food like that one guy

  11. Love the older Chinese people! So kind and accepting. Those younger ones can eat Panda Express everyday for how rude hey are!

  12. I don't think those teenagers really have that taste of Chinese food that's why they didn't really like it

  13. those young chinese americans don't know what they're talking about. what snobs! Maybe we should give them some Army MREs for them to try

  14. The younger people were so fake. Why are you pretending so hard my dude. Especially the guy, like, are you making up for your self worth by desperately trying to be Chinese?Is it all you have left now? Chill out yo, and stop being such a prick. I thought learning from your elders was part of the Chinese culture, but you seemed to miss that in your desperate quest to be completely Chinese.

  15. I was born and raised in China. Do these 3 young people know what is authentic Chinese food being born and raised in America and probably eating American food everyday? Not to mention various cooking method for the same dish we have. That's so weird you guys would have them rate the food. They may be Chinese in blood but not any more Chinese in tongue (I am not denying their "Chineseness", but we do have different perceptions of Chinese food). And we Chinese do have super different tastes based on different areas we grow up in, China is vast. Last time I was traveling in the states, Panda Express made me actually vomit while my southern friends low key liked them.

  16. Thought it was interesting to see the difference in the age difference and how they describe it. I think its better to say that if you want an honest opinion, ask an older person. That one younger guy didn't like anything and was always negative even though he hadn't put anything in his mouth.

  17. 3:07 it's a piece of fried chicken in orange sauce. I'm sure this chick has posted plenty of pictures on instagram of chicken karaage from trendy bubble tea shops.

  18. Hold up… Why are they asking American Chinese? It's like asking me if I like barbacoa.. I only know American food. This is not a fair review. Redo this Buzzfeed

  19. They say there Chinese but I wasn’t looking at the video and I heard one of the girls talk and I swore it was a rich white girl

  20. Every once in a while I come back to this video just to watch the reaction of that young Chinese douchebag. His cringyness keeps me coming back. Like you can give this guy a Michelin star authentic Chinese chef dish, put it in a Panda Express box and he'd be like "It smells weird." Can someone please kick him in his penis? Thank you.

    P.S. Those elderly Chinese people were adorable! Especially that old guy in the jacket!

  21. Me being a native who lives in China right now wtf is a 酸辣汤. And also being from Changsha a place you probably don’t know helps a lot.

  22. Egg rolls and spring roll are different things… spring rolls are deep fried and egg roles are like baked

  23. It’s funny how the young guy was talking shut about the food but in the last 5 seconds of the video he was shoving the food down his throat…smh.

  24. Next time don't get Chinese Americans! Get actual young people from China to judge and I bet they will be more respectful to their food. From my experience as a Chinese from China, Chinese Americans are trash and rude.

  25. You know damn well these kids have never cooked a Chinese dish, never even set a foot in China stop playing around!

  26. I like panda, in no way do I think it’s real Chinese food, it’s like saying Taco Bell is real Mexican food. It’s enjoyable but not authentic

  27. Why do asians call other whites?. When Asians are white. Change the eyes and they look identical to british people.

  28. The elders ironically have a better understanding that it's cheap fast food than the kids do. The McD's-eating boy annoys me a lot.

  29. People don’t go to Panda Express for authentic Chinese dishes. It’s a fast food place, not a five star restaurant.

  30. Boy: “It’s actually not that bad.”
    Girl: 🙃 “ Low standards”
    Boy: “ That’s how I ended up with her.”

    Devil: Good one my child, good one. 😂

  31. The three teens were annoying lol the elders know more about their culture and food and I love seeing that they compare the tastes as similar. If Panda Express isn’t real Chinese food then I rather have Panda Express than real Chinese food lol you can tell the three teens are just snobby and hating and they want to make it look like people who eat Panda Express don’t know about real Chinese food when we do 🙃😂 plus orange chicken is the best! No matter if it’s not real Chinese food it’s still bomb.

  32. We have a panda Express typeplace and across town we have an authentic mom and pop shop. They are freaking pretty different. We also have a high Mexican population so we have allot of authentic Mexican as well as Tex Mex places. I can't even tell you the last time I got tacos from anywhere but one of the legit street taco places. Screw taco bells nasty mess and give me a yummy Al Pastor taco with onions and cilantro on corn tortillas mmmmm

  33. That Asian guy talking proudly about how Panda isn’t “authentic” Chinese food is probably the same guy that thinks Taco Bell is real Mexican food and loves it. SMH

  34. I wonder if the over dramatic American kids can actually speak Chinese though. 🤔

    God, taking hipster to another boring level.

  35. Literally everyone else: oMg tHiS tAsTeS dIsGuStInG aNd nOtHiNg lIkE tHe ReAl tHiNg!!!!!
    Old guy with the glasses: it tastes absolutely fine and tastes similar to the real thing

  36. I find the generational divide in opinion on this very interesting. The older generation is obviously more accepting towards most of the dishes. I wonder if that’s due to having tasted a variety of Chinese food in China and also if they have a deeper appreciation for meals, regardless of how processed it is or not.
    The younger generation is speaking from a place of privilege and less experiences, so that accounts for some of their seemingly arrogant comments. But I don’t blame them. It’s just interesting.

  37. Best line: " You cany expect it to be the same as our traditional chinese food"
    Thats what makes each and every cuisine unique, because its traditional. It comes with the place, origin and the people. So all these "races" picking on other "races" version is just ignorant.

  38. You can clearly tell the elders really knew what they were talking about. The young ones each American fast food and complain about the American Chinese food. I get it tho. It's like when I go to a Chinese buffet and the have Banana pudding. I look at it and instantly I'm like WTF Is this?? This is not real banana pudding 😂😂

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