Choosing a Compost Bin in 60 Seconds

[Instructor] There are six
key things to keep in mind when choosing a compost bin and deciding where to put it. If you plan to
compost a high volume of grass clippings
or other yard waste, look for a bin that’s at least three feet by three
feet at the base. Otherwise, a smaller bin
will probably be enough. You can build a bin yourself, or buy one from a
gardening store. Good compost bins can be made
of plastic, wood, or metal, as long as they are sturdy. Tumbling compost bins need
to be especially strong to support the weight
when they’re full. Tumbling compost bins are also
the most rodent-proof type, although you can still
avoid mice with a static bin by keep the compost damp
and stirring it often. A compost bin should have some
gaps or vents for air flow. If a compost bin
doesn’t have any vents, you can make some at the base. Pick a spot for your bin
that is easy to get to from your back door,
even in winter. It should be close to
a hose or rain barrel. Put the bin on a natural surface such as soil, mulch, or grass. The compost will break down
faster in full or part sun, but it may also need to
be watered more often. By keeping these things in mind, you can make a compost system
that works well for you.

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