Choosing Lawn Fertilizer

Let’s talk about lawn fertilizers. Home owners today have choices — many more choices than we had even five and six years ago. There’s a strong desire for homeowners that wish to go organic to find products that are organic. Organic products are usually lower in analysis than the commercial chemical type fertilizers, yet they provide other things that the soil and the plants that the chemical fertilizers do not. Another part of understanding fertilizers is knowing that those three numbers on the bag represent nitrogen, phosphorus
and potassium and in that order and that these products need to be listed as it’s a law, a requirement, that they’re there. We are concerned these days with our carbon footprint and what we do to the environment and certainly using an organic product is usually one that is a byproduct or an associated secondary product from some other processing feature in agriculture. This time of the year what we’re talking about as its headed towards late summer, early fall is the use of winterizer fertilizer. And a winterizer fertilizer is one that’s usually much lower in nitrogen and it may have a little or no phosphorus in it, but it has a higher level of potassium. Potassium helps build strong roots and that’s what we want going into the winter. If we have a healthy line in the fall, we will have a much healthier lawn in the spring.

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