Clay Soil Improvement // How to use liquid eco flo gypsum // The Gardenettes

It’s time to get some dirt under our
fingernails and really get to know our soil because it really is the foundation
for every garden! But to get to know your soil properly
you’re gonna need bare hands so we can leave these aside. Without boring you with
too much technical detail here’s the low-down on a clay soil… soils containing
clay have very small, fine particles so they feel smooth and even slippery
between your fingers. You should also be able to form a firm ball with this type
of soil. When I do the same thing with sand you can see there’s a dramatic
difference! Clay soils can be spade breakingly hard when it’s dry and a
boggy mess when it’s wet but with a bit of TLC
you’ll get things growing in no time. Mixing through organic matter, like
compost, whenever you plant will help lighten up
your soil and improve drainage. Simply mix it through the existing soil and
plant. If it’s a particularly tough clay look for plants that won’t mind like
this salvia. Gypsum is another wonderful tool in the ongoing improvement of a
clay soil and I like this one liquid eco flo gypsum because it works faster than
the powdered gypsum and I don’t need to dig it in! Each bottle contains super
fine particles suspended in a solution of seaweed, it’s easy to apply by
diluting it in a watering can or it even comes in a hose on pack. The teeny tiny
particles get to work fast in the soil and help break up the clay. Gypsum can
also help reduce salt buildup in the soil caused by grey water use or salt
pool splash. So don’t shy away from the shovel embrace your clay soils and
you’ll have an eden of gorgeous plants in no time!

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