Clip Tip: Grass Clippings in the Garden and Compost

I’m Bryan with NaturaLawn of America and we’ve been receiving some questions lately about
whether using grass clipping in your garden or your flower beds is ok. Our first recommendation would be to leave
the grass clippings on the lawn. They provide essential nutrients to your turfgrass. If you’re still interested in whether it’s
ok to use grass clippings in the garden. The simple answer is yes. Just keep in mind whatever’s going on in your grass is going to transfer over into your garden. So if you use any herbicide or you have any weeds in your lawn they’re going to transfer over and they could potentially damage your plants. Another great option for using grass clippings
in your garden is to incorporate them into your compost pile. Simply layer your grass clippings with a
brown composting material such as leaves. We answer questions like these all the time
here at NaturaLawn of America Have one of your own? Visit us on our Facebook page today, we’re
happy to help. Thank you for choosing NaturaLawn of America! Bryan: You really don’t think it’s on?
Julie (off-screen: Nope Owww! Just kidding. Julie (off-screen): I Know
Bryan: That was scarey though *Julie* I know, it’s cause you sike yourself up. It’s like that part in Jurassic Park

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