Columbia’s Own Compost for Sale

Composting is the process
of taking organic material and making a soil
amendment from it. It’s nature’s fertilizer. It’s a way to prevent weeds
from growing in your garden without using as
much fertilizer. We take grass clippings and
limbs from two mulch sites. There’s the Capen Park Mulch
Site and the Parkside Mulch Site. This is an opportunity
for city residents to bring their yard waste. And we bring them over
here, where we mix it with drywall and food waste. We lay it in wind rows. And then in about
three to four months, we have a nice,
rich soil amendment. A couple of times a year, we
take samples of the compost, and we send it to the University
of Missouri for analysis. We’re looking for
certain criteria that they need to watch to
see how well their compost is decomposed. That is done by
carbon nitrogen ratio. So we determine the
carbon nitrogen ratio. If the carbon nitrogen
ratio is high– that means high when
I say about 100– that compost is
not well composted. But a well composted
compost will have a carbon nitrogen ratio
between the ratio of 15 to 30 or so. So from the carbon
nitrogen ratio, you can determine whether
your compost is well composted or not. I’m pretty happy with
the recent analysis of the city of Columbia
compost that we analyzed. pH is desired. Salt content is desired. Very good. And moisture percentage
is ideal, less than 50%. Carbon nitrogen ratio is
20, which is very good. All the parameters
that we are looking for are in the ideal desired range. The best thing
about Columbia’s own is that it really is made
from Columbia’s own yard waste and food waste that we collect
in the commercial food wasting program. So it’s an opportunity for our
citizens and our businesses as well to buy
Columbia’s own compost. Anything else for you? That’s it. Great. You can buy it out here
at the compost facility, or you could buy it
at local retailers. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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