hello friends of the woods, I’m ready to
prepare my compost. The compost made from organic waste material is
very important to bring substances nutritive in our garden.
Here are some materials I have accumulated to insert them into the compost bin
these are waste from production of foodstuffs fruit and vegetable peels
here are other kitchen waste you see: also the paper tissues
can enter the compost bin, these are carbon part not nitrogenous part,
these other garden waste no, fennel leaves, this is all
“green” substance, here is the dry instead this is material obtained with the
shredder. The compost is created by putting together organic matter of different kinds,
it is said we put together “green part” with “yellow part”, so the fresh parts with kitchen waste,
togheter with the older and drier parts Yellow and green must be well balanced in the green we have greater
amount of nitrogen, in the yellow part instead, more carbon. More
you can put different materials inside our compost, more
it will have something rich and varied and therefore suitable to grow our plants well. I chose this structure, a box made with pallets you know those platforms that you
use in the handling of the goods, because it’s a good way to have one compositor ordered and at the same time
is excellent, and comfortable in the organization of the material. Is
an excellent way to get in the oxygen, that is very important for the decomposition of our compost I had to prepare a lid too because compost must keep the
the right degree of humidity, it should not be too dry, but it should not be too wet, otherwise the water cool down the decomposition process it is better to accumulate material, to make one
sort of pre composting and when it goes to create our cubic meter of compost
insert everything at once I collected all the material to
fill my compost with it now I will fill in layers, the first is a draining layer,
so I’ll put dry materials on the bottom let’s go with the dry material at the bottom
I put some brooms of broom that has dried up this year dry layer the material I have composted, already
pre-composted in the spring, I put it on the bottom a bit of scraps of the garden, these are
fennel and cardoon leaves leaves of leek for the dry a bit of leaves now I also put some soil in it
with its micro-organisms it acts as an activator there are some things though that’s good
avoid to put inside, especially among the waste of kitchen, is good not to insert scraps of
meat for example, because they would go to create different processes and because
they would then attract animals let’s stay on the vegetable let’s go with the kitchen waste to make up for all this damp of
kitchen, now I put this material is just wood, I chopped it with the shredder for example, you can put the shells
egg but is important to mince them well because anyway they will take a lot of
time to decompose avoid cheese skins if you do not want to
attract all mice in the neighborhood all herbs are fine too, wild herbs that you have eliminated from your garden would be perfect
and also for example the mowing of your lawn I realized that I miss a little
of dry material, the carbonaceous one I have more nitrogen than carbon, so I add dry among carbon-rich materials there are
also paper and cardboard that can be used, but pay attention to those
cartons that have been recycled too many times, you can recognize them from a gray color,
they are too rich of glue and also pay attention instead
to the coloured paper towels, they have colored inks this is a middle way: they are brambles so some wood, however, there are also fresh leaves in the compost you can also put a little
of ash, that is rich in minerals and therefore it will enrich the final result.
Just a little eh, always very little in any case, do not worry because everything you put in here will turn into something organic it will become compost and it will be really
unrecognizable as you can see I’m preparing a “lasagna” I’ll make a dry layer and then a wet layer I’m trying to spread the part well
fresh on all the container, so it does not concentrate in just one area we are almost there, it is almost done but now I will have to push it a little bit it fells quite a lot
still a lot of space in it here I would say that we are there, even if it the conteiner is not
very full, let’s say I have achieved the good critical mass,
now within a short time the bacteria should begin to work and so rise the
temperature if the compost works well when you have entered all the
material, you will find that the temperature will rise, it should
reach the temperature around 50, 60 degrees this process is very important too to disable any pathogens I can help the fermentation process inserting, for example, water and sugar,
or brewer’s yeast or even sourdough and then in a little while it will be
necessary to turn everything around, so I will open one door of my box, just one side, I will turn everything around.
Material meantime will be considerably decreased in volume and
I will continue to work the decomposition process for at least four months doing compost is very important for two reasons the first is that we can get obtain some of the
best possible fertilizer for our vegetables the other important reason is that doing home made compost, we do not
produce that mountain of waste that our institutions must manage if we all succeeded in creating our compost we would have a useful fertilizer and we would not create pollution, and also we’ll
create something very useful for nature let me know how you prepare your compost
and I will keep you informed on how things are going in
my compost see you at the next video

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