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ANNOUNCER: The believers
Walk of Faith is paid for by Bill Winston Ministries
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body of Christ. We’re the ones that are going to
take over from here and you will see sinners being
rebuilt again. Come on, he’s not just giving you the
money to buy 15 Cadillacs. He wants to build a nursing school.
He wants to build … The prisoners are coming out. He
wants to educate them. He wants to go to the cities. The people
have been kept down and locked out of the system and he wants
you to go right in the middle of it, put up training centers.
I’m telling you he’s making you rich to be a rich
blessing to somebody else. BILL: Hello Bill Winston
here. Welcome to another program. The program
that you’re watching is called the Believers Walk
of Faith where we walk by faith, hallelujah, and not by
sight. We have a powerful teaching today. We’re teaching
on the blessing and really inheriting your possessions,
that which God has for you, you want to inherit. So we’re
talking about, now specifically, commanding the blessing. Now,
this blessing is a complete opposite of the curse. If you
want to see how powerful the blessing is just look at the
curse because that’s what it is. It’s the blessing turned upside
down. You know when Adam said all this curse was loose and it
affected everything that swam, everything that flew, everything
that crawled, every … It went all the way down to the DNA
part, why? Because that was that curse and how it affected this
Earth. Now, look at the blessing because it’s the reverse of
that. That’s why, for you to truly remove the curse, you need
the blessing. That’s what Jesus came to bring back to us because
Adam had lost it, Abraham got it and then Jesus brings it to all
of the world because the blessing is meant for every
person. If you’re a human, you’re breathing, that blessing
is meant for you. But it only comes one way and that’s through
Christ. Praise God. Now, this is also the Year of Jubilee. This
is the year that really the things that are owed are paid
off. God is eliminating debt supernaturally. And you want to
be in that number. Praise God. And we also are talking about
God’s host of angels, he is called Jehovah Sabaoth. That
host of angles they help get things done in the Earth. When
you’re talking about protection you’re saying the angles of the
Lord, camp around about me and keep me. All that’s yours
through the blessing. Well let’s get your Bibles and pencil
and paper. Let’s get it ready now to take some
good notes. It’s called “Commanding the Blessing.”
Let’s go over to it. So as God gave mankind this
blessing and this blessing you put on Adam he created Adam
outside the garden and put him in the garden. That’s
very important. Put him in the garden. He said, “Dress it and
keep it.” Now, he’s got to replenish the Earth. That’s part
of his assignment. He’s got to replenish the Earth. Now, when I
say replenish I mean perpetually renew and supply it. The Earth,
outside the garden, with thorns and so forth, you know that
because when Adam got put out that’s what he got. So Eden was
a place of luxury. So Adam was to take Eden, which represents
the presence of God, he’s supposed to take Eden and spread
Eden to all parts of the Earth. He’s supposed to take Eden
everywhere. He’s not the leaf eater because
that garden was going to go before him. He’s going to be
creating the garden as he goes. Say amen to that. Now, in that
Adam sinned, as you know, and because of his sin the curse
came. Alright. The power of the blessing is somewhat seen and
the result of the curse because it wasn’t Satan that cursed the
Earth. Okay. The result of the blessing was the reason
that the Earth got cursed like it did. I’m just saying when
Adam sinned. Now. Everything was affected once that
curse hit everything that crawls, and everything that
flies, everything all the way down to the molecular
level was contaminated. Everything. Now, how do you
fix the curse? I’ll give you three guesses and the first
two don’t count. How do you fix the curse? With the
what? Blessing. It is the only thing powerful enough to fix it.
Now. Let’s look at something because you can’t leave it up to
the devil. Look what it says in Isaiah chapter 14 and I’ll start
reading at verse 12. “How art thou fallen from Heaven oh
Lucifer, son of the morning? How art thou cut down to the ground
which didith weaken nations.” Now, Lucifer weakened nations,
watch this. “For thou has said in thy heart I will ascend up
to Heaven, into Heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars
of God. I will sit, also, upon the mount of the congregation in
the sides of the north.” Watch this. “I will ascend above the
heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high.” Now, watch
this. “Yet, you shall be brought down to hell and to the sides of
the pit.” Watch this. “They that see thee will narrowly look upon
thee and consider thee saying, ‘Is this the man that made the
Earth to tremble? That did shake kingdoms? That made the world a
wilderness.'” That’s important. That’s important. Satan was
behind making the world a wilderness. The first time and
this time. If you let Satan run it he’ll do all those things.
He will make the world a wilderness. Look what God said.
God says this. Look at Romans, chapter 8 and verse 19. “For the
earnest expectation of the creature waited for the
manifestation of the son’s of God.” Look at verse 22, he says,
“For we know that the whole creation groans and trevails
in pain until now. Why is it trevailing? It’s trevailing
waiting on the blessing.” I’m in trouble. Help me. Well who has
the blessing? The Church. What’s up? I was about to say what up.
What’s up. Excuse me. What’s up? Why aren’t we doing something
with it? One, the blessing can only be activated by faith and
faith only comes one way, by hearing and what? Hearing by the
Word of God. If I got 12 spies, I send them out and 10 of them
come back and start talking about some stuff that has
nothing to do with the blessing and so forth, religious this and
so forth and all of this and never hear anything about the
blessing, how are you going to have faith for the blessing so
that you can move the things in the Earth that God did not plan
to be here and put that garden of Eden in their place? This
blessing is on you. Look what it says in Ezekiel, chapter 36,
verse 33. “Thus said the Lord, God, in the days that I
cleansed you from all your inequities I will cause you to
dwell in the cities and the way shall be builded and the
desolate land shall be tilled where it lay desolate in the
sight of all that pass by and they shall say, ‘This land that
was desolate has become like the …like the… (audience
repeats) like the…like the ‘And the waste and desolate
and ruined cities are become fenced and are inhabited.
Then, the heathen that are left round about you shall
know that I the Lord build ruin places. I plant that that
was desolate and the Lord have spoken, I have spoken
it and I will do it.'” Don’t look at that situation and say
that’s impossible. He can’t clean up that neighborhood. Are
you kidding me? He cleaned up a whole Earth. But, the problem is
his folks are without God. The folks in the church don’t have
any faith. Faith for what? The blessing. Folks, you got to have
faith for the Word. If you want the Word to work for you you
have to have faith. If you want the name and you want the name
to work for you you better have faith in that name. Oh the blood
of Jesus is powerful. You can put a ring of blood around you
and Satan can’t even touch you. I’m saying that that blood
has to be applied by faith. Say amen. As a matter
of fact, every bit of your inheritance comes by faith.
Faith comes how? (audience answers: “By hearing”) And
hearing by what? (audience answers: “Hearing by the Word of
God”) Now, this blessing is so powerful that this blessing will
take you to the top. All right, now you see what God is doing?
He’s taking the Earth and putting the Earth back into the
hands of it’s rightful owner. See, He’s taking you back to
Eden. The enemy got the stuff through Adam’s sin
but now Jesus came. Once he came he got everything
back that Satan had taken. I believe you can find that in
Colossians chapter 2 and I want to say verse 15. Put
it up on the board please. “Jesus having spoiled,” … What
does spoiled mean? It means to strip. Not just take something,
it means to strip them. “Jesus spoiled principalities and
powers and he made a show of them openly, triumphing over
them in it.” All right, so, He took back everything Satan stole
and he didn’t keep it to himself, why? Because it wasn’t
Him that was in the garden. It was man. So He gave it back
to his rightful owners. That blessing makes you the head. The
head of what? The head of this Earth. That in that blessing
that comes on you it’s far above principalities and powers
and every name that was named. This revelation of that
says that God can now transfer this stuff in your hand. So the
first thing you do, you look at this thing and
say, “Oh Lord, how am I going to buy that?” You don’t have
to have their money system because right away you go
to faith because faith becomes your currency. If you’ve got
faith you can buy anything. He will either give you the thing
or the thing to get the thing. What I’m saying is this is this
is already done. Now, Jesus has captured the whole Earth and
when I start preaching that’s when somebody wrote me and send
me some stuff, “Ah, we don’t really own the Earth.” Who do
you think owns it? See, what they did is they came back and
they tried to make it fit their own logical thinking. But this
is not designed to fit your thinking. This is designed to
fit in God’s thinking. God says, “Wait a minute I’m going to
arise and go over here and now you’re going to possess this
land. Now, understand the King of Zion is on it but it’s your
land and I want you to possess it. They’re going to rent from
you. They’re going to buy from you.” Are you following what I’m
saying? Now, this blessing is enabling us to take back
everything that had been stolen from the garden, from Adam and
you and I ought to take it back. Lord have mercy, glory to God.
Revelation is the strongest asset of the school of faith.
Revelation makes you a revolutionary. Once you know
what your rights are you become irate. When you know what
belongs to you, you go get it. And what transfers to you with
faith is a title deed. Now faith is a what? “Assurance.”
What else? “The confirmation.” What else? “The title deed.” Say
title deed. (audience repeats) Title deed means you own it.
You can present a title in a court of law and they will
say that property belongs to you. In the court of Heaven,
faith is the title deed and you’ve got the judge who
is God and Satan who is the adversary. He’s the prosecuting
attorney going to tell you that doesn’t belong to you
but if you can present some evidence and faith is the
substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not
seen. So I’m going to present a title deed, folks there’s a
court in Heaven just like there’s a court downtown, just
like there’s a court in Supreme Court. Folks, they got the image
from God. God is ahead. The Bible says in Hebrews, he’s the
judge and He judges everything. That’s why when something
happens to you you can’t agree with the adversary. If he says
your sick you’ve got to say by His stripes, I’m healed. If you
don’t say you’re healed then Jesus, who’s your advocate,
who’s your lawyer, don’t have nothing to present
before the judge for your case. You can’t say what
they say. Now my point to you is that this situation is
going on and so now you’ve got to present a case because
he’s going to give you a piece of land you can’t afford.
He’s going to give you a battle you can’t win. God’s
going to do that because they have forgot God but you got Him
in you. And you come speaking, saying, shouting, praising, and
so forth because you don’t fight an ordinary battle. You fight
the good fight of faith and when you do this there are
ministering spirits that have been called by God to assist you
in taking back your land. Boy, you’ve got to get this. Is this
making sense to you? (audience shouts) Oh, ya’ll got me
preaching too hard. No, no, you’re not supposed
to be able to afford it. No, it’s got you. Now, you’re
doing it. He doesn’t want you to do it. I’m going to
put my feet up on the chair. He doesn’t want you to do it.
He wants you to letHhim do it. You’ve got to speak it and let
Him do it. I told you, it’s just like me saying, the son
said, “Okay dad, I’m saving up some money to
get me car.” I say, “Okay, how are you coming?” “Oh,
I just about got enough.” “I tell you what, whatever
you’ve saved I’ll add to it. I’ll double it.” What
kind of car do you think He’s going to pick out? One that he
can afford? Or one that we can afford? Come on. What kind of
house are you going to pick out? What kind of job are you going
to claim? The inheritance … See the people of God have
less God oath. Now, what is happening? There’s no evidence
of the blessing. Let’s go back to Deuteronomy chapter 28. Lord
have mercy. Are you all with me? Folks, when he says over 1
Corinthians chapter 3, verse 21, “all things are yours.” When he
says over in Psalms chapter 115 verse 16, “even the Heavens of
the Lord but the Earth has been given to the children of men.”
When he says things like that don’t be trying to fix it
up. Well, that’s all spiritual things. Wrong. One of the things
he wants you to do is have a manifestation of the material
wealth of this Earth. Say amen. Somebody said, “Well you just
appealing to somebody’s greed.” No, I’m not appealing to
somebody’s greed. For you to say that is telling me that your
mind has been affected by something other than the Spirit
of God because greed can’t get it. That’s a principal of low
life. What can get it is faith and faith and greed don’t go
together. Try to make them work. Faith and begging don’t go
together. Try to make them work. Faith was meant for a righteous
man. Deuteronomy 28, verse 1, “And it shall come to pass, if
you shall harken diligently to the voice of the Lord thy God
to observe to do all his commandments, which I command
you, this day. That the Lord thy God will set thee on high above
some of the nations of the Earth.” All of them. And all
these blessings shall come on you and what? Overtake you. If
you harken to the voice of the Lord your God. One man said
revelation without action is decoration. But look here, so
they’re going to come on you and what? Overtake you. Overtake
you. That means to me I’m not walking towards them. I think
they’re coming from behind. Watch this. When I get the
blessing I have just become a money magnet. I become a wealth
magnet. Watch this. I will draw resources. Come on. I’m going to
draw contracts. I’m going to draw things. Now what am I
saying here. I’m not feeling the greed. I’m saying you are
blessed and where people who are still under the curse have to
struggle and hope that they can get things done, you
don’t have to do that because they’re going to
come to you in abundance. Come on over there. Deuteronomy
chapter 28 and verse 8. Look at that one. “And the Lord
shall command the blessing upon you and your storehouses
and all that you set your hands to.” I said, all that you set
your hands to. And the Word command is the word in Hebrew,
tsavah, t-s-a-v-a-h. Found in Strong’s Concordance under 6680.
It is a Hebrew word. It means to send with command. It means to
appoint. It means to charge. It means to send a messenger. It
means to put in order. So God can command. And you’re in
a tight spot He can command something on you. I know you’ve
got a time sensitive need but He can command something. Say amen
to that. And you find it over here in 1 Kings in chapter 17
and starting at verse 3. He said to the man of God, “Get
thee hence, and turn the eastwood and hide thyself by the
brook Cherith, that is before Jordan and it shall be
when thou shall drink of the brook. I have what?
Tsavah, the ravens to what? Feed you. Where? There.
Don’t move.” There. You just do what I say and I’ve got
birds and these birds, watch this, look at the next part of
it. Verse 5, “So he went and did according to the word of the
Lord for he went and dwelled by the brook Cherith and that is
before Jordan.” Watch this. “And the ravens brought him what?
Bread and flesh in the morning and bread and what? Flesh in the
evening and he drank of the brook.” It came to pass after
awhile that the brook dried up because there had been no rain
in the land and now God is talking to him again. Look what
God says the next time, “And the word of the Lord came to him
saying to him saying, ‘Arise and get thee to Zarephath, which
belong to Sidon and dwell there. Behold I have commanded tsavah,
the widow woman to sustain you.'” I’m saying, wait a
second, what is happening to our faith? Where is our faith in the
blessing? Where is our faith in God’s ability to command a
contract? A command, a time sensitive need to be met? Where
is our faith in that? It hadn’t been preached and if it’s been
proud telling your folks what we’re experiencing now, we are
experiencing money showing up in bank accounts. I have to
experience it in here and I just had a tape giving to me Friday
that said, Pastor listen, this is happening in other places.
This is one of the islands out in the Caribbean Islands and the
pastor said, listen, money is showing up in my member’s bank
accounts. One of my members got a little over $7 million dollars
showing up in his. Listen, this money shows up and they have an
audit trail for it. I’m talking about it showing up, it’s
legitimate money. Listen, I’m telling you the supernatural.
Why is that happening? One, because of the fact that we’re
in the jubilee. That everything that’s been taken from Adam is
given back to the last Adam. And You and I are the Body of
Christ. We’re the ones that’s going to take over from
here and you will see cities being rebuilt again.
Come on. He’s not just giving you the money to buy
15 Cadillacs. He wants to build a nursing school. He
wants to build … The prisoners are coming out.
He wants to educate them. He wants to go to the
cities. The people have been kept down and locked out of a
system and He wants you to go right in the middle of it. Put
up training centers. I’m telling you He’s making you rich to be a
rich blessing to somebody else. Now this stuff is going to start
happening because angels are going to start moving like
you’ve never seen them before. You better listen to your
prophet. I’m telling you people who are broke one day are
going to be rich the next day. People who are hurting one
day are going to be totally healed the next day. People
who have been battling with depression one day are going
to be full of joy from that day forward. I’m saying the
blessing of Abraham is coming on God’s people and we will
get to the Promised Land. ANNOUNCER: Increase your
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  1. Amen! Now I'm going to apply it to my life. Been following Bill Winston for some time and he's a great teacher.

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  3. Hallelujahs
    Glory To Be To God At All Times Amen America
    I Command Gods Blessing To Come Into and In My Children's Lifestyle for as long as God Breath Life into their souls and
    Their Children's Life
    Along with Me and My Husband
    Thank You Lord
    For Your Name Sake
    Jesus Amen 😘💯❌💯✔

  4. Hallelujahs
    Glory To Be To God At All Times Amen America
    I Command Gods Blessing To Come Into and In My Children's Lifestyle for as long as God Breath Life into their souls and
    Their Children's Life
    Along with Me and My Husband
    Thank You Lord
    For Your Name Sake
    Jesus Amen 😘💯❌💯✔

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