Community Composting with Subpod – Habitat Byron Bay

(relaxing music) – We’ve been doing pilot projects here locally, over the last two years. And the community and
industrial estate in Byron Bay has really taken a keen interest. And from there, we’ve been able to meet business communities,
in this case Habitat, which is this four, five star work, live, and play environment. And the architects, and the developers, have taken a keen interest, and now, we’ve locked in to set up Subpods in these garden beds, right
throughout the complex, over the next 12 months. – Down. (crane engine rumbles) (relaxing music) – We’ve sort of focused on the concept of the live, work, and
play, all within one space. So, removed from Byron center, we’re in the industrial estate. What’s been going on in the
industrial estate really is that, anyway, the living
and working and playing, all within one environment. And we’ve taken that to a, sort of, slightly more formalized version of that. I guess, the extension of that is, well, you know, you’re producing
waste here, green waste, there’s residents living and working, and it’s quite populated now, so council, thankfully, have
come on board with the idea of us actually dealing with
our green waste on site, and it was something that we
were really interested in. – Even people that don’t have
green thumbs, they see it, and they’re interested by
it, they go, what’s that? Because they just think,
okay, it’s a bench, and then, you start
explaining to them what it is, they go, yeah actually, that makes sense. – It’s a classic case of seeing composting being used at high end,
where there’s no rats, there’s no flies, there’s no odors, and for the uninitiated,
it’s bench seats in a garden, but we’re actually composting. – It’s not just for residents,
it’s not just for tenants, if guests want to help out, then, yeah of course, be a part of that too, we’d love for you to be
a part of our community. I mean, they already are, the
fact that they’re coming here to work out, to eat, to go
to their yoga, or to work, they already are a part of
our community, it’s just one extra bit that can just
bring us all closer together. – That waste going to
landfill, is a great resource. It’s simple intelligence. If we could take that
resource to build soil, to grow food in location, this is priceless.

2 thoughts on “Community Composting with Subpod – Habitat Byron Bay

  1. Congradulations Andrew and the team. Great effort in getting a fantastic product to market. Such an achievement – every home / garden area where people are should have some of these! I'm sure it will go ahead in leaps and bounds – such a simple and effective thing with so much positive outcome. Well done and looking forward to hearing more…

  2. This looks VERY interesting and I can't wait to learn more and see the details regarding what it is and exactly how it works. There are so many composting opportunities which are completely overlooked simply because the site is perceived as unsuitable for the reasons mentioned – flies – mice – rats – voles and so on. There are technical schools which have agricultural and culinary programs which should definitely be looking into more urban solutions such as this. New Subscriber, I'll be watching and learning!

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