Community Garden (:60)

Announcer: Wonder if you
should get tested for colorectal cancer? Person 1: Yes. Is it really that common? Announcer: It is. Of cancers affecting both
men and women, it’s the 2nd
leading cancer killer in the U.S. Person 2: But I don’t
have any symptoms… Announcer: It doesn’t
always cause symptoms. Especially early on. So don’t wait! If you’re 50 or
older…it’s time. Person 3: But it doesn’t run
in my family. Announcer: Most often,
colorectal cancer occurs in people with no
family history. And think about this:
screening helps prevent the disease. Person 4: Really? How? Announcer: Screening helps
find precancerous polyps so they can be removed. Remove the polyp,
prevent the cancer! Screening helps find
colorectal cancer early, too. When treatment
works best. Person 5: (sigh)
Oh man, that test. Announcer: There’s more
than one screening test. You have options! Talk to your doctor to
find the one that’s right for you! Because colorectal cancer
screening really does save lives.

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