Como extrair humato – fonte de ácidos húmicos e fúlvicos

To prepare the humate we use: 5 grams of potassium hydroxide. 500 grams of full maturity vermicompost. 2.5 liters of good quality water, unchlorinated. Ingredients: – 5g of potassium hydroxide; – 500 g of vermicompost; – 2.5 liters of unchlorinated
water. First, dissolve potassium hydroxide, gradually, in 2.5 liters of water. With the help of a plastic… or wood spoon, never use metal, we… dissolve well… all the hydroxide in water. Once dissolved, ‘ll add 500g of vermicompost in this water. Mix well for 5 minutes, dissolving the vermicompost
in water. Step 1: – Dissolve the hydroxide in water, slowly; – Add vermcompost; – Blend the mixture for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes we cover the bucket, and leaving it in a place where it doesn’t take sun or rain, capped, and allow to rest for 1 hour. Step 2: – Let rest for 1 hour; – Keep the bucket capped, in the
shade, away from sun and rain. After 1 hour at rest, we stir the mixture for 5 minutes. Let’s cover the bucket, and we’ll repeat this process for 5 times again. Step 3: – After 1 hour at rest, stir the
mixture again, for 5 minutes; – Repeat this step
for another 5 times. This is the last time we stir,
to homogenise this… extract. Now we will sieve this extract through a fine
mesh sieve. If you don’t have one, you can use … a … feminine pantyhose, or something, to separate the solid part, the vermicompost, from humate. Step 4: – Use a fine mesh strainer to separate humus
from the liquid. Here the result, the liquid was strained. This liquid is the humate. But cannot be used yet! We should let its rest, to stabilize it, and get a best
quality humate. Let’s leave it at rest for 12 hours, in a covered bucket, protected from
the sun and rain. Step 5: – Keep humate at rest
in covered container, for 12 hours. After 12 hours… from rest, us… can already use humate to water the plants. If we want to use the humate for foliar spray, must filter this by using a filter paper like used to filter coffee, or fine mesh cloth. After filtering, as described, the humate can be stored, in a brown bottle for up to 7 days before use. Step 6: – For spraying, filter human
on paper or cloth filter; – After filtered, we can store it,
in dark bottle, for up to 7 days. The vermicompost that remain, leave in the sun to dry, and we can use it
as fertilizer. How to use In the treatment of seed
for planting: We use a solution of 50% of humate. Example: 100 ml of humate plus 100 ml of water. Leave the seeds
soaked in this solution, for 10 to 30 minutes. The harder
seeds, longer let them soaked. In preparing of the bed,
for cultivation: Use 100 ml of humate,
per liter of water. Prepare the beds, put all the inputs and
fertilizers, and water with the mixture, and wait 15 days before planting. In aquatic plants: Use 10 ml of pure humate, for each liter of
water from the tank. If you have a
100 liters tank, mix 1000 ml of humate in the tank, twice a year. In annual crops: Use 20 ml of humate
per liter of water. In trees and bush,
newly transplanted: Uses 30 to 50 ml
per liter water. The biggest the
tree or shrub, more amount of humate per liter of water. In trees and shrubs,
established: 50 ml to 100 ml
per liter of water. In ornamental plant and lawns: 30 ml of humate
per liter of water. In these last 4 items, use humate
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