Cómo hacer Composta casera orgánica. How to make ORGANIC COMPOST

today in the chanel How to make We will prepare a homemade compost We can
have all the nutrients they need our in house plants and vegetables in the
grow at home need to
it grow healthy and strong as you can see I have here a paint container We can search the container
than we are interested where we can do some side holes and also
one for drainage I am going to use this
making holes for drilling machine I’m going to make a few
holes around the bucket and tambienharemos one to drain we have
all holes We can already pass to fill is not made as you can see
Here I will put sawdust, a few vegetables shell eggs leftover coffee in this way we can use a
knife can use a chopper Here we also have these cartons
that when we buy eggs as eggshells that also
We are going to chop also chopped as fast to the
compost, and all this will introduce it in
our compost We are going to continue biting the rest of of
vegetables when more variety of
vegetables use much better and
When more variety of elements that also use much better
because we will have more types of nutrients We will not ever use would be
neither diplomatic meat nor fish roles of these who have ink not
they would serve at the end I put a list also
I have a little ash and come out to the field to pick it up a little bit of horse manure a few dry leaves and to end it is good to cover it with a
little serin that flies do not come
We will keep in a site that is
sheltered in the shade and not bother a week we move it I leave other videos to fine of how to make homemade drip irrigation

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