Compost Bin Review – How to use three types of compost bins.

Compost bins come in many shapes and
forms. This is a compost tumbler and that works wonders if you fill it up all at
once and if you’re prepared to tumble it every day actually it’s great for lawn
clippings and it’s fairly good for autumn leaves as well. These are a static
compost bin they are used in the traditional way, simply putting in layers of brown
and green materials leaving them there and they’ll compost right down they do
serve a purpose they’re a little bit slower than some methods. However if
you’re prepared to turn them, and you can buy tools that will do this, then that
will speed up the process they simply sit on the ground so all the leachant or
moisture will run out through the bottom and that will improve the soil directly
below them their best situated in full Sun. And finally we’ve got our favourite
compost bin this is an Aero Bin. We decided to try it a few years ago and we
found out that it is a very very effective method of composting. You can
see that it’s got a lid on it that comes off, we’ll have a look inside. We use this
bin for all sorts of materials you can see at the moment that we’ve been
putting in kitchen waste banana skins lettuce potato peelings anything that’s
left over from the kitchen except for your citrus and your onions. You’ll also
notice if you look closely but this bin has started to fill up with worms,
wherever you start to make compost you’re going to attract worms even in a
sealed bin like this, and that is a great thing. On two sides there’s a door on the
bottom which can fairly easily be removed. And there we have the compost and that’s
about as good as compost gets. You can see that the materials have rotted down
completely and we have used lawn clippings we’ve used newspapers we’ve
used our kitchen waste and we’ve used a few autumn leaves as well at various
times. As long as you layer it, it works the Areo Bin in is also sealed, so you won’t
get any rodents getting their way into the compost, so that makes it excellent
for having it in positions where you can’t situate the bin a long way away
from the house. What are the disadvantages of the Aero Bin ? They are
more expensive than any other bin that we’ve seen, the advantage it’s quicker
than any bin that we’ve used including the rotating tumblers, you can add
continuously which makes it excellent. You don’t have to empty the whole bin
because you’ve got a door at the bottom to take out the finished compost as we
said there are many different ways of composting, this is our favourite way. It’s
not the only way we use though, we do have uses for static bins and rotating
bins as well the Aerobin, it has a central column that runs through the center of
the bin which draws air into the bin this helps speed up the composting
you’ll also find that the bin is insulated which increases the core
temperature and that also speeds up composting and makes it more complete.
And finally this is a pile of mulch what we’ve got here, it is a tree that we had to
have cut down and we’ve had it chipped. We wouldn’t be putting this directly
onto the garden, we’re going to let this pile sit here for 12 months before we
use it it will in effect compost down. You’ll find that it turns a wonderful
black color when you put it on the garden it won’t draw all the nitrogen
out of the soil, it’ll be a much more effective way of using it than putting
it on fresh. Good luck with your composting, for more information on
composting making leafmold vegetable gardening organic gardening you name it
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