Compost : Compost Bins for Gardens

Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert
Village. In this series, we’ve learned all about making a compost heap. But there’s a
lot of people that have really small gardens that don’t have room for a big, big compost
heap. So how can they get around it? Well, there’s a lot of easy tricks. All you need
is a plastic tote bin and you drill or hammer a bunch of holes in it and stick it in the
corner of your garden, maybe beneath a tree, behind a shrub where it’s not real visible.
And, every time you’ve got your kitchen scraps or you’ve got your grass clippings or your
leaf clippings, you cut them up the smallest you can and you throw them in your container.
All you have to do is just shake it up once or twice a month and before you know it, you’re
going to have your own compost. Every fall, you can use your own compost and use it as
mulch. So, as you clean up your garden for the winter, and you cut all of the dead branches
out, just cut up little pieces and put them in your little bin and before long, you’ll
have your own compost; it’s as easy as that. Even if you live on a small property or you
live in a city where you only have a very small yard, you can still compost. It’s not
that difficult. In the next segment, we’ll conclude our discussion on compost.

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  1. Can't believe this was such a great idea from 'Expert Village'. Just what I needed for my small garden. Thanks

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