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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert
Village. In this series, we’ve learned all about how to start a compost heap. One of
the main ingredients in my compost heap are my kitchen garbage or whenever I clean out
my refrigerator. I want to save anything that can break down and is biodegradable and put
it in my compost heap. So, let’s look in my refrigerator and see what we can use. So first
off, I have some extra roast and some extra hamburger meat. This is meat, so anything
that is an animal byproduct does not belong in my garden or in my compost heap. So, unfortunately,
it’s kind of wasteful, but it goes in the garbage. Here I have some extra ramen noodle
soup and generally, I’d say that’s okay to compost because it’s wheat. But because it
has so many additives and preservatives in it, I’m going to decide to throw it away.
Here I have some lettuce that I’ve used the most of it; this is just the end of it. But,
it doesn’t look like it’s going to be good anymore. So, I just throw it, so this is fine
for my compost heap. I’m going to separate all the plastic, rubber bands or anything
that is not organic from the lettuce. I’ve got some pears that are kind of past it. I
get so much fruit and vegetables at the farmers market and if I’m not using it all, I either
give it to my neighbors or unfortunately, I don’t eat it all so I’m going to have to
compost it. I think the deer will appreciate it. I’ve got some oranges that I didn’t eat,
so I’m going to compost them as well. Here’ some left over beans, and carrots and peas.
You don’t want to have any plastic, but that can work. So I’m going to compost it. I’ve
got a carrot that’s all bendy and no good. If it’s firm, I can still eat it, but obviously,
this carrot has had it. So I’m going to add that to my compost heap. Please watch our
second segment on kitchen garbage (part two) and how to turn it into compost.

18 thoughts on “Compost : Compost Kitchen Garbage

  1. scarygary78, you are a mean, vile, bitter person. You are certain to become an old curmudgeon (if you aren't already)!! Have you ever heard, treat others as you would like to be treated?

  2. I agree, the only things that go in my little compost bin are scraps from the food itself (banana peels, orange peels, roots and skins). I'm a firm believer that you should only buy what you need. =)

  3. WOAH this lady is driving me craaaazy. the veggies are no good cause she isnt storing them right and she shouldnt be using so many bags and IF you do decide to use bags empty the contents and wash the bags for reuse or recycling! asjdgjsg. i got the chills from watching this. how the hell do you end up with a half bowl of noodles in your fridge? yech!

  4. oh my often does she clean out her fridge..i went on holidays for a few weeks once and forgot about my carrots in the veg drawer..i came back and they werent too bad..certainly not like the one she had lying in her fridge!

  5. Wow why don't you all just send her to prision cause shes not doing everthing like you do or how you want her to.Funny about the soup you can eat the soup full of MSG but don't put it in the compost.I quit buying that kinda soup MSG is poision for the brain period she put it in the right place the garbage can never should be in anyones home.

  6. If you grow a VEGETABLE GARDEN….add your used coffee grounds and paper filters to the soil and till it in spring time. After tilling, introduce new worms to the garden. Worms LOVE coffee grounds ! The worms aerate the soil and eat the coffee grounds to extract the organic material. The material is then deposited as worm castings that fertilze the soil and feed your vegetables. PUT THOSE WORMS TO WORK.

  7. @YolandaVanveen
    Don't mind the haters. There are turkeys in every crowd. Great video.

    With greetings from Iran

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