Compost Heated Shower

Let me show you something really unusual. Here’s a compost heap, with heat, that we’re using to
heat water for showers. This is free– Goin’ for a shower. Oh, go right ahead. This is pyrolysis, this is the heat of the
organisms in the heap, heating the hot water in the plastic pipe, the irrigation pipe that’s
inside the compost heap. 150 meters of hose heats the water, it gives you a five minute shower, five minutes later, it’s hot again. A five minute recharge,
a wonderful system, lasts for six to eight
weeks of free hot water and at the end of it, you have two cubic meters
of high quality fertilizer. Hot, real good shower. Here it is, we’ve got it covered up so it doesn’t get too wet in the rain and the heat is inside there. As I go in, if I go in far enough, I’ll get to the actual hot water pipes. And there’s the steam coming, you can start to see a bit
of steam coming up there. And if you make a big enough heap, you’ll get hot water for six months and you’ll grow all your food for a year on the size heap. So in a 10 meter heap, Jean Pain, the famous researcher on
compost and heating hot water, famous Frenchman Jean Pain wrote the book, “Another Kind of Garden,” and he ended up researching
on compost heat, he made heaps that were
10 cubic meters in size and heated the house, the
house central heating system, the radiators for six months of the year and grew a years supply of food on the 10 meters of compost every year. Great system, the power of compost. Couldn’t be better. Basic physics, it’s physics and biology in partnership together,
working as the unified system.

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