Compost heaters for my green house

hello everyone my name is Frank and in this video what actually is my first video I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna try to make a compass heater for my greenhouse what you can see here so for the heaters I’ve got some menu dry leaves stroke and some fresh-cut grass and what I’m gonna do is just take all these ingredients and mix them in these two boxes they say for the process of composting we have to use the following rate of nitrogen and carbon for one part of nitrogen we have to add 30 part of carbon and what are the materials with high nitrogen content well it’s like green grass menu for example and the the materials with the high carbon content like straw dry leaves and branches so one part menu or fresh-cut grass and the third part of throw or dry leaves and I’m gonna continue it until the two boxes are full after I mix them well and I’m watering it and then they can go into the greenhouse and we will see in the next few days or weeks or I don’t know actually so we are already inside the greenhouse look at these beautiful plants most of them little fruit trees and heaters are also inside I just covered them because I don’t want to let them dry now the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and it’s 9th of October here in Hungary well it’s a very nice sunny day so I’m gonna go and enjoy it so thank you for watching it was a quite hard job for me to speak in a foreign language and do the video as well at the same time so thanks again and have a nice day bye

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