Compost in Portugal

Hi welcome to this family movie in which I visited my mother and father in Portugal. On my way to Portugal for a week, sunshine here I come. What a awesome view, sky high. Landed in Faro, the first thing you want to go to? the beach of course! And enjoying the fresh air. You can really feel the breeze. And smell the sea, close your eyes and dream away And of course discovering the most beautifull spots. In Portugal is fun. Stuff to think about. Especially walking bare foot On the beach and the water touching your feet it feels like a massage for your body and soul. Of course we take a trip in the mountains and with it’s rivers. And as it is very quiet there. The area is being developed as a kind of natural reservoir. To live in harmony with nature The agriculture plays a major role. More and more we are looking into living in balance with nature. I saw my family had already thought about this And had already come with a solution regarding the soil. and to understand this, you have to understand something about the living micro biology. Farmers used to make grapes for wine. The olive trees where the only trees which survived. These are the productive areas. Everything here goes slow and oh, the sheeps of course. They eat some of the grass and walk through the area My father saw most areas are not productive at all. Not enough rain and so there is a need of dung. And by cutting the dry grass you can use this, to make dung and my father wanted to expalin this to me in detail, how you can make a healthy fully natural dung with less. Hi Dad ! .. Hi . What a great view, and with a litlle rain. The area where my family could plant vegetables and fruits is to far from their house. That’s down there at the river. And they where forced to create a solution for a garden near the house. But in order do that you need dung. Normally “garbage” is being used.
This method produces the dung. and there is a difference. I asked my father to explain the different method, to turn a druy ground into a healthy soil. This the water container, and look you can see the upward pressure. This equals the weight of the flowing water And those stones are roundabout 50pounds and this is also 50pounds. so a upward pressure of 100. This is made out of bambbo and doesn’t spoil under water. And this has to rise first, because then the air can come in and the water come out. And then I will fill this container and take it to the other one. And while the water goes out the air goes in. So and if it’s under water, it’s vacuum. So There is no air but water and the water goes out. And the air comes in and at that moment it actually starts. It’s 20degrees celsius now and micro live starts. this has already moisture with leachate. and now it all starts. I put in here and fill it. You know what to do with these grass packages? This method can also be used by anybody living in the same sort of climate and circumstances. So a dry area but producing the grass to make the dung, the area where you need to cut the grass for your garden. And over here you have to climb the hills with a sack of hay, So you need to be in good condition, At least for most. So now we go into the next step. This one goes on top. Thats about 50pound! go Dad! You dont really need this but it’s to keep the grass under water, the more the better, and here we go! What is micro live and how come they can live? And why they die off, you can learn with this method, to understand this. you can see micro live as any form of life. They live just like everything on this planet, so it shouldn’t be to hard to understand. The cover on top. Shift it. And these are expiriments with vegetables in dry grass. So make it neat. And they go under water. And these have to get some air, two of them. This has been leaking for 2 days. At the end with this method not 1/3. but 2/3 can be used. We call this the dances of soil. Here you see the dripping water which smells very badly. but there grow fungi in it.
Perculation moisture ! I thought it was juice, and it smells like poo! Burgers! And now hope we get the wheelbarrow inside. And now the proces is easier. but because of litlle space, and the air stops the heating and cooling down from 40/50 degrees to 20 degrees. This is in a nutshell how it works. And this is the limbo or you call it ‘Hellfire’. So the micro live is invited here To make a start because of the air. This is the beginning and you have the lower steps from 5 to 10 from 10, 20,30 40 50 bacteria stairs. The extra liquids leak so everything is in balance. And you can so call it limbo or ‘Hellfire’, or know that you can in the negative expression, a sort of call for heaven. The trial, the trial leave! If you can find it in a efficient agriculture would like to model casting, by a vegetable garden in such a way that you can grow in pots and re circulate you deal with dung. You can also use the remains from the pots after cultivation. So there is almost no loss. And so a place to get the dry grass is essential. This one is stuck. Here we go. Wauw thats great. thats great hey? If you can stick through this it’s ready. This one is still a bit sticky. If you take a closer look. Look, dung material. This was once dry grass. And I can show you some more. Now I take a view pieces. And now you can use it to saw. So this is perfect dung. Dry and it’s not sticky. This is it. Great. This is what you need to keep the soil healthy. The more you grow the more food you get. The distance between the area of the dry grass and the garden can be huged depending on the transport. back in the plane you start to rethink that it’s not so easy as you might think. And so after this experience I started to read about it a book regarding micro live which helps. Especially regarding healty soil and dung in which the very things again to hear knocking in comparison with nature around us. Actor : Henk van Rijn
Camera : Ivo van Rijn Editor : Ivo van Rijn
Music : Dedicated – Ob – Selon Mi – Mos Presentation : Ivo van Rijn
Translation: Gerrit Hazekamp

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