Compost Sifter Under $20

Welcome everyone. The compost sifter ive seen all the compost sifter videos the cement mixers, the converted swing sets the make shift swing sets but i dont have a lot of space and i did not want to spend a lot of money mine cost $20 and i managed to find this old bucket laying around i think it was a dollar forty nine at some store that sells orange buckets and i cut out the top leaving about an inch flange for screen support and then i turned it over and cut out the bottom. and then the screen which is 16 of the 20 dollars then i mounted the screen inside the lid see the bucket is upside down mounted the screen inside the lid with 4 bolts. i bent the screen up, i got the same 1/4″ screen everyone else does and this thing works like a champ I’m able to take shovels full of compost shake the bucket and sift just by shaking the bucket back and forth it sifts great! this is wonderful CC by me. Thank you.

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  1. You didn't need to go to all the work cutting through the top. Just cutting the bottom out and putting the screen there would have done the same job.

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