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  1. Very interesting thanks so much. Couple of questions . . . .  How long do you need to stir it for every 20 mins – 3 hours or more ? How long do you have to keep it before putting on the plants and how often do you need to apply the fertisliser to the plants ?

  2. Composting is something that every gardener should be doing. Making compost tea can really boost your gardening efforts.

  3. Thanks so much for the video. I had a problem with a white fungus on my squash last year and did not know how contagious it was, so this year it came back and was also on the kale. Now I know what to do for it next time. We started 2 years ago with organic  gardening and I don't want to use any chemicals on my garden. Thanks again.

  4. I like the theory and I think I understand it … but have you (or anyone else) ever done field trials to measure results? I can find lots of videos on compost tea as well as anecdotal results as to the benefits and I've found only two that did season-long comparative testing. Both of these determined that their was no difference using compost tea. However, these were admittedly backyard gardeners who were well-intended but obviously lacking the resources to control many of the variables. So, are there any credible field tests out there somewhere? And thanks for your efforts of posting this information.

  5. Who is going to stir the liquid overnight every 20 minutes? it is kinda impossible to spend a night sleepless….

  6. Around 3:00 he seems to differentiate between worms, perhaps between European earthworms and I think Red Wigglers – the worms that dig and burrow more linearly  versus those which spend more time eating up small matter. Red wigglers are commonly used as fishing bait in the United States and those work amazingly well in my buckets.

  7. This is genius.  A lot of people will probably think this won't work because you're not using an airstone.  Studies have shown that aeration in water occurs through agitation.  The reason bubbles aerate water is that they disturb the surface.

    I bet you could capitalize on this as a workout video 🙂

    Anyway, thx for the idea.

  8. this is my first year growing on a grand scale. have always had smaller gardens but now I'm growing one that's 3 acres, this tip is greatly appreciated. thanks for posting.

  9. So uh, you uh… Stir that concoction every 10-20 minutes for 48-72 hours to oxygenate the aerobic micro organisms? When do you get to sleep?

  10. I've asked but nobody even seems to have an opinion. I have a blue barrel for my compost. What do you think about flooding the barrel with water and oxygenate the water and introduce some Red worms to the barrel. To make compost worm tea.
    Will it work? Don't know? Worth a try? or Bad idea?

  11. hi, just come through your video, like to know, can l use brown sugar intead of mollese, cos l do not have the mean to get it cos it is expensive here. please respond. thank you

  12. you dont have to stir it every 20 mins, i bet if oyu made two buckets side by side one no stir n one stir every 20 mins and used them on different plants you wouldnt notice not one difference in the plants growth etc

  13. City water should set overnight with aeration to get rid of chlorine… otherwise it will kill the microbes!

  14. what is the name of the sugar you put in ? at 6: 20 ? I can't hear it and the subbtitles say school arses.

  15. what does the molasses do ?,because i often make compost tea without molasses,so i'm just wondering if i am missing an important ingredient.

  16. This is the most simple and easy to follow method of making compost tea, and no gadgets needed. I cannot wait for spring to make one. Share more about healthy gardening. Thank you.

  17. I live in Portugal and the only easily available molasses I can find contains sulfur dioxide and sulphites. Would this be "better than nothing" or would it in fact make things worse?
    Also — after making the big barrel of worm tea (stirring every 20 minutes for 3 hours) how long will the worm tea remain usable, i.e. do I have to use it up within 3 days, or will it remain active for longer periods and I just need to stir it, or add more worm poop and molasses and stir it again. Reading the comments, a lot of people have these questions. Thanks, love your videos, by the way. Also, I'm a fellow countryman who got away from the rain 🙂

  18. Yet another excellent video on a brilliantly simple idea. I agree with everything except for the very end where you say both oil and coal will run out. That is just not the case in any foreseeable future, and big agriculture will continue to poison the planet with it's continued total reliance and overuse of synthetic fertilizers. Thank you for continuing to promote sustainable agricultural practices, it really is just a far better methodology for growing.

  19. Would love to see a side by side test using with and without worm tea. Of course the tea would have to be used within 4 hours of making.

  20. Just found out about compost tea…stumbled upon this site, and I'm in awe, just amazed! Now it is time to go worm poop hunting!! I have the ideal compost pile, and lawn 'n leaf pile just adjacent. All of the potential I have been wasting is unbelievable! thank you Thank you!

  21. very cool but oil win not run out thats something they created so they can keep the price high it doesnt come from dead dinosors the earth makes it just like gold silver tar and everything els but this is way better then chemicals for sure !!

  22. You will have better success with round stick/bamboo for making the whirlpool 🙂 or you could just get an air pump and air stone and leave it for 24 – 36 hours 🙂
    You can also use kelp and neem and alfalfa meal instead of molasses i heard and neem specifically will help with pest management and rich in nutrients.

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