Compost Tea vs Rock Dust – Which is the Better Organic Fertilizer ?

JOHN KOHLER: Alright! This is John Kohler
with Today we have another exciting episode for you and since
you guys asked for it, I got another video with my buddy Josh from the Boogie Brew Company,
and we’re going to talk about something very important. You guys have been watching
me for any length of time, you’ll know that from the time I built my raised beds, I’ve
been using one ingredient along with my compost way back in the day, and that’s rock dust.
Rock dust is one of the things that I believe you need to put in your garden all the time
and it’s essential and what we’re going to do in this video because Josh is trying
to see the benefit of. JOSH: Well of course John, rock dust ain’t
the answer man. I mean come on, the tea, it’s a one-stop shop, that’s what it’s all
about right here. JOHN: No man it’s the rock dust and we’re
going to battle it out today and you guys are going to hear the full story and if compost
tea or rock dust is better for your garden and why. So Josh, if you think compost tea
is so good, why should you use that instead of rock dust man? JOSH: John, rock dust is not the answer okay
folks? Maybe it’s one answer, but it ain’t THE answer. I mean, this is a lot of backbreaking
work and some of you out there watching us might think, “Okay, these guys are being
like best of frenemies here, agreeing to disagree,” but I think John is crazy. That one pound
of rock dust for every square stinking foot of soil, that’s ludicrous! Come on man.
You’re going to turn your soil to concrete using that much. JOHN: You know my buddy, the rock dust expert,
he literally wrote the book, his name is Don Weaver, and he’s the one who told me one
pound per one square foot as a generous offering back into the Earth of trace minerals. I know
some of you guys out there might think oh yeah John, I put compost or composted leaves
in my garden and that gives me all the minerals I need and all this stuff, but think about
this. If you’re composting the leaves from the trees, if the soil where the trees are
growing, if trace minerals are not in that soil, then they’re not going to be in the
leaves that you’re going to compost. And trace minerals are essential for life.
It’s quite unfortunate that most Americans are deficient in trace minerals and think
we’re supposed to take little supplements. And if all the food was grown in trace minerals,
we could be optimally healthy. And there’s studies and my empirical evidence of me growing
a full garden year after year now for over ten years, things grow bigger and better in
rock dust Josh. JOSH: Yeah, but when did your garden really
take off? It was after you started Boogieing it right? JOHN: I mean that’s true, but the rock dust,
it’s super important. Okay Josh, take this one. You guys know, what came first, the chicken
or the egg? What came first, rock dust or compost tea? Dude, we’re on the Earth. This
is a freaking rock in the middle of the solar system in the universe right? Nothing would
exist without the rocks. The rocks is where we came from, the rocks is imperative to put
back in your garden. JOSH: True, okay so success leaves clues so
follow the clues. Yes you’ve been successful with rock dust, but do you really think he
needed one pound per square foot continuously? Surely okay, one time as an initial treatment
in an rock dust deficient or mineral deficient soil, sure that might be good, but come on
man. One pound per square foot? JOHN: No, I recommend it as one pound per
square foot as an initial offering to the Earth to give back generously, because it’s
clear. Conventional agriculture is literally stripping the soil. They’re putting back
some chemical fertilizers that we’re not going to get into this episode Josh because
I know he’s going to go off with a rant for awhile. Chemical fertilizers to give the
plants what they need, but then there’s a lot of runoff because they’re water-soluble.
Rock dust is a long lasting, long acting for the soil to feed plants. Now, while I do add
additional rock dust all the time, I don’t always add one pound per one square foot after
every single season. I think the most important thing is to get trace minerals into the soil
and rock dust is one of my preferred methods, because it’s a natural method that the Earth
does naturally. JOSH: But it’s a lot of work to take the
stuff, backbreakingly go and cast it all. You got to wear a stupid dust mask so you’re
not breathing all of that crazy particulate and the amounts that you prescribe, it’s
almost scary how much rock dust you use! But he’s right, success leaves clues in the
microbes. He’s not feeding the soil, he’s feeding the microbes in the soil, creating
that unique electrical charge, that unique electrical field. And actually, speaking of
dust, I used to subscribe to the whole water-soluble, of course we know rock dust is not, strictly
speaking, water soluble, but the most soluble form of it. Actually we found in our own experiments when
we added rock dust to our tea recipe, the most sexy tea, the one with the most foam
and just rich and everything loving it at least from a visceral perspective, I’m not
sure from a microscope, seemed to perform better using granulated ingredients. Not using
the powdered stuff. Be careful what you wish for. I think with the amounts you prescribe,
people don’t take that somewhat with a grain of salt. Maybe this initial application, John,
fine, but if you keep doing it, you’re going to turn this stuff to concrete. JOHN: No, no, because you’re also adding
compost back and organic matter. We need organic matter such as in compost, but we also need
the trace minerals and mineral matter. Josh just said it himself. The microbes feed on
the minerals and if you don’t got the minerals, you’re not going to have the microbes. My
whole theory when I started gardening was if I put the rock dust, build it and they
will come, what was that famous builderum with Kevin Costner? JOSH: Field of Dreams. JOHN: Field of Dreams, whatever, but build
it and they will come. Put the rock dust and the microbes will come, but it might not happen
that quickly and without the rock dust, the microbes are not going to thrive better in
the compost tea Josh, so there! JOSH: Oh my God, alright. I stand smitten
with your propaganda on rock dust, and I agree, it really, really works really well, but what’s
the point of building such a high horsepower engine with that much rock dust if you don’t
have a high octane fuel to feed it. And with the tea, we already put rock dust in it. I
think the best stuff, the one with the most, going back to talk to the powdered versus
granulated. Granulated gives you that BSA, bacterial surface area, for the microbes to
colonize. And I mean come on John, the trees aren’t, they’re not like showering down
rock dust down onto the forest floor, but they are showering down humus, and compost
tea is like humus on steroids. Come on man. JOHN: But the glaciers, the glaciers grind
up and the water comes off, like the glacial milk and the Himalayas and it runs down and
feeds the forest, all this kind of stuff. So it is completely natural, and once again
we’re living on a rock. There would be rock dust and all kinds of rock types and minerals
in the ground if we didn’t do stripping of the Earth and all the conventional farming
and bulldozing where your house was. Rock dust is just super natural and let’s talk
about this Josh. What’s easier to apply? I get the rock dust, I open it up, I spread
them in my garden, or you gotta get the compost and get it in filtered water, you got to brew
it for 24 hours, you gotta buy a pump, you gotta buy all this stuff to do that. JOSH: One time. You make that one time investment
in a badass brewer, just like if you can brew coffee. I know you don’t drink coffee or
in your case, a pot of chamomile tea, oh wait you’re a raw foodist. A good juicer, there
you go. That’s a good analogy. So once you have that — JOHN: No, I’d rather just get the fruits
and vegetables, why get the juicer? Why have to brew shit when you could just get the bag,
open it, and you’re going to get the results? JOSH: Well, he is right. I mean the Hunza
Valley in northern India to Pakistan area, in the Himalayas, have the longest living
people in the world with the most succulent, dried, tasty apricots. They’re famous, and
they use, their mineral water it’s literally like a milk that’s coming out from the glaciers.
And that’s what it is, it’s glacial rock dust and in fact, I think I heard that technically
rock dust, as a technical description, is supposed to be glacially crushed rock matter
is what I understand. But anyways, we could spar back and forth. We could agree to disagree
and I do think they both have their space. I’m not sure about the quantities John prescribes
and we’ve sold so much of this rock dust I’m throwing rocks at these rock boxes,
so I would rather see people use a little less rock dust and a little more tea and we
keep trying harder than ever to give people that option of brewing at a lower cost, giving
them that IBM business model in the hardware so that they can get their gardens addicted
to the software and of course I have a selfish interest. I want you to use Boogie, but actually,
go back and watch the open source videos. I don’t want you to use Boogie; I want you
to use tea and rock dust, honestly, and get it as cheaply as possible. Every community
in America should be finding these solutions as cheaply as possible. When we ship you the
rock dust, it’s absurd. You’re paying more than half the cost is
in the shipping, and these things are a pain in the ass, so start encouraging your local
nurseries, your local hardware stores, your local feed stores, to please feature this
stuff. Get it as locally as possible. There’s places all over that have quarries and mining
unfortunately in operation, so since we’ve scarred the Earth with these operations, then
yes, one of the best trickle down benefits we can get out of it is what would otherwise
be a nuisance. A dusty nuisance of particulate, and take that particulate, put it into your
soil, duplicate the results the Himalayan people, the longest living people of Hunza
Valley on Earth, and go ahead and supercharge it with some tea. JOHN: But Josh, I still think rock dust, as
good as it is, is still better than the compost tea for this main reason. You mention it yourself;
rock dust is available at quarries near you, many quarries that crush up stone and rock.
You want to try to get it, try to get a basalt or volcanic rock, some of the best types,
that’s crushed up into a little powder. And literally for the quarries, this is a
waste product that you can actually take sometimes for free, put in your garden, get good results,
whereas compost tea, you should have excellent quality worm castings and you gotta have a
lot of other ingredients you got to source. And it’d be maybe a pain to get some of
them, so rock dust is much more available for all the people out there, even without
having to go to nursery or buy the special horticulture-grade stuff, which I use in my
garden. I would recommend to you guys, but you guys could get it as a waste product at
local quarries, and I do already have a video on this. See it’s more sustainable because
you don’t have to go out and make your worm castings and add all these exotic ingredients
that were made in factories and all this kind of stuff, and they got to be shipped all over. JOSH: Hold on, we talked about that in the
last video of my little rant there. It’s going to take more energy to mine rocks and
crush rocks than for communities to have sensible worm farms and sensible compost facilities.
I know a gentlemen who gets a lot of byproducts from natural flooring industry. He’s a counselor,
a lawyer, and he has a client who installs beautiful stone floors in the San Francisco
Bay area, and he’s gotten so many trickledown, what I would call Joshmedown if it were my
flooring company, rock particles, and his wife has used them for all kinds of really
lovely displays, whole patios. And also, the natural granite ones have been crushed up
more. The smaller particles go into his garden and everything rages, especially when he feeds
it my tea. JOHN: But yeah, I totally agree. Most quarries
are not mining for rock dust, they’re mining for other reasons. For rocks to put in underlayment,
in sidewalks, and all kinds of crazy stuff, and they have this available near you. So
I’m not saying we should destroy the Earth to mine it, because that’s a whole other
topic that we’re not going to discuss, but rock dust is much more available than compost
tea, and it’s more beneficial. Look at the most longest living people, the Hunzas, and
their populations that use, growing nutrient-dense soils. And they’re not sitting there spraying
compost tea. Compost tea is a new modern invention, you know? JOSH: Actually it’s not that new. Hippies
have been doing it since the ‘60s. With our product, you don’t need to buy any plastic
jugs or liquids. You can activate your own tea for pennies per gallon, with biodegradeable,
breathable packaging. This is a six-pounder. This makes you over 100 gallons. What I’m
willing to bet John is that economically, if somebody spends $40, $50, a $1 per pound
delivered price on some rock dust, and they spend the same amount for the GYG killer deal
of course, the Boogie Bro, or for you ladies out there, the Boogie Babe deal, on the tea,
or even if you make your own, which is an even better deal, I think bang for your buck,
you’re going to see better results using the tea. And it’s so easy. I you can brew a pot of
coffee like I said or make a pot of herbal tea, or make a French press or juice, and
that takes oh more time, the tea you just put a clean air stone. Make sure you dry out
your air stone. Obviously there’s some maintenance, but still, you don’t have to breathe in
all that particulate and it’s already in the tea and you’re getting in there and
activating what’s already in the soil, the crushed up rock that’s supposed to be in
Earth. And the Earth’s built on rock and it’s way down below, and the tea is like
that humus falling from the redwood needles and it’s just building up naturally. And
the tea takes that hundreds of times over. I’ve been told that using the tea is like
cheating by these ladies that go and graduate from, there’s a school in Santa Cruz where
you can learn how to be a community farmer, and we tripled the yields at the Petaluma
Bounty Farms three years ago. They were really nervous about sustaining 24, 25 food baskets
a week and we got them over 70. They said it would’ve taken them two, three seasons
to build up the web of life that they saw with their little amateur electron microscopes
that was built using the tea that we were able to donate, and on two acres, maybe two
hundry total, pounds of tea that we used. So, come on. For that kind of investment,
that’s so little. Money’s like manure, spread it around. The tea allows you to do
that. Imagine how much rock dust it would’ve taken to triple the yields of a community
two-acre farm. That’s a lot of carbon footprint, versus
about 200 pounds of tea over the course of a whole season. Success leaves clues, follow
the clues. We all know rock dust is killer, it works. I’m urging you all to just consider
not spending every last dime this season on rock dust and really consider getting a one-stop
shop solution like our Boogie Brew or even better, your own open source compost tea recipes.
Take the effort to make that tea. Infuse it, use it, before you loose it. Whip up that
wicked batch of biology. Get out there and you can use one of those. We should do a video
about it here with hose and sprayers, if you can find one that works. Some of them are
a little funky, but it’s worth a shot. The Chameleon, if it breaks, you can bring it
back. It’s got a ten year warranty and you can
cover so much real estate without breathing any particles and it’s just easy. It’s
really, really easy. It truly is. You can take a shower and scrub your body down with
a natural earth soap for God’s sake. My wife’s always bugging me, “Josh, did you
take your shower today?” Come on, it’s that easy. You can just brew the tea once
a week. It’s easier. JOHN: He’s talking about easy; I want to
make gardening for you easy. One of the things is I don’t like things that expire. If you
don’t use the tea after like 24 hours optimally, the bacterial count goes down. It’s not
optimal to use. Like rock dust, if you’re lazy like me and it just sits in a bag, it
can sit in a bag forever and never, ever go bad. The compost tea, if it’s a nice active
mixture, may break down over time and you’ll lose all the biology. JOSH: Now hold on John, don’t forget, we’ve
made our new Two Part Tea. That actually has extended the life expectancy. We made it even
stronger, the base is richer, the boost is stronger percentages, and this stuff is at
least a year, probably two years shelf life, so come on, who’s not going to whip up a
batch of wicked biology in two seasons? Give me a break. JOHN: But once you brew it, you gotta infuse
it before you lose it or whatever you say, but the rock dust, it never goes bad. Okay,
so for you guys out there watching, make a comment down below. Who do you think won this
battle? Me or Josh? Do you think after listening to us, compost tea is better or rock dust
is better? I just want to know your guys’ opinions down below. JOSH: Well actually, if you were going to
strand me on a desert island and allow me to pick one horticultural import only, it
wouldn’t be either of these. It would have to be good worm castings that you make yourself
and that you feed. If you’re going to use one soil input. One product? Oooh you’re
going to hate me for saying this. That stinky stuff, the fish, the protein, I love that
stuff. That stuff is amazing. JOHN: Okay, let’s get back on track. We’re
talking about compost tea and the rock dust. And as much as I like the rock dust, I’m
going to have to agree with Josh. What came first, the chicken or the egg? The rocks came
first, but then the bacteria bred on the minerals in the Earth, the seawater, whatever, and
now they multiplied and we’re here. So it’s almost a symbiosis. So they’re both really
important to your garden and I want you guys to do both of them. As good as they each are
individually, I want to encourage you guys instead of thinking right and wrong, good
and bad, which is better rock dust or compost tea? How about they’re both good and you want
to use them both, instead of this compartmentalized mentality in the world like, “I’m going
to use this and walk with blinders on.” I want you guys to have an inclusive belief
in the world, and that’s one of the reasons why I like the Boogie Brew tea because Josh
includes some of the best ingredients. Including things like the rock dust in his tea so you’re
getting trace amounts of rock dust in your compost tea after you brew it and you take
out the tea stuff that you brewed and add that to your garden so it grows well and you’re
going to get some of the benefits in there. Josh would you agree with that? Finally can
we agree? JOSH: We can agree to agree, and thank you,
I appreciate the little campaigning there on behalf of Boogie, and absolutely. That
is what’s wrong with our society John, is this divisiveness, you versus me, left versus
right, the people that believe in cannabis versus the people who still believe in prohibition.
And it’s good to bring all collective thought processes, opinions, and products, good and
bad, together, and distill all the really good stuff, the truth always comes out. And
we’ve done an honest job, we really have with this bulk granola recipe. And that’s
the thing, you’re getting a bit of everything that you get to activate yourself. And I love
you all for being so supportive of Boogie Brew and digging this product so much. I want
to thank you all. I’m actually suffering a heavy dose of what I call orderitis. It’s
still only March. I’m already Boogie-burnt, but I’m having
a chat with my team about it and we’re scaling and we’re trying to produce more, but like
I said, this needs to stay a decentralized business model. You all need to be making
your own Boogie clone recipe teas yonder, getting the rock dust yonder. It’s really
important. Time is running out. I moved here in the ‘80s. I’ve been here 30 years.
If America stays the way it is now for another 30 years, I don’t even want to be in the
future in that society in another 30 years. So I’m 47 now. I moved here when I was 18,
all starry-eyed from England. A land where everyone gardens, took it all for granted
the suburbia business model. I’m not going to rant about plastic, but
I’m just as guilty as anyone of having consumed convenience, plastic-wrapped foods. These
conveniences we’ve been so conditioned to for the last 30 years have become mighty inconvenient,
and so it’s really important that you take things like rock dust and tea and your own
worm castings and start doing it on every street corner. It is the future. There’s
a place here in Sonoma County. It’s the Honor Farm, and it’s a jail for the low-level,
the “organic offenders” there. The low-level offenders. And you usually go out there for
the probation violation. We’re very lucky that this county still has a jail facility,
but here’s the thing, and I never thought about it until just now. The guys who are lucky enough, if you call
it a blessing, to stay there for six months, get to enroll in an organic landscaping, organic
growing, organic gardening program. And some of them go out and become actually certified
organic landscapers and make that their career. Regardless, the ones who are lucky enough
to do that are blessed and have earned a life skill, which we’ve all forgotten. I mean,
it’s in your blood, it’s in your DNA, a thousand videos later, it’s not that hard.
Guys go there for six months on the Honor Farm, come out, do what you do, and that’s
what we all need to do. So people tell me all the time how contagious this is, how addicted
to your videos they are, and I mean I get calls. Like I said before in the last video
that I ranted about, I get calls from you all and I hear it from just regular people.
I was doing Miracle Gro last year. I’m done. I’m going to grow my food, I’m
doing it organically, I’m doing it sustainably. I’m hunting Craigslist for local sensibly-priced
compost. People are getting savvier. In the three years I’ve been selling Boogie Brew
through you on this channel, I’ve seen it change, and it’s going to change dramatically
more so. People were a lot more tepid about this three years ago, and now it’s real
and present and people are really focused on it. And I’m imagining in three more years,
I don’t know. I have no crystal ball, but the curve I’ve seen is people are getting
really antsy about these changers. And here’s the thing, the only thing stronger than the
BB, the Boogie Brew, is the BC, the Boogie Challenge. The challenge is to you, and to
you all who follow this man, it is up to you to overthrow the mighty M. I’m sorry to single out, and you gremlins
out there, you trolls, I know you’re going to come out oh he’s off his rock, this crazy
Boogie boy! No, this is serious. That last video you just did on illegal seed-sharing
and obviously the response to that, this is a war! I’m not trying to militarize you
all. Be the immaculate church of the mellow low-profile apostle growing tribe. Go out
there and really make a difference by planting heirloom seeds. Commit a criminal act in your
state, in your county, in your jurisdiction of planting heirloom seeds and using non-GMO
and using all organic materials and changing 80 years of this suburban experiment which
has gone hopelessly wrong. I talked about this in my rant video, the movie “End of
Suburbia.” I urge you all to watch that. That’s the one movie that every time I’ve
seen it, I’ve seen it like 20, 30 times, I’m see something new in it. I’m like
oh my God, we’ve been doing everything so wrong. Yet another piece of that jigsaw puzzle
of this suburban experiment, like I said before. Ten calories of fossil fuel energy are needed
for one calorie of food energy to be grown and produced and sold and distributed in this
country. This cannot go on. We know have this fracking bonanza, where the fossil fuel energy
is still expensive, but affordable enough to keep the status quo rolling. It’s going
to be painful to get off the whole oil and gas train, but Peter Gabriel did it. He doesn’t
even fly anymore. He’s like nah, it’s great to see the world,
but I’m done flying. The carbon footprint. This is where it begins. If everyone did what
you do John, and lived as minimally as you do, God knows you’re cheap, but it’s great.
That is the real economy. I’m not getting rich from Boogie Brew. There’s no way, but
this is what keeps me going, is having a conversation at you all in the video, but these phone calls
I get. And that’s really the emotional reward, the emotional currency I’m getting from
doing this. It’s a pain in my ass. I’ve got tea in my nails. JOHN: I’ve got dirt in my nails. JOSH: You’re definitely not getting rich
from growing your greens. You keep your juicer business as autopiloted as you can so his
greater mission of getting this out there, 1,000 videos. When I met John, it was how
many? Sixty, seventy thousand subscribers? Oh dude, your subscriber base, you’re such
a hero, everyone loves you — it’s not about that. It’s about what you all are
doing. It really is about this tribe. It’s not about the men you watch, and you know
that. And so, like I said, this is what keeps me going. This is Josh’s juju. Whether you
use rock dust or my tea or your own, I don’t care. Just keep doing what you’re doing.
Thumbs down if I’m just getting a little too crazy. That’s fine! I’ll take it.
I’ll be thick-skinned. JOHN: Just to get us back on track here, because
Josh gets a little ranty and gets off topic a little bit, seriously, I teach you guys
organic gardening and this is important to me as well as Josh. We need to get off the
chemical fertilizers, and a cornerstone of my organic gardening practice and what I do
is the rock dust and the compost tea and it makes me really sad that most organic gardeners
teaching organic gardening, they’re not talking about rock dust and compost tea. They’re
talking about organic chicken pellets in a bag or organic fertilizer in a jug and all
this crap. We want to get back to basics and at least are some of the closest basics, although
not super natural or whatever, as you could Earthy crunchy like compost, but it will get
you the results and allow you to grow the highest-quality food. The highest yields and have the explosive
garden that you all want to make your neighbors envious like mine are. So Josh, I don’t
want to go on too much longer, but I do want to let you guys know that I feel that rock
dust is so important, and Josh feels that compost tea is also important, which I also
feel it’s really important. I’ve negotiated hard with Josh, beating him down on the price,
so that you guys can get not just one, not just the other, but both of them together
at a killer deal and plus we’re going to offer you guys an additional component I believe
is also critical that once again most organic gardeners don’t talk about, although many
hydroponic farmers do, is the mycorrhizae. So Josh do you want to talk about the mycorrhizae
and why the fungus, in addition to the bacteria in there and the minerals in there is so important
for your plants? JOSH: So John this is actually sexy product.
I really like this stuff. I know that you’re not happy it comes in plastic. We’re negotiating
with the manufacturer Greenstone Organics, put out by the Urban Farms wholesale label,
and these guys we actually know them pretty well. They’re woven into the social fabric
of the hydro industry, and I just think it’s great that the northern California, the Calijuana
republic medical growing community and that industry can contribute such valuable products
to organic backyard farmers. Maybe your grandma out there who moisturizes
her skin in Florida with her own aloe vera plant that she adds Boogie Brew to. Now how
do you want to make that plant even healthier and the soil that it lives in and the symbiotic
relationship that that plant enjoys with its root structure? How do you really want to
make that explosively healthy and strong? You’re going to take this product, Greenstone
Organics, I’ve never seen a product like this. Two hundred and eighty eight thousand
globules per pound. That’s double the amount I know of of the strongest in the industry.
I told you, these guys don’t mess around. Greenstone. They’re amazing. So this foundation
product, and yes, we’re going to have it in much more sensible, biodegradable packaging
that also allows it to breathe a bit, which is important I honestly think. But this stuff
is awesome. And what you want to do is get this highly
water-soluble, super charged, very, very strong, very concentrated fungal, they’re called
the orca species, the whale killer, fungal dominators. So there’s only four species
in here but they’re the ones that really go to battle for your roots and they’re
the ones that gobble up all the younger root species. So you want to get this stuff in
contact with your roots. In John’s case, well he always has stuff already in the ground.
Obviously the ideal time to apply, and you always do when you have the stuff available,
the granulated plus mycorrhizae, we have that, too, is to those bare root transplants. The mycorrhizae ain’t going to work for
you unless to give them a home to live in, with is the rhizosphere, which is important.
But this is a water-soluble formula. I like that these guys were intelligent and put in
clay, because clay is a fabulous matrix for good biology and always adheres to it really
well. A super-soluble clay and absolutely loaded with fungal cultures. Two hundred and
eighty eight thousands globules per pound. That’s an obscene level. JOHN: That’s crazy Josh. So what do these
mycorrhizae fungi do on the roots? They have sex? JOSH: If they do, it better be good. JOHN: They’re making love in the soil like
Josh to make good soil. JOSH: I could make love to good soil biology,
that is true, but I don’t know about mycorrhizae. But no, this stuff is just awesome. If you
colonize your roots with this, they will absolutely explode. Volumes. Reams of university studies
and research out there on the benefits of using mycorrhizal products. There’s two
genres. There’s the endo and there’s the ecto. So the endospecies for 80 to 90 percent
of the vegetables, fruits that are grown in the gardens of America today respond really
well to the endo. The eco is actually for strawberries, so once you get into the not-strawberry
fruits, your bigger fruit trees like your apple trees, then they have to be ecto. But this is of course geared towards the hydro
industry’s primary target customers, the 4/20 heads out there, but nonetheless regular
backyard gardeners, 80 to 90 percent of what you grow is going to directly benefit from
this stuff. So yeah ,we’ve put together a package where we’re going to give you
rock dust, we’re going to give you the world’s greatest compost tea value, bulk granola,
new Two-Part Boogie Brew Pro with the base and the boost, and we’re also going to give
you the ultimate fungal starter for those roots. Alright? And if you dust your new bare-root
transplant with this stuff, they will rock. They will turn into thick roots in no time.
If you’ve already transplanted, no worries. This happens to be a super water-soluble formula.
Like I said, fungally super-charged like I’ve never seen. We’ve never sold a mycorrhizal
product until we discovered this stuff. We love this stuff. There it is. These should
be your magic trio. JOHN: These should be your foundation in your
organic garden. The foundation, soluble mycorrhizae, the Greenstone, the Boogie Brew compost tea
or another compost tea that you diy yourself and the rock dust. These are super important
ingredients to me. I’ve been using mycorrhizae for years now. You can check my videos from
like four years ago when I grew some tomatoes, and I have a video of how some of my tomatoes
look treated with mycorrhizae and some of the ones I didn’t. The ones I treated, they
blew up. So if you really want to have that garden you’ve always desired, some of the
healthiest plants, some of the most nutritious plants, you really gotta get this package.
So Josh, what are you going to do for my people out there, what’s the value on this stuff
and what kind of deal are they going to get? JOSH: So they’re going to get six pounds
of the Boogie Brew Pro Two-Part Tea, enough to make over 100 gallons, 44 pounds of Cascade
Minerals, which in my humble opinion the best granulated bacterial surface area salt deposit
rich and the magnesium and the calcium and the iron, I love dark minerals, dark minerals
are great. It’s like a dark, rich, earthy compost tea, it’s great. And then we have
the mycorrhizae, the foundation. I forgot to mention its name until we started talking
about it but yeah, the foundation by Greenstone Organics. I’m very excited about this product. You’re going to get four ounces of that
and John has bullied us, once again, into giving you a super-special deal on these three
products in a one-stop box, all in one box. It’s crazy. We were up late last night fighting
each other like we do, best of frenemies, figuring out what’s going to go into this
super-valued uber rock box. We’re calling it the Rock Box Plus. It’s no longer, honestly,
in my humble opinion, this is the heaviest part of the box, but these are the goodies
you’re really going to get in the box. And I think we’re going to do it for, you bullied
me down to $79. JOHN: $79.99 for a limited time only, so if
you’re watching this video, jump on this because the price will go up very soon. JOSH: $79.99 for a limited time, okay? While
the wife allows it, that’s the real Boogie Boss. With one of these things, I have two
choices buddy. John, your future wife, she’s out there watching right? Once he has this,
he has two choices. Guess what they are for me. Well, I can be happy or I can be right,
but never both. JOHN: I mean all you guys out there, take
note. He’s learned a lot in his whatever, 47 years he’s been alive. That’s one of
the most important thing I’ve learned, a little bit younger than that. JOSH: Happy wife, happy life. I’m just the
voice, the face of Boogie Brew. Real Boogie Boss is the other half. We started it together
five years ago, so limited time. $79.99, but then we’re going to have to bump it up to
$89.99. It’s still a screaming deal. I mean we have that combo deal out there for 95 bucks.
We sold so many of those Boogie Combo deals. These Rock Boxes, but am I a freaking tea
company or a rock dust reseller? I mean I understand you have to give your customer,
the maxim is you have to give your customer what they want. I get that. You guys all want
a lot of rock dust. Fine, I’ll keep selling it to you but try and source it locally. Eventually
I want to see you all making your own Boogie Clone tea. I talk too much; I never talk poop
it’s the truth. I don’t want to be the Donald Trump of compost teas. Donald, I hope
you’re watching this. Start growing your food Donald! JOHN: Josh will send it to you for free! JOSH: Hell no, I’ll make that guy pay. He’s
the one guy who can pay! It doesn’t matter if you have billions, Boogie Billions. What
good does it do you you know? JOHN: If you don’t have your health because
you’re not eating fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, that money can’t
buy in our society. JOSH: That’s true and also, going back to
talking about more esoteric value and the juju, I love to get away from Boogie Brew
for a day when he’s in town and come here and actually help in his garden. And there’s
nothing more natural, and nothing more relaxing and nurturing of an experience. This is where
it comes in, too. It’s not that I want to make love to the soil. I just want to be around
it. It’s as good as making love, and that’s pretty good. Alright? So that’s what I mean
by that. You all know that. And just the act of gardening
and what our hands are shaped to do and what our minds enjoy. Find me one person who doesn’t
enjoy being in a beautiful garden environment. And here’s the thing. A hundred years ago,
it didn’t have to be an edible garden. Now it has to be edible. You have no choice. You
don’t, because the alternative is this hopeless system of food distribution and redistribution
and the carbon footprint and the corporatization of it and that has to stop. And I’m saying
it with such urgency in my voice. It’s far more important to me than Boogie Brew, and
you buying such a killer rock dust blahblahblah super package. We’re just trying to support ourselves here
with giving you these killer deals but honestly, the real foundation is being built by you
with the hands with God gave you and going out there and building raised beds. Immaculate
church of the mellow low-profile gardening apostles. Quietly building a revolution that
no number of guns could ever do. Monsanto doesn’t care if you fire nuclear-powered
rocket full artillery at it. They’ll just come out stronger. But if you just say, “I’m
not subscribing to your business model and your view of how I’m supposed to eat and
this whole thing of commerce, it’s gotten too perverted. I believe in capitalism, but
not when it destroys all of us.” JOHN: Once again I want to encourage you guys,
especially those of you guys, because I know most of you guys watching are already growing
your own food and I want you guys to take it to the next level and buy these products
or source these same products somewhere else. Get a good deal on it. You’re probably not
going to beat the deal at these prices. You can’t get these things local because Josh
ain’t making a lot of money and nobody’s busting their ass shipping all this shit as
cheap as Josh does. And I’m glad Josh is making these products available so you guys
can take your garden to the next level, but I know many of you guys out there are still
not growing yet. So I want to encourage you guys, if this video
has motivated you, if this video has fired you up, start this season! Now! Build some
raised beds, buy this stuff, get some plant starts, start things from seed and grow the
best stuff. And yes, it will be a learning curve but you guys will be using some of the
best stuff to have the best probability of success and all you gotta do is not water
too much and not water too little and not put it under a tree and you’re going to
have some of the most incredible food ever. So Josh, any last comments before we close
out this video? JOSH: Just God bless you all for listening.
Obviously I like an audience a little too much. When I’m around you it’s like be
careful what you wish for, keep me on a leash, but really, it’s up to you to make that
change. I don’t want, if I’m lucky enough to be blessed with children and grandchildren,
I don’t want to have to look them in the eye John when I get old and have them say
to me, “What were you thinking? How did you allow 80 years of this suburban, it hasn’t
even been 100 years.” It directly tracks cannabis prohibition, this wonderful plant
hemp, we’ll save that for another episode. Alright, but it’s really time to change
and what you all are doing out there is the most monumental change. It really, truly is.
Tell everyone to start doing it, too, please. JOHN: I want to encourage you guys, one of
my favorite sayings by Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and that’s
simply what I’ve tried to do and shared that with you guys so you guys can do it,
too, if you want. And if you’re ready to change and do it as well. I really hope you
guys enjoyed this episode. If you want to get the special to be able to get these three
top products that I’d recommend and I want to encourage other gardening teachers out
there to start teaching people about these and yes, there are ways you can make your
own compost tea. There are ways you can make your own and get your own free mycorrhizae,
and you can get your own rock dust, whether you buy this or not. You want to start using these ingredients
and start spreading this to others because I think it’s far too long that we’ve been
caught up in this commerce system, by this organic fertilizer in a bag, which works to
some extent, but I want you guys to have the best garden ever. So if you want to get this
deal, check him out at I’ll put a link down below this video and
I guess go out and order it and have the best growing season ever. Hope you guys enjoyed
this episode and once again, post down below if in the beginning of the video you think
I won, or if you think Josh won, because I’m curious to see. And of course put your comments
if you’re already on the rock dust and the compost tea and what amazing growth you’ve
had because there are so many skeptics out there, but this stuff does work if you do
it. You need to activate the rock dust, the microbes will come, but it might take some
time. If you’ve got the compost tea, you’re adding the microbes that’s directly needed
to digest the rock dust to make it available. Super critical, super important and with that,
I’m going to close this out. JOSH: Hold on. Listen man, I love you man,
thank you for that good little scrap. The French have a saying, “You trust couples
that squabble publicly right?” And sort their poop out. That’s certainly the case
with my wife and I and that’s why Boogie Brew’s still around by the way. So God bless
you, you got a little emotional there, that’s just awesome. Keep that flame going, thank
you again for doing what you all are doing. Remember, he’s just the spark plug, the
catalyst. You are all the high-octane fuel itself. You will create a fire that will extinguish
the mighty M and just the corporatization of our life, of our whole world. So please
keep doing it and spreading the word. JOHN: I want to encourage you guys to get
out there and get growing today and with that, my name is John Kohler with my guest Josh
Cunnings, the Boogie Brew company. We’ll see you next time and until then, remember,
keep on growing.

100 thoughts on “Compost Tea vs Rock Dust – Which is the Better Organic Fertilizer ?

  1. what would happen if you use rock dust with hummus and compost tea for compost tea provides the binifitial bacteria to break down the rock dust and make the trace minerals available for the plants and hummus for the natural fungus within wouldn't the plants benefit more from using the three in a balanced number

  2. DONT FEED YOUR PLANTS EVER…. Feed the microbes let them feed the plants.

    Plants excrude sugars from their roots to attract certain types of microbes.
    so there are about 100k to 1billion bacteria in a tablespoon of soil. plants give off certain sugars to attract certain specific types of microbes.

  3. iv been using compost tea and rock dust for my potted trees for about 2 years. iv found that the potting soil turns into fine dust but the plant is absolutely lucious for years.

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    Some people argue about the 100% organic methods of growing. Like dude…. Seriously… Enough with the silly shit. Sure, there's do's and don'ts but bruh… all of those byproducts like rock dust, bone meal, blood meal aren't as bad as Monsanto and their nasty GMO infested crap. Grow with balls and with confidence. <3

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  13. Why are you forcing yourselves to only choose one, why wouldn't you use both as they are both essential pieces of the puzzle. One provides the microbes/genetic diversity and the other provides necessary trace minerals (that are weathered and made bioavailable by the microbes). I don't see why you would only use one

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    Last thing, Oil is abiotic. It isn't a fossil fuel. If anything is causing climate change it is geo-engineering and HAARP and perhaps radiation from cell towers – not our personal carbon foot print. Al Gore's carbon footprint with all his mansions and private planes is as big as a small town uses. Here is just one article talking about the energy he uses for just one of his homes is 20x what the average homeowner uses.

    The whole man-made global warming thing, except for the exceptions above, is a scam. It is just another way to guilt us into separating us from our money

  17. You can break the bank buying these product! All these products are made only to break the bank… Im not by any means an expert in the way people grow things, but I surely know many things in a biological view and the processes that are going on around us…just think logically: the forest doesn't put rock dust on its trees! The forest provides mulch for itself to recycle nutrients (and minerals) and critters as well as bacteria break itdown. Soil itself, especially clay soil, from what I understand is LOADED with minerals, so adding any biomatter will add ever more minerals that will add to your mineral base to allow more biomass to be grown from the same land. Unless you have already been constantly "weeding" and throwing away plant clipping (this absolutely devastates beneficial soil qualities, processes, and destroys all bacteria activity), your land can support a balanced ecosystem. I find that nature got it all figured and we have really got nothing to improve.

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  23. I agree to both! I've tried both and I like the ease of composting and making tea to feed the plants. And I like using the rock dust to help out my plants with a boost as well. I also make my own seaweed water to help out my starters and feed my plants with as well. Just let the seaweed rot in the water, easy peasy!

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    John, what are a few other brands you could recommend?
    Boogie Brew is such a treat! Thanks

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  29. Rock dust goes in the compost.Compost tea goes on plants.I put about a cup of a mineral mix per plant per year.

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  32. bacteria can only use de rockdust(minerals) that is desolved in the water by acidic/alkaline.
    using to much rockdust clogges up your soil









    THANK U.





    * WHY CHOOSE? ***:


    (In Order of Most Effective Method to Least Effective Method based on MY HYPOTHESIS):


    – Unsure if Soil Food Web Compost can EVER be VEGANIC due to its Dependancy on Worms, Nematodes, Arthropods & Other ANIMALS (PLUS)




    – Liquid Concentrate is Extracted, BUT MUCH of the WHOLE PLANT MATERIAL is Still LEFT BEHIND, STRAINED & UNUSED (PLUS)


    – (When Fresh Resources, such as Sea Kelp, are NOT AVAILABLE, due to Region).

    – Unsure if Less Effective than FRESH due to Possibility of Dissipation/Evaporation of Nutrient Potency, Such As NITROGEN Evaporatinq into the Atmosphere with Time) (PLUS)





    – Is a SLOW RELEASE Method (PLUS)



    – Needs TIME for Root Crown, Roots & NITROGEN ROOT NODULES to Establish in order to See Results.

  35. I use rock dust which I put in water until the water turns green, than apply it to my plants. My zucchini and watermelon were huge.

  36. Based on the video as well as the comments I believe the best thing to do is to get tree mulch that was sourced from around rock quarries

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  38. I thought this was a joke.  As I watched and read the comments it became clear. Not a single person knew the nutritional value of microbiology or agriculture. Short version. Need a microbial and nutritional balance to grow healthy food.  Most experts make their teas with rock dust.   If they DO NOT make their teas with rock dust or something similar they are adding microbes but no nutrients. (NPK) does not count.  A small yet easy example to understand your stated competition.  "If floating in space, which is better. a space suit or the oxygen.  If you wish all the details contact me or go to a library.

  39. The line used to be "If you build it, they will come" and that is exactly the way myself and millions of others remember it. Now, the like is "If you build it, HE will come" and there is no record in any library in any movie companies records that state it ever said, "If you build it, they will come". Our reality is changing and people don't even see it or realize it because everyone is walking around deaf, dumb and blind. This is exactly what the Bible says will happen in the last days.
    Thumbs up and thanks for all the videos, John.
    God bless bro.


    We already investigated both 2sd and 3rd parties financing these disinformation-misinformation website(s) because I HAVE VISITED AND STAYED IN THE HUNZA VALLEY FOR MONTHS!

    The glacial milk used to irrigate their fields is actually rock dust powder mixed with water and dissolved in water to saturation point. We took soil samples, plant samples, glacial milk samples, etc and sent them to the Soviet Union where scientists are fully equipped with all kinds of scientific analyzing instruments especially the "SPECTROSCOPE-SPECTROGRAM ANALYZERS" common also in western countries and their findings only confirms the findings of MR. SIR ROBERT McCARRISON IN THE 1920s.

    Rock dust only works if you use the right kind of rocks and that they have been grinded-powderized until they are as fine OR MUCH FINER than baby powder.And that these rock dusts powders were properly mixed with fermenting or fermented compost so as to provide the biogeochemical activator process that will slightly to partially dissolved the rock dust particles to become bioavailable as colloids as the humic acids of the fermenting or fermented composts (mixed with some added water to make it moisture but not wet!) to activate the biogeochemical process. Rock dust powder is water soluble when it is as fine as baby powder or even much more finer.

    These findings, as usual ended up as "TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED REPORTS" for use for our military's C.O.C (Continuity Of Civilization's self-contained and close-loop food chain cycle ecosystem supported agricultural ecosystem and industrial ecosystem combined with the use of Professor John Todd's "Living Machines" principles and systems and techniques and methods and experiences-methodologies) and for the space program permanent life-support program for the permanent colonization of space and of the rest of the 8 planets and that of the asteroid belt and for the military's C.O.C life-support system when it becomes to become sealed off from the rest of the world if worst comes to worst.

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