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  1. This really was an enjoyable video update!! Liked it.
    Composting is great stuff, and I`ve planned to build at least one compost bin each year, leaving me the opportunity to alternate from year to year.

    Keep up the good work!
    Regards, Halvor.

  2. Another good one…can we just throw the stuff into the garden as we have it instead of into a container? Then just till it into the garden?

  3. Thank you for the information!
    I was planning on starting a compost and get my vegetable garden dug for next year soon so great timing! :3
    Is cold a factor or will my compost continue to break down over the winter months?

  4. yes! this compost bin has a resident worm population, so its kinda a hybrid slow composter – vermicomposter. we'll be talking about worm composting in an upcoming video. thx, eric.

  5. yes, cold does affect the compost, the breakdown of material slows down. but, the freeze is also a good thing, as it breaks down the cells walls within the plant matter, so it will compost faster in the spring. thx, eric.

    We use a 3 pound coffee can with lid for our kitchen scraps it works great.
    Keep the info and updates growing our way :-{}
    Sara was good but we miss the dramatic sharp commentary of TCO !!

  7. It would be cool to talk about worm composting. I started it about a month or so ago. For the most part it is the same principal and people can do it inside. I have mine in the basement.

  8. I rolled a section of plastic lattice fencing into a circle and tied it together with rope at the seam. It made great compost over the spring and summer which I added to my garden this fall! I got the idea from seeing it done with wire fencing.

  9. Thanks for making this video. I've read many articles on composting that make the process really complicated (the perfect ratio of materials for example, no rotten food, everything minced first). Every article like that is very discouraging for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of time on her hands to measure leaves vs. kitchen scraps. I have the same rectangular bin as in your video and use the "chuck everything in" method. Thanks for the validation that I'm not ruining my food scraps.

  10. I'm a heap person myself. Sow bugs are undervalued. Having a compost pile is addictive to watch the progress.

    For scraps the large plastic coffee cans are great though bottom smell can get ripe before dumping out. Dump, cover then rinse container. Egg Shells are best left out to dry in a bowl and then powder ground/sprinkled where ever.

  11. I wish our community garden would have a compost program…I guess they got too much kitchen craps and it attracted to many animals.

  12. I always wondered about moldy food. Great info. I am into easy also. I have a double composter but don't use it like I should, I get great stuff for compost tea though.

  13. I just found your videos, and I really enjoy watching, you have a awesome personality, that I enjoy very much. Thank You for sharing your knowledge.
    Cherie – from Oregon

  14. Thank you for this video! I've wanted to start a compose pile but couldn't figure out how to get started and when I googled it, so many results came back that it was overwhelming and I couldn't figure out what to trust. I trust your advice, though! Thanks again! 🙂

  15. The best compost I ever made was a mix of guinea pig cage cleanings + shredded bills and junk mail + shredded branches

  16. Nice to see your new videos again, lol, there are also some interesting article about making compost on MAKE magazine, but your video is so impressive 😉 + Last time I saw a video when you recommended a book for gardening, is that book called The Complete Gardener's Guide? 🙂 ++ When will you build another plywood boat? 🙂 Some boat plans on Instructables are really inspiring, have a nice weekend 😀

  17. another plywood boat is in the works! stay tunes. the book is called the Four Season Garden by Eliot Coleman. and thanks for the kind words here. eric.

  18. Thanks for doing this you guys!  Informative and charming.  Now I just need to decide between buying a barrel composter to guard against raccoons and building one of my own for free.  (I live in Los Angeles.)  Wish me luck!

  19. Great video. I do mine in this big underground plastic tube that was left over from when we were making our house They are great because when I want to move it all I have to do is pull the plastic upwards and the dirt be right on the floor I move it and put it in the other plastic tube but I would have taken the lettuce and replanted it.
    Seeds, seeds and more

  20. We made a compost bin out of a Rubbermaid tub. It's our first year doing it, so I'm crossing my fingers. So far, it smells and is turning black. I think that's a good thing.

  21. Good video. You should include Sarah in more of your videos. She obviously gets a kick out of you and is very pretty as well. She has a great smile.

  22. I just started composting a couple weeks ago. I have a black plastic composter that spins around. I have been chopping up banana peels,  etc. I did try putting corn husk through a meat grinder and I tried a a shredder. I found the husk is too stringy. Any ideas besides just chopping by hand? I keep checking and there seems to be no heat, after watching this video again, maybe I won't have the heat. So far no bad smells, so I must not have it too wet. This is all new to me, but it is fun trying composting. All ideas and comments are appreciated.

  23. Great video. You gave me all the info I needed to get going composting. I've never done it before, so I'm gearing up for next Spring. Thanks!

  24. Compost bins, 2 is better, 3 is ideal, add shredded paper, paper towel rolls, cardboard in layers wet dry, wet dry. As for leaves they take longer to break down, pack in black bags and leave over the winter it will eventually turn into leaf mold, great stuff for the garden.

  25. Great video. I just got the lifetime tumbler composter so this video with its tips came in really handy. Thanks!

  26. Certainly good info . A lot of the stuff you say add in I already add to my worm bins.  But I just started an outdoors compost site on a bin I already had  4x4x3' in which I had strawberries growing in but that didnt work out so today I started the compost bin. Since I already had a bale of straw and leaves that gives me a head start.  BTW  Sarah is totally hot!

  27. Good video… I just toss all of my stuff into one giant pile but I also have a tumbler that I keep pretty full. Nice to see steam on those brisk mornings.

  28. Good to see people with the same hobby as mine. I've been composting for some time and now it's what I enjoy most when gardening. I hope sometime you'll feature a video about those little friends of ours in the bin. I would love to know all their names and roles in the decomposition process. Seeing new "species" of worms, bugs and centipedes makes me excited every time I'll check the compost.

  29. when/how do you get your compost from the rotating bin? do you have two bins so you can let one finish while still filling another? how does that work?

  30. Love your videos! I use those plastic containers that you get your cashews nuts in from Costco to store my food scraps…they are convenient and has a lid to keep the odors out! Once I get three of them filled then I make a trip to the backyard compost area and dump them in and toss and turn the pile.

  31. So, if you put too much food scraps, can you reverse the process by adding more of your brown, dry layer?? I wanna not mess this up…

  32. I hardly have room to fit food in my fridge! I have no room to put my peelings! Do the tea bags can be used ones?

  33. OMG… I have been putting all the flowers I get my wife(like roses) in my compost! Thank you so much for sharing all this valuable info!

  34. What can be a problem is FLIES
    I did with scraps and had a huge
    Problem and they tried to invade
    My house. Nasty mess!!! Scraps MUST be covered up!!!!!!

  35. Hi,Good video,I have two big bins of compost in my garden,I use my waste water from my sinks urine,It does great for the plants

  36. Is Sarah your wife ? If not, why not ? She is just a super nice person. Beautiful smile, good looking, and plays off of your goofy ways perfectly.

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