Composting at home Part 2 (english sub)

Today is the 6th and it’s stinking Yeah I put too much food There’s liquid coming out, it was frozen tho, right And there’re some flies flying around here So what I’m gonna do I’ll put half here and more cardboard on both I think I’m going to put it all here And I’m going to wash this box I hope no worm shows up here The little worms Wow I think I’m going to make a screen to put over this Because it’s too hot There was a little fly here Today is the 10th Today is the 10th Here is the no worm bin And it’s stinking I think it is, I put too much food Little space, and it’s not oxygenating well, I don’t know Here I started another one, no worm also I started yesterday Here is the worms one A lot of water This one smells like soil, it’s nice I scooped, it was on that side, and I already scooped from there to here Now I’ll turn from here to there I’ll add food, some from that small one, inside here Today is the 28th and this is what happened On the 23rd I added more food, wood chips, leaves, and covered it On the 24th when I opened the lid all of this was full Filled with little white worms those small ones That probably are these fruit flies maggots So what did I cleaned all the sides I could with paper I took all the maggots, and started to shuffle the soil There was some small worms on the sides and they were trying to scape When I started mixing the soil here, I found the dead worms I managed to salve about four little worms and put them in here Where it was the no worm bin Then what I did, I shuffled Everything that was in here I shuffled to try to kill the maggots Then I covered it with a layer of soil But I opened the box these days and there’s always a fly Is this a moggot? Look a maggot here It’s looks dead So what I’m going to do Look, there’re a bunch of flies coming out I’m going to mix it and put it under the sun to see if it kills the maggots, if there’s any left But look, I’m moving and the flies are coming out I mean, these flies, I don’t know if, it was a lot of maggots, I don’t know if thery ate all the food Because I wasn’t adding too much, because there’re only a few worms or if they took all the oxygen from the box And killed my worms Now I’m gonna have to start over in this one Here I’ll won’t add anything, I’m going to leave it as it is and idk, I won’t add more food And here are the little worms, I put them here, also covered with soil I started to add wood chips, to see if it lessen the bad smell Because I wasn’t able to get a lot of leaves And cardboard too Because it’s easier right, you just get the wood chips and throw them in here, it’s a lot easier So that’s it, next step is to make the screen for both And this one I’m going to leave it under the sun

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