Composting at Spell & The Gypsy

(quirky music) – We’re at Spell & Gypsy Collective, a clothing design company, their headquarters here at Byron Bay. It’s about 10 o’clock in the morning, and the truck’s just arrived with our amazing little mini structure. It’s got a garden, it’s got two Subpods. We’re gonna be composting,
we’re gonna be growing food, and it’s gonna be one exciting day. – We’re here at Spell HQ in Byron today, and we’re so excited
because our compost garden is being installed. – We’re gonna be able to compost our own organic waste, here
at HQ, and grow some veggies! – This has been in the
works for over a year, and it’s finally the day,
so we’re very excited. (crane motor rumbling) (quirky music) (power screwdriver drilling) (quirky music) (birds chattering) (quirky music) – So, sustainability is really important to us here at Spell. We have about 50 staff
members, and most do recycle. We didn’t have any way of
composting our organic waste. – We really wanted to
take the responsibility back in-house and be able
to process our waste here. – So what we love about Subpod is that you can use it as a
seat and it doesn’t even smell. And you can put your compost straight in. – Yeah, it’s actually right
next to our front doors at our head office. All of the staff have been coming out and they’re like, oh is it
gonna smell it’s compost? And that’s the beauty of Subpods. So it’s all in the ground,
and there’s gonna be no smell, and it could just be
right at our front door. (Caitlin laughing) – It’s been an amazing synergy
of working at a fashion house that’s increasingly taking
interest in sustainability. In this case, their food waste. Well done Spell & Gypsy
Collective Byron Bay. (quirky music)

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