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So here’s a very good way to compost, how these folks do it. I’ve watched them for several years now, is they dig a hole, and they put a temporary brace in it, keep the dirt back a little bit, throw their compost in it for a month or two, and then they bury it again, and dig another hole right beside it. So the area’s about oh, I’d say about 24 inches by 48, two feet by four feet. You can get at least 2 to 3 months of compost into it, and then, they’ve got it in that big long bed, and then they cover it up again, and just move that along. It’s a really really interesting way to compost. You don’t have to set anything particularly aside. It just rots in there, after you cover it, and turns into fertilizer for the garden. Fast and easy compost. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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