Composting Cow Manure

Good morning YouTube, this morning we are
shoveling the manure. I got a trailer load of cow manure mixed with
hay out of a dry feed barn this fellow had. I got a load of it. What I am doing is I am putting it in the
compost pile and kind of turning it in there and layering it the best I can so it will
go ahead and compost and make some good compost for next year. It’s too hot to use it now, it is pretty fresh
so it will have way too much ammonia and what not in there to use this year. So what we are doing is we are putting it
in and hopefully heat that pile up a bit. I am going to wet it down as I take this stuff
out and layer it in there and hopefully have some good dirt for next year. So I am going to go ahead and get this done
and show you what it looks like when we are through. And of course some water. I think I have way more manure than I have
other material in this thing. There is hay mixed in with it so I think we
will end up being ok. I am going to put another layer. I have some hay and grass clippings over there
I am going to layer on top then put more manure on it. Then I guess I am going to have to top it
off with the manure that is left and let it cook down. Alright, next layer, I will show you what
it looks like after that. I am not sure if you can see that or not,
this stuff is hot. It is smoking or steaming right here. I am not sure if you can see it, I noticed
it when I scooped the manure out of here. It is definitely hot stuff. Hopefully it is going to do a good job when
I get it in that compost pile. So, anyway, I just wanted to show you that,
back to shoveling. And there we have it, a whole lot of shovel
fulls later, I now have a very full compost bin on one side. I still have a little shoveling to do there
with some of the overflow from the trailer. In fact, I had enough I ended up starting
the second bin over there filling it up. This one over here is going to be a chore
to turn as it is, I did not want it to get any fuller than it is. All through this heat when it was on the trailer,
every time I broke up a new chunk of it, it was steaming, it was cooking so it is already
composting. I put a layer of hay then a layer of manure,
then a layer of hay, then manure. And there is a good bit of hay mixed into
the manure already, so I am hoping this stuff starts to cook down pretty quickly. Got the trailer all cleaned out, didn’t want
the manure sitting on the metal, make it rust or whatever. But anyhow, that is kind of where we are at
right now. I am going to run down the street there is
a guy who has several big bags of leaves. I am going to go grab those and turn them
into that pile over there. So, but that is it. This is the compost pile, or compost piles
now. You can see I still have that third bin ready
to go for when I get to that point. But, thanks for watching. Hit LIKE Hit SUBSCRIBE. We do appreciate it. Take care.

6 thoughts on “Composting Cow Manure

  1. looks promising….how did it turn out?
    we just got a truck load of fresh manure..layered it with.. dustings of mixed wood saw dust.. rabbit feed)..and some soil…hummmmmmm..wondering if it'll be good?

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