Composting – How To Make Your Own Compost At Home

Some call it Black Gold For most gardeners, this is an
indispensable source of organic material to get great plants in
your garden Let’s see how to make compost! [music] First let’s see what is compost Compost is nothing but decomposed
organic matter Soil Micro organisms like aerobic bacteria & fungi as well as earthworms decompose organic matter into nutrient rich
fertilizer/soil amendment Let’s see what materials you need to start
composting These 30 gallon trash cans which you
can buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot are a great starting point They are cheap and rugged and make great composters. The first step in setting up your compost
bin is to make sure you drill holes all around
the compost container This will allow the air to come in and
oxygen is very much needed for the composting process to complete Make sure you drill holes all around
the container for good airflow So once completed your container
should look like this And as you can see it has a lot of holes here which will allow you to start your
composting process very easily I usually use 2 or 3 composting bins The composting process can take up to 6 months So while one of my compost bins is
preparing the compost I can continue to add organic matter in my other bins and that way
it that ensures I have compost whenever I need it Now let’s look at what I add
in my compost bin The easiest things to add are vegetable
and fruit scraps They make excellent “green” additions to the
compost bin And this is so easy All you do is collect all the left over peels
& rinds of vegetables and fruits And add it to your compost bin I also rake in leaves under my trees Guava leaves in this example And they are a great “carbon” source
for the bin So you can use leaves from any trees Just avoid pine needles because they are acidic
in nature Other than that all dried leaves are good
to go into your compost bin Other than this, left over roots and other
parts of plants that you’ve harvested Make excellent additions to the compost bin So what I usually do is pick out all the
plant remains After I have recycled my containers And you can find a lot of organic matter in
your container soil And instead of using this soil again I just toss it into my compost bin So that it’s well composted and then
it can be used I also add a layer of used potting soil which has the soil micro organisms that kick start the composting process You can use any kind of soil for this purpose You can even add earthworms to
your compost bin These worms will happily eat all food scraps And convert it into nutrient rich fertilizer So here are some things that you can
add to your compost pile Coffee and tea grounds (but not made
with milk) Egg shells ,hair, vegetable and fruit peels/scraps plant remains, leaves, greens or dry,
grass clippings straw/hay, any parts of plants shredded newspaper and cardboard and wood chips or saw dust This is what you should not be adding to
your compost bin anything that’s cooked, meat/bones human or pet waste since they spread diseases pine needles, use sparingly because
they are acidic in nature In general a compost bin needs to
have an equal mix of “green” matter which provides Nitrogen And “brown” matter which provides carbon This in addition to air and water helps micro organisms turn organic
matter into compost Maintaining your compost is pretty simple Since composting process needs 3 key things Aeration – which you can do by turning
your compost with a garden fork or dump the compost on a tarp and then
put it back Moisture – keep the pile moist but not wet And add in a compost activator like Blood
Meal or organic fertilizer This helps speed up the composting process So the composting process takes 2
months to 6 months to complete Its faster when the temperatures are high Once the process completes, you
should no longer be able to see the original components The compost just looks like this So I hope you liked this episode on how to make your own compost And this is the technique I use to
make my own compost And I’d love to hear from you what
your techniques are. I’ll see you again soon…Happy Gardening! [music]

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  1. Californian Gardening Can you send me The Chart for Elements for plants food e.g Nitrogen,Potassium,Phosphorus and etc which can show what organic things you can get from .

  2. We started this method of composting …but we see a lot of flies inside the bin and surrounding too…where did we go wrong or this is how it will be ?

  3. Can you please help. I'm trying to pile my own compost but it appears not working. I have grass, paper, food waste green, some compost leftover and coffee ground. Yet no heat just attracting slugs and insects.

  4. Does the compost in your bin get 'hot'? I have started a compost bin based on this video. Hope to get good compost in time!

  5. Thank you for a great video ! Is it ok to compost paper towels ? I would feel better about using them if they were compostable.

  6. can we just use compost alone through plants whole life cycle?i mean if we use only compost will it be enough to provide everything that plant needs to give a good harvest or do we need to add other things as well?i have seen an aunty in my neighbourhood she only uses cow manure as a fertilizer and she always get a very good result from it.

  7. mandatory add 20-30% animal shits.and Baikal m1.then you make 100% perfect feed.Do this and see the difference. 🙂

  8. Hello. Thank you for this video. I found tiny insects (they're white and suuuppper tiny) in my compost. Is that normal? I also found black ants (those that don't bite).

  9. What I want to know is how this fares under the Southern California summer sun when you have that bin's top closed up? How much does it smell when you open it to turn it once a week?

  10. this is great. I will be going bigger on it to prepare the amount which will be suitable for my one hectare farm.

  11. Where is the best place to keep these bins so they do not get rained in? Does the composting materials attract flies/maggots? I can NOT deal with maggots 🤢

  12. Going to start it this weekend. What size holes would you drill before worrying about the compost leaking out?

  13. If my compost contains weeds, such as dandelions and all sorts of other weeds, can this compost be used for my gardening (e.g. growing tomatoes)?

  14. OMG! I was just following the instructions on this video, I was putting all the materials in a trash canned when all of the sudden a grasshopper jumped on me and I screamed and took off running and hid in the bathroom for an hour. After that, I went outside to check and the stupid grasshopper was still there in the trash bin so now I'm afraid to go outside.

  15. I use poly foam boxes and each box has approx 3000 worms
    As i come from big family we juice everyday i do put juice scraps kitchen scraps and egg shells and other garden waste along with news papers all shredded and i water the worm farm everyday so i collect worm tea aswell and my compost is realy in a month or so

    I use plastic barrels for non vermicompost and i drilled hole like you did and i roll them in my garden when needed to be tossed

  16. I started my compost bind few months ago however I was not able to use my compost because ants are infesting my compost bin. I do really need some tips. thank you. 😊

  17. Aw, this was a really nice post. In thought I would like to put in writing like this moreover – taking time and precise effort to make a very good video however what can I say I procrastinate alot and certainly not appear to get something done.

  18. I usually dig a hole my garden and make the compost by keeping a net at the bottom and make it by the same method you did

  19. Thanks for the good tips! We have used the metal Speedibin composter for several years now and add dairy, bread, even meat since pests can't chew in. It makes awesome black compost! And we don't need to aerate as the worms do that. Gotta love those worms!

  20. i like your procedure..thats im gonna do..thank yo?? so how many days should ill use this composed fertilizer???

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  22. i am new to gardening and not really an expert on this kind of stuff…my question would be….did you add soil on your compost?

  23. I can legally have 6 marijuana plants at a time growing. When I harvest I'll take everything left soil included and put it in my composting container and all the excess from trimming the buds so it's as close to being only the bud itself that I can without accidently cutting into the bud and ofcourse I harvest the seeds aswell I run 4 plants that are generation plants from the parent plant from last harvest and then with the remaining 2 I just plant different strains every time and if I find one I like more than what I've had that becomes the main grow but using what amounts to the same soil with composted material of previous generations and a few other secret items in aswell topped off with nitrogen pellets all of it takes place in a greenhouse i built in my garage mainly so I have that much more control over temperature moisture and involvement. I also built a watering system that allows me able to use a very nutrient rich mineral water that I've tweaked with over the years water catchers under the raised pallets they sit on with the catch angled slightly so nothing becomes stagnant. It runs down into a step 1 filter getting any material that could damage or clog up the pipes save what have you.. it then goes threw step 2 filter for smaller items at that point there's no visible crap floating around step 3 filter is the charcoal filter that last step is the UV sterilizer flowing back into the Reservoir tank the compost mix also helps more than people realize. The reservoir is also what I use to water the plants the tap water also goes through this process, there's just way too many chemicals that can hinder the growth of the plant as well as the quality. The funniest part about all of this is that I actually don't partake in the use of marijuana of any sort I grow it 4 my 20 year old nephew because he has epilepsy and the medications that they're kept giving him didn't really help all that much but as everyone knows marijuana does and does it quite well

  24. I love gardening but im afraid of worms😱😱.. so i will not use worm in my compost. please no worms in my garden 😢😢

  25. I have chicken poo and donkey, goat and sheep dung which I throw into my manure pile, But I wonder why these cannot be used in a compost heap as you said not to use animal waste?

  26. Hello, can i add POMELO fruits to compost? Because i have a pomelo tree in the garden and there's many of them that fall off the tree sometimes. In fact i am composting for couple of years now and i always add pomelos in it. (I suddenly become worried cos you've mentioned that pine needles are not so good for compost because of its acidity and i'm wondering Pomelos are acidic) thank you

  27. Can i use chicken manure of any kinds? I mean would it be ok if i use manure from chickens which are commercial chickens or the chickens that grown in poultry that eats non-organic feeds? Thank you

    And also, where can we buy this activators you're saying in the video if ever we would want to buy it (i'm aiming for "free's" but i may buy one someday)? Nice video bytheway

    I'm in the Philippines.

  28. Hi! my compost is pasty. I used it to transplanting okra and corn and they died. what can I do to improve my compost. Thanks!

  29. Hi I recently tried to make compost using house hold vegetable scraps and a few green leafs this I used for greens and so I used cardboard and shredded paper for brows. I turn this mix once every 10 days. Today while turning the mix i noticed that there are lots of white worms wriggling and also noticed eggs of some insect. Is this normal ? I am doing this in a plastic 7 gallon drum. pls need your advice on whether I should keep this or throw it all and start again ?

  30. What is the max temperature compost bin can handle? In Karachi temperature reaches around 40+ in peak summers with very high humidity. My compost bin will be on my rooftop. Though, I'll place it in such a way that it'll get partial shade after noon.

  31. Thank you i have all veggie peels you helpd me out so much as i just stared composting👍✌Amazing about the Eathworms!

  32. You mention hair, I wonder if dog hair would be ok. I have a shepherd that sheds a ton, it would be nice if it had a purpose.

  33. i shouldve checked this before. i threw some veggie scraps into a pot plant. i thought it just turns into compost lol. should I dig it out?

  34. Could I start a compost container now and just keep adding stuff until spring of next year ? (Currently in Pennsylvania) or would it go bad ? Sorry I’m still trying to learn all this, I’d like to start a vegetable garden next spring 🙂 thank you!

  35. Hi Sir great video.. but I also use peels , vegetables etc and after sometime so many flies, small works that turn into flies start coming.. when I see all of that I think it's all wrong… Is it fine??? The smell, flies???

  36. Great video, very educational, I sure that you can compost waste of domestic farm animals though. There is a high nitrogen content.

  37. @california gardening, I noticed you said you used to make your own compost. Is there a reason you stopped?

  38. Easily explained the simplest way of composting. I have been doing this kind of composting – a garbage bin with holes all around and covered with a lid. But my bin releases a lot of leachate, i.e. a black liquid which I want to avoid. Maybe too much moisture.

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