Composting in York Region

These days, it seems like more and more people
are doing more to live greener and help the environment.
In York Region, everyone is reducing, reusing and recycling.
Wanna know our secret? We’re taking easy steps like
choosing to not to buy things that come with a ridiculous amount of packaging…
and by the way, are also impossible to open! We’re also eating smarter by not buying
more food than we need. And, this is really important…
We’re composting! What’s that?
Hi, we’re the Stubbington’s from Vaughan. Composting is taking organic material like
leaves and vegetable peelings and making them into nutrients for your soil.
It’s fun and pretty simple to do and what we don’t compost in our backyard,
we put into the green bin. Any kind of food scraps can go into the green
bin instead of the garbage. Hi, I’m Andy.
I work for York Region and I live in Newmarket. Just wanted to mention that you can also add
coffee grounds, coffee filters, diapers Even doggy, uh…you know
Ewww… I hope you’re picking up after him!
Here’s what happens after we pick up the green bin stuff in your
neighborhood: It gets sent out to the composting facility.
Here, the piles of organic stuff get put inside a mechanical bag breaker
that loosens up the stuff from the bags and mixes it all up.
It has to have just the right amount of porousness, moisture and ratio of carbon to nitrogen
in order to get the composting process off to a good start.
Then, for the first few days of composing, the temperature is monitored
to make sure the pile is producing enough heat to help everything break down.
Next, we keep monitoring the temperature as it increases even more
and gets rid of the bad bacteria. In the last phase, called the screening process,
plastic bags and steel cans that might contaminate the organic stuff
are removed from the compost. Then, we cure it for a minimum of 21 days
before testing it to make sure it meets some pretty strict guidelines.
Then, finally, the compost gets sold as soil nutrient to farmers nearby.
And that’s just the start of our success story here in York Region.
Step by step, everybody, everywhere can do something to live greener
and protect the future for generations to come.
The most important person who can help change our environment for the better
is you!

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