Composting Part 1 – Purchase and Setting up Compost Bin

[intro music] Compost Bins are available in many of Mayo
County Council’s Area Offices and they are also available from our Landfill
sites. When you purchase your Compost Bin, it comes in three parts. You have the main
body of the Compost Bin, you have the perforated base which you will put onto grass or earth
when you bring your Compost Bin home, and each Compost Bin is provided with a kitchen
caddy [music] When you bring your Compost Bin home, you
take the base of the Compost Bin and you put it down onto grass or onto earth, and the
rest of your Compost Bin will click in onto your base. The Compost Bin has a lid and this
is the part where we put our food waste into. There is a little door at the bottom and this
is where we take out the compost in a number of months time. When positioning your Compost
Bin, position it on flat ground making sure it is not on any hilly areas. If at all possible
position the Compost Bin in an area that is well drained. If your ground is particularly
waterlogged you can put a mound of gravel under the Compost Bin and this will allow
for drainage. You need to place the Compost Bin onto grass or onto earth because this
all allows all the bugs, worms and bacteria that are needed for the composting process
to come into the Compost Bin. It also allows the free circulation of air which is something
very important in composting.

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