Composting Part 5 – How to use finished Compost

[intro music] Once your compost is dried out and ready for
use, there are so many ways you can use it. Even if you aren’t a gardener there is no
problem using one or two buckets of compose around any garden. The compost may not look
exactly like what you would get at the garden center but it is still full of nutrition and
good for your garden. A great way of using it would be to dig it into your vegetable
garden and it acts like a very good fertilizer for your garden. If you place the compost
as a mulch around the base of plants and trees it will prevent further weeds from growing.
You can go a step further and you can use a sieve to sieve the compost to remove any
of the lumpy particles out of it. They are fine if you are digging it into a vegetable
garden where you add natural air, but if you sieve it you will get a much finer compost.
You can cut down on the use of shop bought compost by mixing in some of your own compost
with it, 50/50 would be great. You can use your sieved compost as a potting mixture for
your window boxes or potted plants. Just mix it with one part compost to one part soil
and one part sand, and this will make a lovely compost for your own window boxes.

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