21 thoughts on “Composting Upgrade – Two Chamber Composter & Compost Thermometer

  1. Use the coupon "CaliforniaG" for 15% off on https://www.catesgarden.com/
    Link to eBook and products: http://calgardening.com/2018/09/ez-composting-with-mr-spin-two-chamber-composter-cates-garden-compost-thermometer/

  2. Another very good video thank you. Tumbling composters are really great because they will compost the material quicker and they keep animals away. I have a lifetime 80 gallon compost tumbler I've used it for 5 years and it works great.

  3. Its bad idea to add warm in compost.for warm to survive they need 70-80 f temp . If you need good compost then compost bin temp should be 100+ when its cooking. warm compost and regular compost are two different think.

  4. Hi CA Gardening! Thanks for the very interesting videos! I am in LA and looking to start our backyard garden but having a very difficult time finding the dwarf GEM. Do you known where I can get one locally? Are you open to providing some scion from yours? Thanks for all the great videos!

  5. Thanks for the detailed video! I want to start composting but I’m hesitant since my area in Irvine has some problems with roof rats or field mice. Have you experienced any pests trying to get into your compost? If so, any tips? Thanks!

  6. Hello. I am looking for curry plant seeds y Kashmiri pepper seeds. Do you know a good reputable place that you would recommend to get those seeds?

  7. Hi do you think I could grow a curry plant indoors in a pot in zone 5 of the US? I have been able to grow ginger and moringa this humid summer and have brought them indoors for the fall.

  8. We have 2 medium size dogs. My concern about using my grass clipping is that there may be some residual dog poop in my yard that may have been picked up. If this is the case, should we avoid using our grass all together? We're planning to use the soil for vegetables and we don't want to get sick.

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