Composting – Varieties of Composting Bins

So you’re wondering, now
where am I going to compost? You can compost in a pile
that’s about three feet wide, three feet long and three
feet high, three foot pile. Or you can use one of
these different options. This is the earth machine and this earth
machine is good for kitchen debris and a few small amounts of lawn debris. As you can see by it, size is rather limited in the amount
that it can produce and it’s a, allows you to remove the completed
compost in the bottom here. It does take some time and it does require
attention to make sure that the air gets into the compost and permits the
decomposers to work. To break it down, not to mention you’re going to have to
add water because not a lot of rain is going to come in sideways to hit
through these pieces right here. This type of compost bin, the open bin, is given away at Howard County for free. Just for the asking. Each resident need
only come in and request a free bin. It is perfect. It can be adjusted from three feet in
diameter to four feet in diameter based on how you use the screws to hold it together
and it’s open so that water gets in rain, gets in, and it’s easy to turn. Compost bins can be made from
many different materials. This one has got the a avian or chicken
wire sides and removable wooden boards in the front so that it’s easy to
access the compost and easy to put the materials in. You can use many different
types of materials. Pallets would send their blocks, anything that would give you that basic
three by three by three dimensions, which is considered optimal
for your composting. Finally, I’d like to show you the tumbler. This is a inefficient way to compost, in my opinion. You have to add water. Rain does not get into it and air doesn’t
get into it even when you are turning it. And the material doesn’t break
down very quickly as a result. And I personally just do
not recommend this tumbler.

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