23 thoughts on “Conclusions “More food with less water” – 85% less water and no fertilizers with Groasis

  1. This is for commercial growers, but you are growing in a greenhouse.  NOT on a decomposed granite Boulder ridden hillside.  So whatever success you have, means nothing.  Get outside.

  2. Great idea.. 300% too expensive. Next task… bring the price down so I can start the 3 billion tree-planting of the Australian desert. I'm serious about that. It appears to be Bio degradable. That is a perfect for this type of project. Keep up the good work.

  3. The Chinese are using those boxes for Anti-Desertification. It works well for trees and the hydro-gel around the tree, when they remove the boxes.

  4. muy bueno pero agradeceria traducirlo en titulos o voz en español, gracias me voy a suscribir a verlos gracias

  5. I canz underrstand you verry well, you guys speak English like the Swiss. But you have zeh betterr food systems! Well done! Merci.

  6. You didn't even mention a single aspect of the quality of the tomatoes, only the quantity. How good tomatoes will be if you do not use fertilizers, something that I aprrove, but you do not feed the soil? Micorryzal eat what it is on the soil that water disolves. if there is nothing, it is imposible the tomatoes are good quality. Plants prefer a moisture soil full of fungi and organic material instead of a dry myco root extension with water dosis per day.

  7. 1. Too expensive for poor farmers that he is referring to. 45 USD per sq meter is not small amount. if he has 2-5 hectare land.This is more for middle class gardeners in western countries who do not ant to water their trees every day.
    2. Is intensive farming possible with this technology? Where crops are planted close by.
    3. The technology seems basic. Simple plastic molded parts. I hope they mass manufacture it to bring the cost down. That leads to next question…has he patented this technology? If yes then forget it. This will remain a novel but impractical technology for much of the farming community even in western world.

  8. You said you had dreep irrigation as control + and then the boxes with 15% of used water.
    You should have had the control as 15% water without box as the real control to see your results.
    Then you could have them with and without Micorrhyzal inoculation.
    Your experimental design is not right. And yes I am qualified to say that, I have a PhD in it.

  9. The best use of those boxes is for planting trees in deserts with little rainfall, then you can reuse them for 10 up to 20 times.

    So lets say that 250 boxes cost you €3497. And you want 10 times that amount (price?). http://www.groasis.com/shop/consumers/waterboxx-plant-cocoon-250-pcs.html and you plant one tree every two meter, so that's 2500 trees on one hectare on cheap land in a suitable desert. If you can buy 5 up to 10 hectares (or even up to 30 depending on the country ) for about €50.000 max. ten after planting 2500 trees every year for 10 up to 20 years until those boxes are broken, you should be the proud owner of a nice forest after 30 years have past.

    That is if nature or a madman doesn't put your forest on fire …

    It might be worth the investment.

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