Container Gardening : Container Garden Design

Designing any garden, whether it be a huge
landscape or a container garden. Can be a very daunting challenge. Many people have
failed at completing a design that they really love. So one way to make that a little bit
easier for yourself is to follow three basic principles of design. It’s using color, texture
and form to create balance and visual interest in your design. Plants range in color from
bold and vibrant to soft pastels. Color is a wonderful thing to use in the garden. As
you can see here, we have a whole array of different colors available to us, to choose
from. When designing our garden of any type. And including container gardens, we always
want to think about the texture of the plants. And as you can see here, we have this really
great bold, dramatic leaf. Right next to this very soft, airy plant. And when combined together
and mixed, each one of them look fantastic. The last element that we want to consider
when we’re doing any sort of landscape design or container garden. Is to plant some natural
form. You can see here, we have a plant that’s a very, very upright. And here we have one
that’s weeping or trailing. When we combine these two shapes together, it creates a lot
of visual interests. And a lot of drama in our landscape pairing.

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