Container Gardening : Container Gardens

Today we’ll be talking about container gardens.
Container gardens are a great addition to any landscape. They work well in large landscapes.
They work well if you have a small yard. They’re really a wonderful addition. You can use containers
along walkways, on patios, decks, porches. They’re a great way to highlight the entry
into your home or your business. And they’re also great to use in a landscape to create
a focal point in the gardens. Containers come in many different sizes and forms. As you
can see here, we have a dish type container. This works great for a Mediterranean garden
or maybe where you want to include some, a container. But you don’t want a lot of height.
All the way up to something tall. Like this herb pot which is designed to have plants
growing not only on the top of it. But also out of the sides.

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