Controlling Fall Lawn Weeds

Fall lawn weed is a troubling situation for a lot of homeowners, because if we haven’t paid attention to watering and fertilization and mowing during the year, we find ourselves with a lot of weeds during the fall season. This yard right here you can see clover. You can see two different kinds of plantain. You can see dandelions, of course, people think of those as early spring bloomers although given the opportunity they will bloom all season. One of the best ways to avoid having lawn weeds is to maintain the lawn properly, fertilize at the right rates, mow high with a sharp blade, with a clean mower deck itself. If you have a situation like this, ultimately you’re to the point where you would probably need a weed control measure. The other part of fall weed control is as your weeds are dying of course you want to promote your lawn to fill in. So this is where a lawn fertilization and
the activity of applying enough water to get the lawn actively growing again is essential.

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  1. or just use a Ester based herbicide with high 2 4-D and triclopyr, such as Chaser Herbicide in the beginning of spring and fall, and in 5 days tops no more broadleaf weeds not even wild violet, or plantain.

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