Cow dung compost as organic fertilizer for plants (ENG subtitle)

Hello all! Today I show how composted cow manure looks like and explain its usage in our garden for max production. In front of me there is a pile (a big bag) of well composted cow dung. There are 3 very important nutrients in cow manure: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). These 3 nutrients contribute most for plant growth and production. Nitrogen provides leaf (green) growth for plants. Correction: Potassium is to perform overall functions of the plant correctly and also for root development. Phosphorus is useful for root growth, blooming and fruiting. As cow manure is rich in N-P-K nutrients, it is beneficial for plants. An important thing to remember. The cow manure you collect either from nursery or other source, it has to be well composted. The manure in front of me has been composted over 6 months period. It has no smell, its lightweight and not compact at all. But contains much more nutrients than normal soil. Fresh cow dung is not ideal to apply directly to plants. Because it can have harmful bacteria and pathogens, which can enter into our food through vegetable plants. Thus cow dung should be composted for more than 6 months period. Also cow manure is strong for seedlings. Therefore it is recommended not to use it to grow seedlings as it can burn them. To get a good result, it is better to make soil mix with 70% soil and 30% cow manure. Hopefully you can see how well composted cow manure looks like. Its darker in color. There are small twigs or straw in it. I am also grinding bigger chunks to fine compost. I am also drying it under sun to get rid of some bugs. Then I will use it in our garden. As I spoke earlier, I will prepare soil with 70% garden soil and 30% cow manure. Now I will show the result of applying cow manure and mustard cake in our rooftop garden. Here is our rooftop garden. We usually give 1 handful of cow manure or pour water soaked with mustard cake once every 3-4 weeks. I hope that I can show the benefit of cow manure and how to apply it to get good production from your garden. Try to avoid adding raw cow dung into your garden. As raw cow dung contains harmful bacteria as well as it is too strong in chemical composition for new plants. Apply a well composted cow manure which has been decomposed for 6-7 months. Then mix 30% of cow manure to 70% garden soil to make an ideal growing medium for plants. In addition, you can soak a handful of cow manure into a bucket of water for 2 days to prepare compost tea. Then give that compost tea to plants, which can have faster reaction, as plants can get nutrients much earlier. Hopefully I could explain and show you the benefit and the way to use cow manure. If you like the video please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for future uploads on organic gardening. Thank you for watching!

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