Crepe Jasmine Bonsai

hello everyone I have created this creep
jasmine bonsai from a two year old plant this plant is not growing well in the
container and I am NOT able to solve the yellow leaves problem so I have decided
to convert it into a bonsai plant now I am pruning the plant and cutting the
thick branch to reduce the height of the I also remove the middle branch
which is poking out this is the last branch I have cut down here is the final result of the proning I am
removing the plant from the container the container have holes at the side of
it that’s why I have to break the container off now with the help of a
fork I am removing the soil from the roots to see the root structure the
plant have a very dense root ball. after cleaning the soil from the road
I have washed the roots Now I am removing the main trunk root now I have placed the plant on the floor and cutting the roots in a radial or
circular pattern so it can fit in the bonsai pot easily I am using a 12 inch
plastic bonsai pot to plant this one to cover the holes I am using a fiber
cloth. the soil mixture I’m using contains 50% soil, 40% compost and 10% sand now it’s time to water the plant
I have watered around thoroughly and placed it in shady area for few days
before placing it into direct sunlight you can notice there is a difference in
height of the final bonsai I have shown in the beginning of the video I have
reduced the height of the branches off the camera thanks for watching the video
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