Cutting Down For Winter | Homestead Garden Vlog (Autumn 2019)

Hello, it’s a sunny October afternoon and so Mr J and I have come out to do some more preparation for the
winter. We have all these pallets which I’ve removed lots of the wood from and I
saved the rest of pallet to use as firewood, but it needs chopping up. I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. This is also the time of year I like to
look at this herbaceous border, see what’s outgrown its allotted space and very
definitely this perennial sweet pea is much too vigorous for here. So I’m going
to take all the dying growth from the top of it and then I’m going to lift the
plant, move it into the shrubbery because I still love it, but it’s not
right in this space. And in here I’ll put something tall and something elegant,
perhaps some foxgloves or maybe some delphiniums. And this sort through in the
autumn also gives me a chance to have a look to see what’s self sown. So there’s a
fennel here and I will lift that and move it where it’s not in the middle of
the path. And over here is an Alchemilla Mollis. I absolutely love these and I
would like some more over in the long border. I’ll lift this one and
transplant it to the long border.. That’s got a nice healthy root system on it
and as soon as that gets into the soil and not just wood
chippings, that should grow away really nicely. Out here in the Patrons’ Garden there’s
tidying needs to be done as well. There are bamboo canes lying around, well they
can be put away and I store these in the pallets that make the fence between the
vegetable garden and Patrons’ Garden. The other thing is I’m hoping that I
will find my garden hoe because put it down somewhere, my guess is it’s fallen
over. I don’t know where it is, I haven’t been able to find it for about
three or four weeks. I’m forever losing that. It’s one of those things that, it’s
got a wooden handle so it’s beautiful, but I really need something that’s
bright yellow or some something that’s got a really vivid color on it, so I can
see it when it falls over. Boys that’s my skirret, I don’t think I
want you eating that. I’m glad it tastes nice but I’m gonna put it in the veg
garden and hope what the ducks don’t eat it. It actually doesn’t look too bad out
here, in terms of tidying up. It appears I can even tidy up turkeys as well! I don’t
know where they’ve gone off to. So just a few pots from where I planted in
the border at the end, that’s in front of the polytunnel. I wasn’t really planning to be recording this, but the boys are out. They’re not
being very well-behaved, so I just thought I’d film them. They are having a
lovely time, but they’re all over the raised bed and just completely
misbehaving. The other thing I’ve noticed there are
loads of mole hills here and I have no problem with having moles here and mole
hills are great. I’m just gonna scoop up the soil and put them into the raised
beds because soils great. Before I scoop up this mole hill here to put on the bed
I probably need to clear away these cosmos. This one has had it, it’s looked
beautiful all year but it has come to the end. It’s dry, its crunchy. I’m shaking
as much soil off it as I can because I don’t need to put that in the compost heap just to bring it back again. It’s better that it stays in the bed. So the soil from the molehill is super but it has got quite a
lot of clover growing through it, I’m just going to remove that’s because
although I’m happy with that to be in the, I was to say grassy areas but they’re
not, the clover areas between the raised beds, I don’t really want to
in the raised beds if I can help it. So a few moments just to go through that. You
can see the soil improver that I filled this bed with is a very dark color and in
comparison to the quite clay soil that I’m putting in it. I don’t want to mix it
up too much, I don’t want to expose too many weed seeds to the light but also I
don’t want to ruin the soil structure, so I will leave that like that and let the
worms do the mixing for me. Well I can hardly believe this! Only ten
minutes ago I was telling you that I’d lost my hoe and I found it! It was lying
next to the tunnel that I have the brassicas in. So it was actually helping
to hold down the netting. I’m really pleased. I’m definitely going to tie a
piece of bright yellow something around it, I’m also going to go and put it away
where the tools live. I’m going to carry on tidying up, walking
around the garden, finding things like these seed trays, get them cleaned out and
back into the polytunnel ready to reuse in the spring. And so wherever you
are in the world and whatever you’ve got planned for today, I hope it’s a good one.
I also hope you’ll join me again next time.

27 thoughts on “Cutting Down For Winter | Homestead Garden Vlog (Autumn 2019)

  1. I am waiting on the fog to lift! It's only 39F this morning. Glad I don't have to be anywhere today.

    Turkey's do have the tiniest of brains, don't they? I wonder if they like the sound of the ground cover when they walk on it?
    I will at least get some weeds out of the front beds, they do look tacky just now.

    Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

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  3. Find a tin of bright luminous yellow paint and you wont miss it then! (the hoe). Turkey eggs, are excellent for Victoria sponges and other cakes as they are lighter in the cooking. Duck eggs are great for pasta and pastry as they make it richer and creamier, pullet eggs for poaching on toast – wholemeal of course!

  4. I just found your channel great video. We currently have a homestead n also on YouTube. We are new n still building our home . Last yrs drought made for a terrible garden lol . We still have alot to learn. Just wanted to show support to your homestead n channel n say hello.

  5. Have loads of them Mollis grow everywhere I love the flowers in a flower arrangement with all the other garden flowers enjoyed your vidio

  6. I have used bright yellow electrical tape to wrap around tools .It really helps find them as I am always leaving them lying around

  7. I was searching a long time for a wooden handled tool once. It was laying there right in front of me all the time. When I noticed it, I decided to paint it with neon paint.

  8. Keep Warm Girl. Love the turkey's. Yummy. He he. I love how you just know what that plant was after the fennel one that I know.

  9. I do EXACTLY the same with my small hand fork – wooden handle and I'm forever losing it! Those turkeys are looking wonderful. 🙂

  10. Christmas tinsel wrapped round the hoe – which is what I did with my crutches years ago! So shiny and sparkly! LOL! Love seeing the turkey in slow mo! Cheers xx

  11. I lost my favourite garden snips recently. Nowhere to be found. I'll probably find them next spring in the compost pile.

  12. SO much to do this time of year Liz, But getting on with it now makes it so much easier in Spring. Shame the weather doesnt wanna play ball lol. Great video

  13. Hi Liz, I put orange duct tape around the handle of all my tools including my watering can. I don't have anything else in my garden that has orange, well, except for pumpkins right now, 🙂 So, I know that orange means tool.

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