D.I.Y. Wooden Compost Bin – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

This is one for all you gardeners out there. I’m going to build a three-station compost
bin made out of red gum sleepers. It’ll blend into the environment in no time
and look like its been there for years. Your plants will love you and thank you for
it. These are all the tools and material required
to build a compost bin. Before you get started, make sure you mark
out where you’re planning on putting it. Red gum sleepers are really heavy, so it’s
not something you wanna be moving around. This compost bin is gonna be two sleepers
high, you need to measure, mark, and cut where you’re placing it, but I’m gonna be doing
mine at 2.3 meters long. Now I have my two back pieces cut to size,
I now need to measure, mark, and cut my sides and dividers. The sides and dividers have now been cut,
so now I need to start assembling it on the ground. I’ll be moving the horses out the way and
you can watch me lay it out. This is the base piece and I need to secure
the sides to it first before working out where the dividers are gonna go. Now that I’ve got the sides where I want them
to be, I need to predrill and secure them together. These are 100 mill galvanized Batten screws,
they’re fantastic for the job because they will never rust and will probably outlive
your compost bin. The sides are now secured so now you need
to measure and mark where your dividers are gonna go and repeat the same process of predrilling
and securing. So the base is now secured. You’re gonna repeat the same process with
the second sleeper on top, mimicking what you’ve already done. The next step to do is secure these guides
to make sure that your two frames stay together. So now I need to predrill and secure them
on. The center pieces are now complete, what’s
left to do is rip down the side pieces which are literally half the width of your center
guide. The side pieces are now ripped, now the inner
gates guides need to be done and there are six of those to do. Secure the sides by predrilling and using
your 100 mill galvanized screws. Once you’ve got them fixed on, you then use
your gate as an actual spacer guide for your inner insert. Make sure you don’t have it hard up against
it because it’s gonna make it too difficult to slide your gate in and out. So the gates are all now in place. The final step is to make a lid that will
cover only two of these three compartments. The reason for that is our third compartment
has our compost that’s ready to go into the garden. Use a piece Foam-Ply for the lid because it
creates a really good dark environment so the compost can decompose quicker. And there you have it, all that’s left to
do is collect your scraps and start composting. To help the process along to start with, I
recommend that you use some pea straw mulch, follow it along with some actual garden compost,
and then put your food scraps on top. Give it a good stir with a pitchfork or a
shovel, mix it all together, close the lid, and then let it do its work. Don’t forget that once a week you just need
to give it all a bit of a turnover and gradually accumulate it into this third box which will
be your compost ready for your garden. Great for your garden, environmentally friendly,
and an excellent way to recycle food scraps to benefit your plants.

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