Dangerous Plant Grows Without Soil

Jeb Gardener Presents My name’s Jeb And it’s time for more hydroponic potatoes A Rocky Start Well it’s sunny as usual Here on the planet Tatooine (from Star Wars) I suspended the seed potatoes From these little rope nets I really should have gotten a smaller rock for this reenactment. Oops! Don’t worry about stems week 4 At the start I was worried just a little about the stems Not making it through the hole in the lid They guided themselves right through there You see the stems grow toward the light You don’t have to worry about them Week 5 The hail storm was scary I thought everything was going to be lost There was a little more leaf damage in the hydroponics Because the impact between the lid and the hail stones Tore up some of the leaves Rotten seeds week 6 Nutrient Ratios 2g Masterblend Tomato 2g Calcium Nitrate 1g Epsom Salt 1 Gallon or 3.8 Liters Hose Water The seed potatoes rotted out pretty quick I just hung them in there half way in the water The little bit of Seed potato skin that was left And the stems Just kind of held on to the ropes Unpainted lid week 6 In the first grow I learned that The yellow lid needs to be painted So that light doesn’t get into the tote And spoil the tubers But I forgot about all that And just let it grow So I still had green leaves Sprouting on the potatoes And on the stems I promise I’m going to paint these lids So next time The nothing week 8 The plants started to get a lot bigger in week 8 But otherwise Nothing happened Nothing Impatience week 9 I needed a couple potatoes for dinner one night so I figured I would just pull them off the plant early On a side note I’ve been adding just a little bit of water from the hose every couple days I can’t quite tell why But I find this imagery Disturbing This quantity of potatoes Is sufficient for my needs for tonight But I’m seeing some green on these and I’m not happy about that (info from http://cropwatch.unl.edu/potato/greening) Exposure of potato tubers to light Either in the field in storage on the store shelf or at home Will induce the formation of a green pigmentation on the surface of the potato This is called greening And indicates the formation of chlorophyl Of itself chlorophyl is not a health concern It is harmless and tasteless But in potato tubers It is like the canary in the mineshaft (a warning sign) The green indicates the presence of glycoalkaloids Especially in potato the substance solanine When the potato greens Solanine increases to potentially dangerous levels I know I know (Some people might say) you could eat 50 pounds of that stuff (slightly green potatoes) I guess life is a little different when you have kids Please dont eat any green potatoes Another indicator of this toxin is a bitter taste Which I guess bugs also don’t like eating So I’m going to save this one for seed That’s right I just keep my seed potatoes on a shelf in the garage Regarding green things… The uninvited guest Well hello Mister Frog Now I know why I haven’t seen any bugs under the lid Welcome back week 12 Did I mention that Potatoes don’t like hot weather I got back from vacation and it had been hot while we were gone So a lot of the plants were in distress Quiet harvest week 13 Do you ever have noisy kids in the garden? Look at this Owen Speechless What do you think is there some potatoes in there? Green roots I know too much sunlight got in There he is Mister frog was still in the tote when we harvested We were able to pull him out safely Yeah! The size of the potatoes was a little disappointing but You know there was quite a quantity And I think if the weather was cooler it could do a lot better Alright lets weigh out the snack sized potatoes first 13.2 Ounces=375 grams Almost got a pound of the big ones Thanks for watching Share with a friend!

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