David Austin Roses Garden Tour Y3E18

So I’ve come to David Austin today with my
Nan we’re going to have lunch here. We don’t usually do garden centres just the two of
us cuz my Mom’s the big gardener and she usually drags us along. This is the first time we’ve
elected to come ourselves by choice and it’s amazing.
[music] We picked a really nice day for it today it’s
lovely and sunny the roses are out, it is quite busy we’re here umm mid week lunchtime
but it’s a busy place and you’ve got to come on a nice day when the roses are out.
We’re just walking up the long garden, i think someone’s trimming a hedge so it’s a little
bit noisy [music]
This is the James Austin rose oh this looks like the Paul’s Himalayan Musk
going over this arch. That’s Nan’s favourite. [music]
there is of course a shop outside where you can buy all the roses that you see in the
garden and there are loads and loads of greenhouses too where they’re growing the roses and I
was listening to the lady saying that all the roses for the Chelsea garden were grown
here as well. [music]
The layout is lots of these pergolas with rambling roses up then and then down the walls
there’s more roses rambling along and then we’ve got over here there’s the formal
gardens crown princess margarita, English
[music] So in this area they’ve got some other interplanting
so you can see what other things you might want to plant with your roses if you decide
not to go for a pure rose garden. There is not a spare wall anywhere that’s not covered
with roses. the whole place. I think this is my favourite coloured pink,
this is the Sir John Bechaman rose. What’s you favourite colour roses. They’re going
to have it hear, let me tell you. The borders here are about 12 foot deep they
go back a long way and everything is really this month possibly a couple of weeks earlier
than today but for the rest of the year, it, it’s just a regular garden. Oh I don’t know
if you would go as far as to say it was a regular garden but it’s certainly not as impressive
as it is for these few weeks of the year. The smell is just spectacular. It’s just so
floral. I’m not sure what this one we’re standing by is. It smells almost sherbety.
its called the Country Man, it smells absolutely divine.
oh they’re nice, I think I like the red ones best.
Not everything is open yet there’s still a lot more to come.
This one’s pretty going up around here and there’s still a lot more to come on this one
too. It’s called Rambling Rector. This one’s pretty this is called the Generous
Gardener. I think that looks more like your traditional type of rose. I wouldn’t like
to have the job of doing the dead heading here. I wonder how many people they have to
employ to to keep it all nice and tidy. Oh well there is some one who has got that
job look at this big barrow here. This is the last part of the garden at the very back.
it’s a little bit quieter up here, it’s quite nice and peaceful. There’s some beautiful
arches we really have got a nice day for it today
as well. Have a look at these arches. oh it’s maybe a little bit going over. It’s
quite stunning. There is a formal tea room here and a coffee
shop where you can just get a slice of cake and a cup of coffee. I have visited before
with Trevor so I will link to that so you can check it out of you’re interested in seeing
it. But today I really just wanted to share with you all of these beautiful roses and
if you get a chance to get here in the next week possibly two weeks definitely pop down.
It’s the 15th of June today so it’s a such a good time mid June to make it if you’re
planning a trip for next year. Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you
again soon

12 thoughts on “David Austin Roses Garden Tour Y3E18

  1. What a wonderful tour! Thanks so much! We have a historical (for us!) rose garden called Wyck that was started in 1820. Unfortunately, our weather has prevented a visit this year. It's always a treat when they're selling some of their cuttings.

  2. Great video! A lovely selection of roses. Talk about being spoilt for choice! Deadheading them all must be an endless task. By the time you've finished the job it's time to start again!

  3. Hi Laura, you caught it in all of its glory. It is set out really well. We live about 15 minutes away, so visit quite regular. David Austin lives in the large old house next to the Rose Garden. Pity you hadn't got smelliivision on your camera 😄. Nice coverage 👍🏻

  4. Although mid June is a good time to visit Albrighton in all its glory, i have recently visited October 13th and although not so many roses in bloom as your video, it was still a fantastic show on offer..I bought a rambling rose, Malvern Hills which still had several blooms. I think that David Austin manage to extend their season by good irrigation, feeding and deadheading, a lesson for all gardeners.

  5. Спасибо за экскурсию по прекрасному саду Д.Остина, Лаура! Почему- то мало лайков при таком количестве просмотров, это удивило.

  6. I live in Florida. I have many DA roses. Not all of them love the heat but many do very well. Very nice tour. 👍🏻. Thank you.

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