Different Types of Organic Fertilizers and Compost | Organic Fertilizers for Plants

different types of organic fertilizers by a Lisa and Adam hi friends welcome
today Lisa is going to explain different types of organic fertilizers are you
ready there are different types of organic fertilizers so if you are
planning to grow an organic garden and have your own fresh produce you need to
be familiar with the following types and see for yourself which among this
fertilizer are good for your garden animal-based fertilizer these are by products derived from meat
processed and diary industries manufacturing multitudes of organic
fertilizers plant fertilizers this includes seaweed or sea kelp corn gluten
and cottonseed meal and alfalfa meal mind fertilizer this can be type of
organic fertilizer that is composed of minerals soft rock phosphate and
limestone fish products these are the byproducts returning from fish
industries manufacturing organic fertilizers like fish meal and fish
emulsion this contains high level of nitrogen and
is created quickly available for plants animal mentors these are derived from types of insects
and animals most of animal men words are composted
bagged and sterilized at times animal manures nutrient composition varies
counting on the bedding animal and methodology of storing the manure elisa these are the organic fertilizers organic fertilizer is compound
fertilizers containing varieties of organic materials the ingredients
creating up these fertilizers are also vegetable or animal matter or even a
mixture of the two when speaking of fertilizer it is
imperative to stay in mind that this can be composed of necessary components that
are completely produced the natural manner and without any trace of
additives and components that are manufactured synthetically Lisa thanks
for sharing the information learned a lot about different types of organic
fertilizers welcome Adam hi friends I believe you got value in this video I’d
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information like this my friends see you in the next videos take care

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  1. Don't use computer voices. I was really interested in this subject, but immediately switched off when I heard Steven Hawkings voice. You paid for an explainer video, thats great, but why not make your own voice-over? It's really easy and you can do it free.
    Have another go guys. Its a great subject and many schools might prefer this if you get the voice-over right. Good luck. Cheers

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