Discover Ithaca Children’s Garden

Here we go. (Children playing and cheering) There’s an egg? Over here. (Chicken clucking.) So cute I love the Ithaca Children’s Garden because it has like all these plants and animals. The garden important because it’s beautiful. My favorite thing about Ithaca Children’s
Garden is that we’re outdoors I get to touch real things, instead of a touch screen. You just hang out with nature really, and
it’s awesome. I found snails Look they’re the same. They’re snails. My favorite part, I think is probably Gaia
and the frog pond. Big One! Watching the frogs in its natural habitat. I like the flower garden, it’s so beautiful
there and there’s a bunch of bees. Butterfly It’s a monarch. It’s a boy. There’s two black dots right there. Anarchy Zone. It’s my favorite place in the children’s
garden. What we do in Anarchy zone is, it’s an adventure
playground. So you get to build whatever you want, do
whatever you want, it’s the best. It’s basically all fun, cause you get to
design your own things. You can like, find things all over the ground
and then you can just start building with them. Like this when the tires are too heavy to carry you can just bring it over here and then drop it. If you were to go to a playground you will
only have a certain structure to play on, but when you’re here you can build things
explore nature. It’s play mixed with hard work. You get to use as much imagination as possible. Mama told me this place is all about trying
to discover ourselves. What I like about the Children’s Garden
is that you can pick fruits and vegetables. Look at my beautiful carrot. I love to pick things like dill, fennel, basil. Blackberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and wild
blackberries. Some of the stuff are sour, but most of them
are very sweet and good. This place is full of imagination and wonder. Mostly fun for kids but there are things also grown ups can do here. Plan your visit to the Ithaca Children’s
Garden today. It’s free and open every day of the year. It’s a good place.

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