Discovering and Exploring Your Past Lives

So we begin. It’s discovering and
exploring your past lives. This is a free intro, and what I’m not gonna do in the
free intro is tell you what you could get if only you signed up. It’s not a
sales pitch. I don’t like doing those. I don’t believe in those, so it’s not my
thing. What it is, it could be in itself an educational period, this
couple of hours or hour or whatever we’re doing, in itself. I want it
to be full. I want it to be self-contained. So hopefully we’ll
accomplish that. Typically we would, obviously, so we’re gonna do that and you
know when I say hopefully meaning hopefully it also kind of answers
questions each person and there’s hundreds watching that it would be able
to address so many different questions from so many different people from so
many different walks of life including many of them in this room so the course
we’re doing is a few weeks long it’s through the most of the month of July
it’s as a typical course as we make them about a month long that way it’s just to
a few weeks and and then it’s it’s sort of nice because you in just a matter of
weeks a persons can have a lot on a topic like a nice complete course and
not have it go on and on and on nor have it be too crunched and in just a one day
kind of a thing so I like the formula we’ve been using now for a couple of
years and I like the formula a lot so in this topic first when you hear about
past lives there’s various places we want to sort of go with this
conversation but some of its clearing up some misnomers but a lot of people get
into past lives for the wrong reasons some of its just intrigue you know who
was I was I really Cleopatra because I’ve always thought it was Cleopatra
because everybody was Cleopatra so that gets a little funky for people so
there’s there are so many deep layers to really explore I just think it’s
fantastic but it’s also gonna be fun our first week or two is going to be a bit
of the theory and exploration and understanding then we’re going to
get really into the fun stuff with looking at our own truths pieces of
truths that are leaking through all the time telling you who you’ve been if
you’re a pure you know very loud obnoxious person that might come from
somewhere in the past it doesn’t just sprout up on its own it likely is
relevant somebody might say well I’m a real confident leader that’s probably
something you’ve nurtured somewhere now some people would say no it’s because my
father was a really strong leader so I got it from him even if that’s true you
likely knew him in another life where you both nurtured that what I don’t want
people to ever do is blame things on their mother father or past lives or
anything from your past I’m not saying your past didn’t have an influence I’m
saying don’t throw all the blame on one thing because when you really start to
look at it you’ll start to hear one common word pattern if your husband did
this and your father did this and in past lives Wow
and they were all hard on you let’s say in some way they all took advantage of
you in some way bummer bummer I’m it’s really like Wow
terrible right but wait who’s the common denominator oh so you know sorry but I
wonder why you didn’t do what you needed to do to stop it in another lifetime so
much so that it had to come back as your father so much so that you married it so
we are the ones who are supposed to be making changes and shifts now am I
saying like that that’s always easy heck no especially if we didn’t know that I
didn’t know there was a pattern how could I be responsible I didn’t know
I had those lifetimes I understand so now you’re you’re washed of
responsibility no no you’re not because you also chose to forget that you played
a part that there were any lessons and that you didn’t get them that way you
could get born and blame your father so there’s escapism that some people use
for childhood as well as past lives I’m not saying do the opposite but I am
saying I do recognize there’s a pattern and I have played a part that pattern
and what’s really really stellar about this is that if you believe what I just
said at all then it would also mean that if I had gotten my lesson X number of
lifetime’s ago do you realize if I had gotten it I might not have then had
resonated with that father with that pattern you see that is that possibly
true and if that’s possibly true my not learning my lesson which I could have
chosen to learn by not learning the lesson I then contributed to it
reincarnating again see so and it’s also important to recognize that it’s not
just people that reincarnate it’s patterns that are reincarnating because
if I had a soul a soul soul X that I attracted in a previous lifetime and we
had some dynamic that wasn’t very good and it’s like okay we both pass away and
it’s like I’m like oh that was so challenging I just hate that person for
bringing that pattern into my life or there was a it was obnoxious and that
person says well I really didn’t like theirs either but before they died that
person got it and cleared it one of us is coming back and the other isn’t that
wait I still have to work on that pattern and I mentioned this just I
think Sunday in a talk come the next lifetime that it is relevant when I come
back someone else will be hired to fill the role no different than the old
Shakespearean all the world’s a stage and each person playing a part so I
might have had character X on the stage with me doing head butting with me here
now I’m done well that character resigned they’re
done with theatre they decided not to be an actor anymore
who’s gonna come back and do that role with me there’s going to be somebody all
willing to play the roles you know creepy characters wonderful characters
Jesus chose I’m gonna come in and play a role he’s a son of it was evolving got
it woke up completely and said I’ll go in and play their role now of the
proverbial son coming over the horizon bringing light to the world after a dark
winter I will go in and be the the good luck Jupiter symbol I will go but in and
be the symbol of every mythology and so on a Cyrus and Horus and whatever else
it has to be that I’m gonna go and live out and play out to show that there’s
hope for people even if it’s I’m going to be the symbol of life after divorce
life after surgery it’s the symbol of hope and I I got that well enough
through my consciousness that I can now embody it and that’s pretty cool but not
everybody plays that particular symbol or role some people are like I like
being a jerk you know and I heard that you’re looking for one just just like an
actor I heard you’re looking for someone that can really do character care you
know character roles what do you want me to do you want to morph my body okay
twist my spinal oh this characters you know Quasimodo you know and in you know
the Hunchback of Notre Dame okay sure remember the black and white version of
that remember how how totally morphed that actor got that’s the same actor
that played fly in mutiny on the bounty Charles Laughton and if you look at the
Hunchback of Notre Dame you don’t go oh that’s Charles Laughton
I wouldn’t anyway I was like wow it’s almost intimidating to watch it cuz it’s
not all like special effects of today this was makeup and acting you know a
certain amount of the stuff they have to do but he had to get into that role so
that’s that’s what happens with people in our lives we’ll play all the words
just stage and everybody’s playing parts and
then we want to act like my play would be so much better if only you had done a
better job playing your part well the truth is if you play your part so well
nobody would have noticed anybody else’s not going so well you know so on and on
all we can go with that but the whole past life notion some people in the
ancient times they called it the cycle of necessity the wheel of life the wheel
of karma all all reincarnation is is karma that didn’t get completed in one
lifetime that’s all it is it’s transferred over
Oh while you’re being transferred here we’re gonna give you all your paperwork
there you go pack up your desk you’re going and you’re gonna take all your
materials with you the Karma’s agenda and the word karma means cause and
effect the Sanskrit word means cause and effect it never meant negative effects
any cause will have an effect the concept of every cause having an effect
collectively is known as Karma okay so every cause has an effect so I can walk
up kick you in the leg that will have an effect well not if I run you can’t get
me back oh no every cause has an effect because in this world one of the primary
laws karma people somehow decided to make a erroneous definition for that and
said bad karma most people if you say to you know you know meeting you was very
karmic they don’t usually go oh I’m glad to help you know it’s they have this
negative car you know connotation to it so it’s kind of a bummer and we almost
can’t escape it it’s almost like a branding and you almost can’t escape it
now but in this class I would like us to do our best to remember even if I slip
you can correct me if it comes to the cross as though I’m implying only one I
might say bad karma but that doesn’t mean there’s not good karma I might say
good karma doesn’t mean there’s not bad karma if I am talking about one or the
other I’ll try to specify because you would have to because it doesn’t
only always mean one or the other so karma is simply a law of cause and
effect now the ultimate causation in all the universe is that God said let there
be light when God caused a thought we were its effect so we’re the effect of
God we’re the effect of God saying I love love so much that I want to create
more love and we then became the child of God like a love child beautiful you
know in the positive sense so we’re a love child you know and we’re this
collective consciousness this collective child of God and then you know we went
through our thing and wondered what life would be like if we were separate from
God now watch what happens every cause has an effect so here we are the effect
of God now God’s saying you know you’re my effect but you’ll never actually be
complete until you also become a what a cause you can’t just remain an effect
and be complete because a complete cycle of anything in the you know that can be
known is there has to be a cause and then in effect as soon as there’s an
effect then it can be a cause and then you have another cycle but a cause needs
an effect a creator needs a created a cause needs an effect
now we’re made in God’s image and God says you’re not going to remain in
effect I made you in my image which means you’re also a cause a causation a
cause er a thinker a believer a creator okay
so we said okay what are we going to create now one of our creations was you
know what would life be like if we would separate from God oh oh the effect was
the big bang the explosion of the universe the separation not just from
God but from each other and then from ourself people aren’t even in touch with
themself I’m you know where’s my emotional body what my livers not even
where my spleen is all of me it looks contained but it’s all
separated and then you’ll be separated from youth you’ll be
separated from having only one color of hair you know and start to gray up
you’ll be separated from your body and you’ll die and come back again
everything is now separating exponentially mind you see it just keeps
splintering so it’s kind of a funky strange thing to imagine God said let
there be light we were created we said let there be fear not that we didn’t
also create light you know you know at moments in our existence but there was a
moment where we slipped and created fearfully now you can say why and we
should have not done it it’s not going to help it already happened so now as we
look at this what do we do Jesus says in A Course in Miracles what I would
recommend is you not focus on how and why it happened let’s pretend ten
billion years ago I think he says I think it’s more important that you ask
yourself while you still do it every day and that is more important because even
when you say but had we only not you’re not in the moment you’re obsessing on
the past which doesn’t really exist anymore cuz it’s not here but its
effects can be felt here what am I going to do about the effects of lifetime’s
and that original choice to separate which is you could say it’s almost like
saying it was your first very first lifetime was when you became created
then miss thought created you know it’s like in music musical notes are just
musical notes but if they’re played in a disc you know discordant manner you have
sounds that don’t sound harmonious they don’t sound peaceful and that’s that
music analogy is the same as us in our creation God’s kind of saying to us look
it’s not a matter of evil it’s just discordant and if you don’t do what you
do do like the effects of that in your life well no because discordant
vibration means sickness war all it is is it’s the same creative energy but the
notes used in a discordant fashion non harmonious fashion well
if I love I’m usually going to fill harmony if I hate I have disharmony so
what would have been becomes you know something off and that vibration is an
illness that vibration is fear that vibration is lack that vibration is
attack on each other defense on each other
discordant sounds so you needn’t judge it all you just simply say you know I
really don’t like the song that I was yesterday and I’d like to have a
different song for me today you know just think of it as subjective as that
just music I like this I like this more harmonious song when I’m speaking in a
really harsh way it’s been proven plants will die if spoken to harshly
consistently animals babies they’ll have less healthy immunity and so forth how
could that be because of the vibration comes a career that comes across with
feelings like hate or hurtfulness by the same token loving thoughts loving
intentions feed that feed you know though experiments with children that
were not hugged you know were held during incubate you know when they’re in
incubators and all these Hospital scenarios the ones that are not touched
at all versus ones that were touched a very different outcome cause and effect
that’s karma and all the topics I’m touching on here they’re just whatever’s
coming to me in the moment understand that in the course itself we’re gonna go
far deeper and far briar broader into everything but you know Karma for now
just understanding its cause and effect and so it’s in our very first lifetime
let’s pretend it was actually a spiritual life time we were spirit and
then when we thought we could be less than spirit we then became The effect of
that thought which became more densifying beings and when we felt
terrible for separating from being spirit beings too dense beings there was
an effect of that and then an effect of that and then an effect of that we
gradually descended remember the famous you know band from
the 80s Devo there was no actually word the actual
word in the dictionary at the time but they made up their own word Devo met
de-evolution they were making fun of mankind is devolving not evolving I
never know what kind of trivia is gonna pop in at any given moment but there you
go in 80’s bands trivia so this idea cause effect and then we’re descending
cause and in effect cause so as soon as this starts happening
we’re uncut although we’re consciously greatly consciously moving in that
direction descending on a deep deep level the Christ that we are ultimately
is trying to save our butts saying what are you guys doing
so our higher self is trying to get get our lower self to get back the lower
self is going on we’re on a terrible roll you know come on back to rate we’ve
fallen and we can’t get up you know the higher self on the other hand is saying
all right gonna be that way are you we better put in some safety because we are
still then our higher self is still responsible it has the right to create
right so the lower self which we now split from because we split from God we
now have more than one self we have a higher self in the lower self the god
self that remembers that lower self that wants to forget so the lower self is
falling and falling and falling the higher self says all right since we have
the right to co-create reality we’re going to contribute you and I agreed on
an unconscious level but on a higher self level we’re going to create some
laws that keep it all kind of orderly you go ahead and keep falling but for
every time you fall we’re going to arrange you you’re gonna come back in
another lifetime and have a chance to repair it so the reparative came from
our higher selves some people say karma is a law of God
God has nothing to do with it other than the will for us to come home so yes God
wills there to be karma only because it’ll help bring his children Oh
God didn’t make karma we did God didn’t make lifetime’s we did God didn’t say
you’re gonna actually have different lifetimes some one were going to be
terrible some of them great don’t know why oh well that’s not God God only love
and only oneness you can’t die in God the whole death rebirth is not God
people say oh it’s so wonderful there has to be God because rainbows and
butterflies and you get to reincarnate til you get things right God’s like I
never saw them wrong how could I be accused for being the one to create a
lot to make it right the part of you that is right created a way to make it
right I would like you to I would love for you to just start identifying with
that side and we’re like oh no no I’ve done some whole other things I got to
come back and pay for it God’s like yeah but try grace oh no no we can’t have
that I really it would be irresponsible for me to be forgiven I’m gonna that’s
what we did drama queens from day one into the world you know and just go
through hell and we even have songs and poems that say you got to go through
hell before you get to heaven and I’ve always died since I was in high school I
heard that in the song I went no you don’t I just I was always you know
arguing with the radio so yeah that’s all I had man so even things like that I
would say I can see that that’s not true you feel it in here you got to go
through hell before you get to have and that’s some of us go knowing it makes
sense would you tell a child that there’s no hope for you honey now that
you now that you’ve got a – on your you know for the first time that you’re up
creak now that you had one naughty thought you’re up creak you wouldn’t do
that to anybody you loved and why not do that for yourself do it differently for
yourself let yourself off the hook that’s all we
have to do is treat ourselves like we would anybody else we cared for so we
say you know the law of grace now the law of grace doesn’t mean that you’re
allowed to just do what you want and pretend it doesn’t matter some people
even say that what does it matter Michael teachers and others know sources
it’s life’s an illusion so then why don’t you
just do whatever because in the illusion of this universe there’s something
called Karma and in the illusion if you do horrible things you’re going to be
paying for it which means you’re going to be here more often
doing more stuff that doesn’t feel good in the illusion
yes it’s an illusion but our job is to clean it so the light of God shines and
finds no darkness that we’ve created no discordant sounds anymore so from
another angle one philosophy could be like the Hindu perspective the Hindu
would be you could say amongst the oldest cultures that that we know today
the Hindu yes East Indian but they Hindu concepts like the Vedas the oldest
culture that we could understand know today for the most part and from the
beginning they’re saying we have been taught in our sacred books that we all
have light within us increasing to explain that when he was here you know
in the stories of Krishna we all have light within us but mara or
illusion Maya by some cultures my illusion got the best of us and it
tainted us it made us turn into fear-based people whatever the case
their philosophy is going to be you must become clean and pure again you must
clear yourself a bad karma to do that you have to live a pretty stellar life
not once but dozens or even possibly hundreds of times to completely clear
your history and that is how people lived for thousands of years and the
mystics and Yogi’s of their you know faith and belief systems do it and do it
work at work at work and some of them become very austere very wonderful but
powerful you know they can float they can some really cool special effects but
Buddha comes along and says man this is a little nutty why are you
people living like this because it takes thousands of life to hundreds of
lifetimes or whatever to clear Buddhas like know if if lifetimes if everything
is an illusion so is your belief that you’re not good
enough and that it takes hundreds of lifetimes to become good enough
oh oh so they don’t like him clearly but I will say what they’re saying is true
for its time because that’s what people believe that’s fine and you know what if
you had no other faith at least that one got you trying to get to be a better
person not a problem Buddha steps it up he says
let’s just ramp this up let’s change it from 100 lifetimes of purity just to one
well that’s called efficient to say the least one lifetime is that a yes yes one
oh but you have to be perfect don’t even breathe because you know you don’t do
anything cuz it could be naughty he wasn’t that obsessive he said know
actually learn to see through it learn to see through it not be perfect but
yeah behave lovingly but also don’t be so hard on yourself it’s an illusion so
he really did ramp it up and you know get it like wow that Awakening Jesus
comes along and says Course in Miracles one year not even one lifetime one year
I’m gonna shift your consciousness by doing these workbook lessons and getting
you to study reality and illusion an ego Wow
like they boom you know and you think that’s something at some point it’s
gonna be one day if you just live one day really in the zone but we’re not
gonna push our luck were there my point is there’s a progression of
understanding karma there’s still karma in the Hindu the Buddhist and even
today’s concepts of life karma is still there that the Karma we now could call
grace would be if cause always has an effect even the law of grace is karmic
because if you accept grace it’s a cause to bring a new effect my release so
Buddha sits and meditates long enough to have an insight and one of them is this
whole thing’s an illusion I get it yes yeah so it cal karma is an
objective law it’s not an emotional thing as you’re asking it’s it’s a
objective law no matter who you are every cause has an effect even in nature
do you then you’d have to sit and analyze you know what forms it takes
there or for animals what form it takes the bottom line is every cause has an
effect even beyond this universe in God God was a cause we’re in effect every
belief we’ll have a response every belief if I have a doubt about Who I am
low self-worth there will be effects now when I say
effects don’t go into terrible effects no just equal to your thoughts terrible
thoughts could bring some terrible things my inner thoughts could bring
some minor things if they’re negative and the same for positives minor
positives could bring you some minor positives major positive thoughts and
beliefs could bring you major things if it’s it’s all it’s all objective it’s
all clear and clean the bottom line is and we’re hearing a lot more about the
word responsibility these days if you really want to understand that word then
just understand karma nothing can happen by chance nothing can happen by accident
and then even those statements get twisted and misused and almost overused
in a shallow way to really sit and breathe that in nothing nothing can
happen by chance the Bible will tell you not one bird can fall from the sky
accidentally not one hair can fall from your head everything the way the Bible
says everything is numbered which means it’s all numeric it’s all geometric it’s
all vibrational it’s all perfect vibrationally it’s all perfect you can’t
have one freckle that’s mine you have yours and it vibrationally manifested on
that note this concept of the Acacia crackers we
could make this all a very linear story once upon a time there was God God
created mankind they came to the earth then Garden of Eden and then they
slipped and fell and then that caused karma karma there and then they had
generations and everybody that comes to earth
tends to just screw up it’s like Las Vegas you know everybody that goes here
is gonna do something naughty you know or something and that’s earth so and it
just happens like that and you know keep it real linear and then they’re the
Acacia chrec ERDs is some sort of like an actual Hall somewhere where there’s
records kept of all your deeds and when you die you your soul will go to that
hole and they’ll say here have a seat we’re going to show you some videos of
you in Sin City and it’s not good so do you want to just go to hell now or do
you want to watch the film first to where we have to show you the evidence
where you’ll agree that’s that’s the linear version of the story but it’s not
the real story the real stories there’s not even a Hall of Records per se not a
linear one in fact the Hall of Records called the akashic records the Hall of
Records is like a sound of a library the records are called the Akashic records
that are in the library called the Hall of Records and so in the holler Brett
could you find the occasion records in the Acacia graduate records there’s a
record of you every lifetime since day one
before there were even days since the moment of separation you could say a
record begins but in God there’s no time so what would that record be not much
where you have a recorded record that you can read would be when time began
and that’s when the separation began so if you go back and read your records
you’re not gonna really read about your oneness with God you’re gonna read or if
you could all the way back to the day when you contributed to leaving God this
is the day I was not born it’s the day I died spiritually and my records began
end of the universe I came and those are records that are almost so
abstract you couldn’t they’re not intelligible to
your human mind to be able to explain it to explain that these souls that are
actually one yet seemingly separate fly into the universe all of a sudden now
I’m supposed to individuate and describe what mine is experience but mine is
still yours because we’re still one so that’s gonna be all very confusing so
where do we pick up the records you see so what we get used to doing is how
about the relevant ones instead of all of them could I just dial up relevant
records for twenty you know Alec on the game jeopardy or whatever it
is I’ll just take relevant records for twenty please and so when you do these
kinds of readings even your own self exploration we’re always really looking
for what’s relevant if you said to Edgar Cayce could I could tell me this in this
there were times Casey would reprimand the people asking for information he
said why would you be asking that it has nothing to do with anything just
curiosity he would even say are you curious is that what this is about and
reprimand people so it’s like you’re supposed to really be asking for what’s
helpful and what’s helpful is gonna be what’s relevant so in in looking for
relevance you’re going to be saying I journeyed into this universe now I might
might not remember pieces or or large bits of my lifetimes what I do know is
starting right now in this lifetime I’m having some situations with health
I’m having situations with relationship whatever it happens to be and when they
would ask Edgar Cayce Casey would read the Akashic
records there are people it became very fashionable to advertise that you read
acacia crackers you go to any psychic fair though I try breacher oh I read
poems I read the occasion records no no they
don’t usually at best they know how to access bits of information to read the
Akashic records gonna sound a bit more like edgar cayce
and by that what I mean is Casey wouldn’t say I’m sensing that you may
have had a lifetime in Egypt I think you were a man he’s okay that’s fine that’s
pretty cool very telling for you you might go oh my
god I knew it Casey wouldn’t say I kind of or maybe or I think Casey would say
three lifetimes in the land known as Egypt
first there was Upper Egypt and that was in the early Egyptian period but then
you were also there before it was known as Egypt and so on is I mean down to
details you just can’t fathom that’s reading the Acacia chrec ERDs his gift
was that Nostradamus accessed a portion of the Acacia chrec ERDs typically the
future and the future is totally made up of what decisions we make today so it
was still very subjective accurate as heck a lot of the times but very
subjective not to mention he wrote it very cryptically Edgar Cayce was mostly
the past because mostly people were asking about the past Cayce was also a
lot about present time relationship issues all kinds of topics for today and
some future in proportion in the future was probably 5% of his readings where
Nostradamus was 95 some was present time for him and then some future Casey had
the ability to read the Akashic records which meant everything that was the past
is the present and the only the probabilities of future when you read
the Akashic records for the future it’s only ever possibilities and
probabilities and that’s Nostradamus now Casey though made a reference to the
future like he’s talking about the major earth changes that some of us have heard
of and even other kinds of catastrophes on earth he describes them which is not
far off in our future now he describes them fairly in fair detail but he’s
describing them almost like vividly and giving dates and when Helen who’s
writing a course in miracles’ is talking to Jesus in her
he’s telling her some things about Casey and some some kudos about Casey here and
there but but he does say you know one thing it’s weird because he makes a
reference he said Casey I’m paraphrasing or summarizing he said and in fact Casey
was so clear he even gave things about the future and then he says and he was
stellar accurate this is Jesus he imagined putting down in your like
promos materials you know Jesus says Edgar Casey’s alright you know like wow
you know put that on your pillow so he’s saying Casey was seeing an accurate
vision of the future now this is Jesus who typically says don’t worry about the
past and future stay in the now typically he’s saying that he still
talked about past lives which I’ll get to in a sec but he’s telling you know
regarding Casey he said yeah and in fact he gave an accurate portrayal of what is
to come and that again is like wow so Acacia chrec ERDs
on Casey’s level is something that is different than someone who advertises it
just you know as any psychic could advertise
it’s a Kasich records it isn’t you’re picking up psychic impressions doesn’t
mean it’s the Acacia crackers you could do a stralla jingle with planets that’s
not necessarily the Acacia crackers read my palm it’s not necessarily I said not
necessarily because on one level it all is the Acacia chrec ERDs
here’s why the records are not just a place where you read volumes of books
about people you are a living record you’re a living expression of your
acacia chrec ERDs it gets it gets a little bit strange but your your your
body every cell of your body is surrounded by ether like a force field
every cell has an ether around it a force field the one of the the most
subtle portion of the ether is actually your records so every cell of my body is
surrounded by my records which is hard to understand but you know you think
disks are now amazing compared to what you know 8-track tapes it you know reel
to reels and all that imagine now it’s all getting down to our our technologies
or getting down to the little dots you know of information imagine that every
cell of your body is wrapped in ether and one portion of the ether is your
records your DNA has one form of that record but nothing in comparison to your
complete acacia crackers so technically everything is within you
including your own records but because every cell is my record those cells have
manifested as skin right bones muscles agreed so even my skin bone muscles and
so forth are my records so when you read the lines on my hand you are reading one
access point into my records my palm is one window in that’s why it’s accurate
oh just come on they’re just lines the lines are forming based on the vibration
of my records within my hair my nose my eyes my height everything about me foods
I prefer foods that I’m really repelled by cultures I’m attracted to or repelled
by races genders I’m gay I’m straight anything it’s all in me as me and all
it’s doing is pushing out into becoming what you see as me so that’s why like
when I’m working with people I don’t say you know I think you should have an
acacia chrec ‘red reading as opposed to everything I do is relate it to the
Akashic records as soon as I stand here or sit here and somebody asks a question
I start rolling that’s the acacia chrec ERDs based on my
interpretation which is important to say because we could all if we all had the
skills equally tap the acacia creds and read let’s say the history of this
podium and we would all come up with generally the same answers based on the
acacia chrec words but they would be slightly different because every one of
us has filters you see so when Edgar Cayce was asked
there’s a book a fabulous book on the true life of Jesus and it’s called the
Aquarian gospel of Jesus the Christ they asked Casey is that an accurate
record because it claims to be from the Acacia crackers is this an accurate
record of Jesus’s life Casey said yes it is for him for Levi the author he did
say yes that it is through that person’s filters the filters are going to be
tainting the material anywhere from 1% to 100% Casey was very very clear but
not perfect because you’re in a body you’re a human Helen who wrote A Course
in Miracles she wasn’t at all a perfect clear channel she was an amazing channel
but perfectly and clear no she was always screwing with the materials she
was always resisting she refused to write the word God because she didn’t
believe in God so she would refuse for the first chapters she would not do it
she would say it or him or something you know but not let herself on that word
they had to kind of go back and alter the words a little bit to put in what
was supposed to be there but she had her resistances you know you have your
filters and you have fear filters and you also have just style differences we
could all describe a journey well let’s do a meditation and go and explore there
Kasich records and one of you is going to be it was like a computer and I sat
there and I so the Acacia Kurds are definitely computers because that may be
what it is for you it doesn’t mean that just because we’re different there’s no
such thing as a Kasich records and that’s why when Casey said Levi’s
version Aquarian gospel of Jesus the Christ is true for him he adds that it
means that yeah generally that though especially for Levi generally that
material was right we know because of lost books of the Bible corroborating so
many pieces of it but there are one or two lines that didn’t even agree with
Casey’s reading the Acacia chrec ERDs of jesus but the fact that you could be
missing two points out of million I think it’s pretty cool you
know just a one or two piece of one piece was uh Levi says Jesus went to
Greece and part of his travels Casey was asked to Jesus go to Greece he said no I
mean you can’t be any more clear than that
he said no did he or didn’t he what about me being asked I don’t care what
matters to me is if you believe he did let’s talk about what that would have
been like you see I would just look for what can we gain from it rather than
trying to have proof actually because then you’ll go nowhere because something
is always going to cancel something else out and then you go nowhere I would just
say let’s build let’s build on it I’ve taught classes on Aquarian gospel we
read about Greece and I never said a word about Casey
on that and if we were talking about Casey I would tell Kate yeah Casey said
he didn’t go to Greece it depends on what we’re talking about what’s
important in what builds us and brings us closer to God
yes so what’s the question what’s the that you just said so past lives let’s
let’s first let’s cut to the chase on and this is answering her question for
the folks online that didn’t hear it I’m still reiterating it but let’s one thing
let’s cut to the chase on is nothing no matter how great your lifetimes can be
come come anything close to the reality of being
one with God so you can have a stellar life and it’s still nothing close to it
so even even if you could create the best of best lifetimes it’s you’re still
not home there’s the nightmare core negative karma a happy dream positive
karma which is the best you’re going to do here and then there’s beyond that the
oneness with God that’s that’s just to say that and get that out of the way
however there is such a thing as a happy dream which is yes when you are not only
living a better life in consciousness creating a better life then but also the
life times you have have had and choices you have made and are making can create
a better life even today so one of the things we will end up doing is looking
about looking at how not only how it has happened positively but how to change
your future by doing things differently today including harnessing your past
lives and bringing them into today so for example and how could past lives be
relevant there very much so for example if I had a lifetime that I wasn’t aware
of where I was a major major influence on people through the theatre ancient
Greece okay this lifetime I didn’t know about that but this lifetime I find
myself kind of feeling sheepish about excelling you know at work and being
part of the you know executive work that I’m doing they asked me to sometimes do
a talk about what my team is working on and all that and I just have a hard time
with it making sense so far then I go to some psychic fair someone says you were
wow you made so much so much such a difference in people’s lives because you
were an actor what I could do is say to myself oh man I could access that part
of me and now welcome you guys and all of a sudden I know how to speak I know
how to come out the actor knows how to access the part of him that isn’t afraid
and that is what it’s like in the positive sense the path
lives where where you can grab parts confidence that you want set or let’s
pretend even if it was a lesson you learned from a negative I didn’t speak
up I didn’t speak up I didn’t speak up and it kept me and in lifetime’s of crap
well you know what done I could even take a negative and I must turn it into
a positive to become complete when you say it’s an illusion I’m gonna break the
wheel when Jesus went uh Luda said I’m breaking the wheel of karma he didn’t
say and I’ll continue to do ridiculous things and it won’t matter because it’s
an illusion he also taught behave which means to be and have healthy
consciousness which means you would also behave accordingly so to be and have
healthy consciousness so for me it’s going to be like whether it’s positives
that I draw forward or lessons I learned that’s the ultimate for the human
experience is to turn everything into a let it be a positive or turn it into a
positive so that I become nothing but an embodiment of positivity I get I get it
there’s nothing that can happen that that’s outside of me that makes me
powerless well there was this one time I felt powerless yes what did I learn from
that now I’m powerful again because I turned it into something I chose to
learn and it is a choice that’s why choice is an expression of free will
which is our greatest gift of all because then we can say wait a minute
No choose again choose God choose light choose love choose consciousness and we
can do that on a daily basis so lifetime’s you know it isn’t just for
the this is exciting a curiosity only it’s really ultimately going to get back
to just like if you’re doing 12-step work and you’re getting into your
history and clearing your old ways it’s no different whether it’s past ten
minutes ago or ten lifetimes ago and some people could say I don’t believe in
that because I don’t remember any doesn’t mean it isn’t true so you know
you don’t remember several of the days of your life it doesn’t mean you didn’t
exist on those days and then all other people
will say well why isn’t it in the world more why don’t more people believe it or
not more people believe in it then don’t believe in it if you do a poll of the
people on this planet especially since you’d be adding Hindu and Buddhist and
many cultures that believe in it great minds whether it’s Edison Emerson
philosophers you know from ancient times they Plato they understood lifetimes
reincarnation when people say to you reincarnation of the Bible you know my
religion says know your religions were twisted to say no but everybody
understood reincarnation before Christendom it was pretty well
understood everywhere it was accepted everywhere for the most part there was
still some small sects of people that you know didn’t didn’t know didn’t it
would didn’t know for sure but for the most part people on this planet always
understood and believed in reincarnation and reincarnation was consciously voted
out of being included in the Bible and he books then implied reincarnation were
voted out statements about reincarnation were voted out and when that vote took
place a few hundred years after the time of Jesus it was only by one vote so it’s
very interesting when you think about it by one vote I remember Alan Cohen said
you know how do they know that he wasn’t like swatting a Flyers I you know that
you know he made some humors out of it but you know one vote because the the
wave was we’re creating a religion that basically says if people have a chance
to come back and get it right next time what would make them obey us this
lifetime so by saying we’re the church this is a great a great move in terms of
business it’s a great business move you’re basically creating the demand for
the product you’re about to make you know it’s really amazing let’s
create symptoms and then we’ll create a medicine for it just brilliant so the
religion said okay let’s tell them hey it’s not us it’s what the Bible says
well who made the Bible what we did but let’s forget that it’s what the Bible
says this is what the books that we have determined our righteous books there
were thousands to choose from and you ended up with a relative handful of
books and the ones that like the Book of Enoch that spoke of reincarnation was
voted out and some others as well it’s just slips in there but Edgar Cayce
had this one great comment he said I could read that I could read
reincarnation into the Bible and two minutes later you could read it right
back out because a line interpreted a certain way the the most obvious well
one one Old Testament one is job who says why I’m just paraphrasing so
forgive me but job is basically saying why does my life suck and you know and
everybody gives him theories about it and none of them are answering really
answering why did my life fall apart at the very end of the story he asks God
and gods like oh it’s about time you know you asked me instead of your head
trying to figure it all out so he says job here’s the bottom line I
knew you before you were job and that’s a very pretty clear implication before
you were job there were things that you thought said or did and now as job
they’re coming back to you okay that’s an Old Testament example there’s also
the New Testament Jesus himself saying about you know Elijah Jesus is talking
about the prophet Elijah has to come back before the ultimate Messiah and
then they said well then how do we know when he comes he says he has come he was
John now it’s an interesting thing if you ever decide to research that which I
wouldn’t but if you ever decided to research it because even on the internet
when you try to research that there will be blocks you’ll have more thing
on the internet from fundamental Christians telling you how that’s not
reincarnation then things that there are you’re gonna have all kinds of things
pulling you to go and figure out and find that reading that statement there’s
all kinds of sabotage or it just around that one thing and then there’s all
kinds of people that are gonna say what we think he meant it metaphorically you
know you know it was like he was saying you know Elijah did come back you know
in a sort of a way you know he’s kind of like John the Baptist so they really
stretch it when he said it so blatantly and then it says and then the Apostles
realized he was speaking about John the Baptist so it seems very very clear but
like Casey said you read it in somebody will read it right back out but what we
need to understand is if you ever and I wouldn’t say get into disputes work with
people where they’re at and not try to convince them of something for you just
your egos sake but I will say when you’re dealing with reincarnation if
someone were able to listen including ourselves just just to the fact that
reincarnation existed until it was voted out that alone tells me anybody that’s
now saying it doesn’t exist is going off of a post voted out decision it’s biased
that’s like saying which happens all the time bring up chiropractic to enough
people go out and talk chiropractic to ten average people not a holistic people
in Sedona go out and talk to ten average people a good majority of them are still
gonna say I heard they’re quacks now wait that who told us they were quacks
it was printed in the American Medical Association Journal
don’t use chiropractors they’re quacks well maybe they’re right
accepted in a court case judge you know now the federal judge said you guys have
gone out of your way to purposefully SAP and accurate science called chiropractic
and you now owe them zillions of dollars for the damages you’ve done they were
proven you know does that mean we’re now hearing people say doctors are quacks
you see they can get away with it the church has gotten away with it for
so long people go along with it as though it’s true reincarnation is either
a scam or is absolutely an evil so there’s all that so let that pass and
now we just simply understand the wisest souls the Mystics
religions before Christian times and even many religions today still
understand this is real and to the to the Hindu it’s around and around and you
know and you just try to perfect and it’ll be thousands of lifetime’s to the
Buddhists you try to get it right now by waking up and being a better person not
creating more karma but also handling karma and it does negative karma when it
does come your way handling it with grace so that it dissipates because if a
cause created an effect and you didn’t react to the effect it doesn’t become a
new cause you neutralized it done and two mystics it’s going to be very
evident that yes I’ve lived you know I’ve loved men in many lifetimes and I
understand how all this connects so bringing this to more modern times what
is the purpose some people will say but okay fine what if there is reincarnation
I don’t remember okay we talked about them what about the ones in my religion
says no they’re actually just going on something that was a scam that they
bought into at some point and they’re running on that date I mean really that
it’s just they’ve been actually brainwashed in a sense but put that
aside those who just say well I kind of believe but it doesn’t do me any good
because because I don’t remember any that’s fine
let them be but what’s amazing is I’m telling you you are a living record of
yourself and so it it bleeds into figuratively it bleeds into your stature
confidence lack of everything everything about you how
masculine how feminine how neutral how gay how straight how this how that is
very much a bleeding through of my past so a person doesn’t typically go from
just A to Z you know you’re still you your soul says generally the last
several lifetimes I’ve been very confident there’s not a being that says
we’re gonna now drop you off in non-confident and you’re gonna just be
something that you’re not it’s not what’s gonna happen you’re generally
going to be carrying your vibes wherever you go now I’m not saying you’re exactly
the same but generally you’re still there and and it can take a lot of
different forms but I want to explain this piece people will say you know I
really have an affinity to Jesus and I have brown hair hmm and I’ve had people
do this you know like I think I was so and so because there’s people that make
big claims like that all the time I was so and so because I you know and
they put together these pieces sometimes they’re uncanny synchronicities guys
what you have to understand is there’s archetypes as well so just because
you’re really really confident it doesn’t mean you were also the one
being in history that was the most confident ever you see what I’m saying a
lot of us can identify with Mary Magdalene doesn’t mean we were all her
one of us may have been it was me but one of us may have been that a lot of us
identify where their necks confusing I feel such a connection I had to have
been hurt you might have been you might have also been one of her aides
supporters and you felt that much love in connection with her that that’s what
you’re remembering you might also just be archetypal II similar a woman who
wants to come out and be firm and clear and strong and faithful and you know
someone great and I’m not telling you any of its right or wrong it doesn’t
matter I do know that if I put all my eggs in one basket and invest that I am
definitely that one person nobody else is allowed to be I get emotionally
invested it it could deter me a little bit so you know I’ve had psychics I’ve
had all kinds of his students and hey were you this and that I don’t really I
don’t really go there very often what I will tell you though is important is
this whatever you have been you won’t remain identified with that person
usually for your entire life usually if you were so and so there will be a
period of time when you strongly identify with that person you no longer
identify as much doesn’t mean you were wrong and you want weren’t them it could
be that you fulfilled what that character came through to do if I need
my inner confidence then maybe it’s gonna be like a Knights Templar
lifetimes gonna come through next thing I know somebody gave me a Knights
Templar costume for Halloween this year and then I keep movies I can turn on it
and put on anything and it’s all about Knights Templar wait a minute this is
getting freaky and I love those things I love watching how it comes through comes
through comes through comes through you know I think it’s amazing lifetimes and
a psychic saying you know I know Knights Templar you know and it’s I think it’s
fun and funny as long as you understand it and keep it in perspective
it’s not to make me better than anyone or worse than anyone you know it’s about
this is what’s happening to me at this time and here’s one of the other weird
things in a good way weird things about past lives
only do you go through phases of different lifetimes bleeding through see
an example would be when I was in high school and shortly after I was all Asian
like I had those Asian little wicker looking painted things hanging in my
part of my bachelor apartment you know and I had martial arts I was into comfor
and Oh Mike it was just so cool I’d go
places and friends would be I I’m not going with you and your little Chinese
shirt your little double buttoned you know one of them said you look like hawk
sing from Barnet Bonanza you know nobody really good I just was like it’s so into
the Asia it was just like cool pajamas that look like a silk Chinese you know
outfit yeah I was out there so it’s but that’s one lifetime and you think oh it
was a phase of blue phase like a painter you know Asian face no that’s when that
lifetime was most dramatically coming through and probably for good reasons
you needed something there you re experiencing something there and so on
but the trippy part to me is and the people that are in your life at that
time are probably the people you knew when you were Asian even the groups of
people that move in and out those that do move in and out are usually relevant
to the life times that you’re most dramatically living and it’s not usually
just one lifetime of course but there are the more dramatic ones and I asked
you guys when you research when you get readings look for and when you do them
for others look for the most relevant even if if it’s a fear-based thing okay
I’m really struggling I’m supposed to be going through this divorce but I’m
struggling I’m having some you know confidence issues and I’m feeling sad
and you could even have past life stuff relevant stuff right then that’s coming
through this woman went to Edgar Cayce who was he was struggling with divorce
and and all that and she said and I had this dream so my husband in a house and
he was in one room and I was in another but there was an opening between the
rooms and I walked up to the opening and I shut these they were
stores and I shut these French doors what did that mean Casey said you knew
him in a French lifetime and the French doors were on closing the doors on that
French lifetime beautiful now you have to recognize that
same way to listen to life French doors but it was just a dream no no no life is
nothing but a metaphor it’s just all symbolic so when you are going through a
phase of not a dream of a French door but an attraction for light haired
people it might be a Nordic lifetime a time when I felt very insecure could be
a time when I was brought into slavery feelings puns plays on words conceptual
things I’m really into such-and-such at this time or that time all these things
are playing in somehow it’s I think it’s really really magnificent not to get
lost in but to bring it here again I’m gonna say that don’t go get lost in the
past bring the past here and then it’s intriguing because in the moment
everything’s coming to the moment and I’m saying are you relevant or not now
and I keep everything in the now that’s how you stay out of getting caught up in
the past or the future bring it to the now how is this relevant or there’s a
saying how does it grow corn there’s you know some people use that phrase it’s
how is this relevant where does the rubber meet the road and in other
lifetimes you know I’ve done many past life things with people but I don’t I
don’t just say well today is going to be a past life reading a Kasich record or
whatever to me the Acacia creds are everything and everywhere so when I sit
with you I may not even mention that I’m doing anything related related to the
Kasich records because everything I’m saying is gonna be tied into it anyway
I’m not saying I’m special I’m just saying that’s the way my brain happens
to work my consciousness works I I don’t imagine sitting going
let me give some sort of limited perspective of a limited situation
that’s not how my consciousness would work as soon as someone asks something
my consciousness is already saying I want to answer the best answer I can
give which then has allowed me to then tap into that it’s never been a linear
thing it’s not like I have the keys a special key set of keys it’s really in
tension the truth is when you love people love is heart centered and the
Acacia chrec ERDs are metaphorically housed in your heart center
metaphorically say in every cell but metaphorically it’s here when you love
you are automatically tapping into the Acacia chrec ERDs
you can’t not tap into the Acacia chrec ERDs when you love because love is
oneness one this would mean how could I not know so here come answers and and
and it could be as a counselor psychotherapist you could be and you
could still be tapping into sort of higher answers you could be a an actor
who’s able to move into characters more dramatically and more effectively for
audiences believe it or not you might be tapping the Acacia chrec ERDs there was
a I won’t go into the details of it but back in the early film days one of the
most famous monsters the Frankenstein you know those kind of movies when
people got freaked watching those kinds of things at least one particular actor
who was who became just renowned for embodying the creature so thoroughly how
did he do it he actually had somebody come in do
hypnosis on him to help him access creepy parts of himself so he became the
the monster you see and that’s what actors really are doing they’re
accessing parts of themselves if that’s nowhere in there that they can reach see
feel the it’ll look contrived but when they’re really impressing you allow they
really took on that role there they they accomplished something but what it is in
a word is imagine nation your imagination helps you tap
the Acacia chrec ERDs more than your intellect could ever when you say I’m
going to imagine what it would be like to be a Native American living on the
land your Akashic records are going to start opening to that topic and giving
you insights what it would feel like it starts downloading or uploading however
you want to call it but you know it starts downloading into your being and
you start playing that when an artist is painting something look at all singers
you listen to Creedence Clearwater he’s singing you the value and all you never
lived anywhere near a bayou or even a pond but in an interview once John
Fogerty said I don’t know what it was but there was something that would come
to me like what it was like he was clearly remembering he didn’t just
intellectually like study life on the bayou and sing about life in that
circumstance he felt it with his imagination and then his feelings so
your imagination is a big part of how you tap the Acacia crackers which sounds
counterproductive because then you’re thinking you mean you just imagined
false stuff no but it means you imagine anything and real stuff starts to emerge
and a painter if a painter says I’m channeling the Acacia crackers and they
paint Jesus and it’s been done they paint them looking very middle-eastern
dark skin dark hair dark eyes which is inaccurate historically but if they said
to me i sat I got quiet and I felt his presence and I painted I’m good with
that I’m not going to correct them why
because that’s they’re just like Levi’s and Casey’s comment about that book
that’s true for them therefore it is true why would you factually try to
prove them wrong if it’s really right for them in here I don’t I don’t need to
be the one doing that so you know you you do your best if you’re reading for
yourself or others you do your best to bring things through you
know that you’re a filter you have filters there are people that are gonna
filter and say I’m doing an acacia cracker reading yes wait I’m checking
yep Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene somebody also agreed and say nope he
wasn’t what do you do with that no and you know people have said you know
Michael your vibration and you’re into Christ consciousness were you Jesus it’s
like sometimes use common sense that would be like a downgrade for him to
come back as it’s just a human who’s part of this scenario here you know no
self offense on my on me but I’m just saying use common sense to you know just
because you liked the Revolutionary War doesn’t mean you were George Washington
you know you might have even been one of the British you know so don’t don’t
overthink things and don’t make things be just because you’re you know ego
wants them to be I want to be a really grand character it’s it’s really not
gonna matter at the end of it all at the end of any lifetime what you did with it
is what matters not who you were there’s people that have been the grandest
leaders in the world that were total screw-ups and there were humble people
slaves to those individuals who were stellar beings which one would you
rather be and you should only be saying the second of the two but we all know
that when someone says I had a reading and I was somebody amazing it everybody
leans forward because it’s exciting to hear all the cool stuff nobody was ever
the garbage collector you know in any civilization I just picked up trash you
know I ran the bone pile down at the end of the you know dirt road you know and
so what matters is what you do with these things this lifetime or any
lifetime but watch for patterns bring forth lessons of if you had negative
experiences bring forth the lessons and own them and be a better person and
bring forth the gifts if you are a painter you didn’t paint just one
lifetime I’m not saying you’re a perfect painter
what’s because what made that time happen you nurture these things and
anything that you nurtured became more and you nurtured it more became more and
so on some things you abstain from her feel no talent with doesn’t mean you
weren’t those things sometimes you misused something got your hand slapped
and said never again I’m never touching paints again I was painting once a child
of mine fell in a well and drowned I can’t even look at art now today you
walk down the street oh I hate art you don’t just anything you need to learn
why if something’s dramatically positive or negative it’s always enlightening to
understand why does that mean you have to remember the details of the lifetime
maybe maybe not what’s important is the theme of the lifetime it’s helpful for
you and I understand I have this just total repulsion when it comes to art
it’s I’m not talented or I’m disinterested or whatever it is I even
get visceral reactions I don’t like art do you think it is part of your higher
good to just remain ignorant as to this this thing that looks like it grips you
I don’t care even if it’s somebody you’re attracted to
nothing supposed to grip you there is nothing to grip you’re everything so why
does it seem like something has power over me for good or ill track it and it
you may not remember the facts details but you should at least start becoming
aware of the themes like I start tracking it and realize wait a minute
wow you’re right there is something there and I’ve always felt this way
coincidentally you know because because what the superstitious or what some
fundamental people might say is God just created you hating art and you just have
to accept that no it doesn’t work that way God didn’t look at you and create a
little mold did you and go we’re gonna take out art I changed my mind
you have no fashion sense and so forth off you go you know that’s it’s not at
all how these things happen it’s we were perfect beings we gradually
descended into doubt about ourselves because we separated from holiness we
started taking it out on each other and it started collectively bringing on this
guilts and shames and Karma’s and then they become illnesses some illnesses you
have or because of things you collectively do in this lifetime
cumulatively certain diet you have or didn’t have sometimes you slip and fall
on you you you you bruise to your hip or something and you it’s because you
slipped and fell in it maybe it’s just a lesson of pay attention where you’re at
that some things are ailments that were started in other lifetimes do you think
you’re supposed to be a victim ever of any kind no so what’s gonna happen is
for me to start owning my nothing by chance
everything playing its part everything’s a cause and in effect even if I slipped
and hurt my hip and it was about get grounded there’s still a cause in in
effect I’m not being grounded it’s set into a motion and effect BAM
get you know show up got it and then I’m good to go
but there are elements you know lifetimes and someone can come to me and
say okay I’ve got this pain in one part of my body I was told by a psychic it
was from another lifetime even if I check and say I can see it that’s what
it is even if we get it guys if a person’s had something a pattern
painting non painting paying non-paying if they’ve had something for lifetimes
you can bet your butt that their soul is somewhat attached to that you can’t just
go it’s not like you know tag you’re it it’s not like as soon as you see it it’s
dissipated you know it’s hide-and-seek or something
it’s like hide-and-seek in the sense that these things hide but just because
you see it doesn’t mean it goes away you sometimes have to let layers of stuff go
with it like when I started an hour-plus ago one a comment I made it’s like
there’s a part of us that thinks if I don’t pay up it’s irresponsible
I need to have this illness to the end of this lifetime how do you know that
well a psychic said that’s what my a case York record said and even if I said
okay yeah let me check yep I see the records yep it says you’re supposed to
be in pain with this illness till you die because that clears your record
that’s not God’s reality so can we create a miracle let’s say that I can
and I go gone if that person is afraid to let it go it’s not gonna go and of
course in miracles a book on miracles tells you that if a
miracle would incite fear in someone it will run away it will because God would
never want to cause you harm including fear so even a miracle of healing will
step aside and guys that you’re not bad for that Helen who wrote A Course in
Miracles died painfully of cancer her you know three out of four of the major
editors of A Course in Miracles died of you know pretty you know harsh body
diseases it kind of makes you think it’s like the Ark of the Covenant or
something anybody that was around the channeling of that book has fried you
know radiation effects and you know but the bottom line is all of them died at
peace they really did all of them died at peace some more even more than others
but they really can to be in that state of consciousness something was right but
they still Helen especially wouldn’t let go of her fears and the stuff that
caused her illness now on this side she’s hearing Jesus saying you don’t
have to actually go through this painful thing on the other side Jesus is going
and it doesn’t matter because in a few minutes you’re gonna get it so does your
out of your body you’re gonna go oh geez I can’t believe I fell for that you know
it’s all gonna be okay so so past lives yeah it’s I think it’s fun I think it’s
intriguing I know that for me I remember you know I didn’t I didn’t get born like
some mystic some people wonder you Wow you born like holy you know or something
because you’re a spiritual teacher no scared and not understanding things and
the things I did know were not encouraged so no it didn’t go stellar
you know it’s not like I had some holy family around me instead challenged but
past lives were still leaking through they were I say leaking meaning
sometimes you’re conscious of something and sometimes it just leaks through
without you consciously being aware of it but I remember when I was little I
don’t that I don’t remember so little I remember you know my dad telling me the
years later he said you know you’ve always been weird but even when you were
little I remember you coming up to me saying
daddy make them call me it was a historic character I was them making
them call me that instead of these other names you know I was trying to get my
parents to get everybody to address me by another name that I had in another
lifetime and then I remember when I was probably six I couldn’t resist I saw my
father’s scuba diving outfit and that includes your wetsuit right
but scuba diving also often included a headpiece that you pulled over it had a
cutout face here and the rubber mat that went around and it all went to about
here and I was like this is the Knights Templar for me so you couldn’t get me
out of that thing and what can a Southern California man it was hot and I
still had that thing on walking around I was totally there and and then and that
was around around six ish give or take a year and around the same time around
seven I remember on our way to school I had these ideas I had from seven until
probably twelve asure somewhere in there very clear vivid memories of certain
battles that I won’t explain details of the battles and I remember talking kids
into before school let’s meet before school and let’s
reenact battles I mean I was just a kid I would remember the battles and I we
would I would say okay there’s that team over there and there’s this over here
now here’s what they’re gonna do I would predict what they were gonna do on their
site they were going to come up the ranks over here they’re gonna pull up
over there and they’re gonna try to do this and using military kind of
terminology it was all clear to me you know it was just and I would just
stand watching I’m a kid but I would stand proudly watching it unfold because
I knew everybody that’s gonna do here’s what they’re gonna do be ready and you
guys just surprise attack over because I knew what was gonna happen
so these things were just leaking through and I thought it was funny then
and now but then I went to like one time I ran into a guy from from elementary
school and I said man have you been you know gods all this time and he said oh
yeah you know great he said man I haven’t seen you in all these years I
mean this is a Cott guy I knew it in like fifth grade fourth grade and you
know here is just like 10 years ago or whatever and he’s like you know yeah
yeah so I said so what do you do he said well I’ll have to explain that I said
well what what do you do you know and he said well you remember used to always
try to get all the kids to re-enact certain battle scenes and I said yeah he
said I used to be like dude you got something wrong with you you know as a
kid I was like why do you keep wanting to do this he said don’t you remember
you were there as he said that’s what I used to tell him he goes well I’m a
historian on that topic now so so it’s it’s beautiful and if you have children
they’re gonna leak comments about life times and strange synchronicities and
some parents go oh you must have had a dream and it’s it’s strange you know the
great George Patton in the Second World War you may not be into war but I hope
you’re grateful that we stopped Nazi Germany from taking over more of the
world because they took over a lot of it right and and one of the reasons that
happened is because George Patton was saying he would go into battle
they were trying to stop him because he was the primary forced to take Germany
and they were trying to stop him the Nazis obviously accept patent claimed
that he said we’re just doing the battles over that we did back in Spartan
days so he was able to know where the Nazis were gonna try to counter-attack
because he said we’ve already done this they’re just doing the same generals
there were the leaders of ancient Greece and Spartans oh they’re just doing the
same tactics so he would stand on the battlefield going
I got your number man cuz he would be talking past lines some people think
that like many our generals that became presidents especially in those days some
people do theorize that they assassinated Patton before he could come
back and be put into presidency because how would that have gone well yeah the
battles are won because we’re past lives and you know that would have been just a
little too freaky so they thought he was a little out there in in lots of
different ways so it’s there and so as we’re gonna start coming to a close one
thing I would really like folks to understand is it’s always talking
through you it always is an ailment I remember once in the 90s I was living in
the northwest and shoveling some snow and I remember from a tree a bunch of a
bunch of powder snow came down over me right you feel this like huh you know
cold instantly I remembered that’s how I died in one lifetime and I remember – oh
wow and that’s a little creepy in a way but it was fine too because it’s just
things kind of coming together so it’s always coming through you go and meet
somebody and you go wow I met somebody and you know I got this pitter patter in
my heart and I knew that was the one and then you married them and they almost
killed you and then you divorced them and you ran away and said I don’t
understand why did I have no that was your heart actually seizing with fear
and you thought it was some sort of you know romantic pitter-patter you meet
people and you don’t always interpret correctly what you’re seeing you have a
feeling of I know this person like I had a friend who said yeah I met this guy
and you know neither of us even believed or knew about reincarnation but we said
you know if that does exist this would apply because I feel like this Cyril II
feel like I know you and they were like I know you two didn’t go well as a
relationship but what they did was partied a lot and when this gal asked me
what was this lifetime I said Roman you guys were Romans and it
wasn’t nice it wasn’t sweet spiritual it was kind of gross and this gal says well
that would pretty much describe my relationship with this person very
shallow very base and so on so these things are bleeding through so so I’m
saying on so many levels here I could go on on this topic alone but when you meet
someone and you meet them at an art class and it’s it’s not an accident it’s
probably someone you’ve known in art circles you met somebody on a
battlefield you’ve probably done battle with those people before you follow in
your platoon or you know in some military circles or whatever and
sometimes when you have a you’re on a soccer team a baseball team sometimes
those are guys you’ve actually done battle with because it’s teamwork again
just a slightly different form it’s not always literal slightly different form
if you ever oh this is a good one we’ll get into this in the course but puns and
and comments when someone says you know you act like you own me if that ever
slips out I would pause and I would take some time to think about that you act
like you own me it doesn’t mean it lived that they literally did but it’s a
possibility could also be just a theme that you have been owned and you’re
sensitive to any feelings like that they didn’t even do that literally but
sometimes it is that they’ve done those things when when you have a child that
acts like your parent you know they often were you know and
there’s times when we have felt attracted to someone and whether we were
going to or whether we did share intimacy with them sometimes there’s
this feeling of there’s something not right about this and sometimes that’s
because it’s an old sibling relationship and it just doesn’t feel right this is
not good or bad it’s just it it’s not it’s not what you are to them that you
remember them to be but you interpreted it that way because there was an
attraction and then the ego head says a well attraction must mean romantic you
learn to kind of step back and just watch things and you realize each
person’s playing their little part Jesus attracts his apostles don’t you think he
knew from the get-go nice to have you guys with me betrayer
um and you know he knew who was gonna do what the difference is first he was
aware of it and that’s what I’m asking us to learn to do be awake be aware
don’t just get into superstitions of past lives let it become a tool to help
you become aware and conscious and responsible for your life furthermore he
not only was aware of who it was he understood we’re going to use that to
our advantage so the person in your life that pushes your buttons and makes you
feel like you don’t have a voice help them let them teach you to find that
voice I’m not saying marry them I’m saying get it fulfill the Karma so that
you don’t need to like what he says to Judas go do what you’re gonna do it’s
kind of like saying this is what you’re gonna do anyway I’m just gonna let it
play out in something but I’m open to you see so it’s it’s you don’t want to
hate them and say if only you Judas wouldn’t betray me I would have had a
better rest of my life it’s okay so I’m not saying it’s nice that you’ve had
people that have been cruel or narrow or whatever in your life but I am saying
that we can extract something from it and be able to say I don’t need
that again so practice being awake practice like God is a kid seeing you
know those battle scenes it’s not because battles go to bed it’s it was
just a fact that I could see it so clearly I’ve also had times where you
know someone I cared about was getting into a relationship with someone else
and I saw the whole thing who they were what archetypes they were playing out
what roles if I tried to tell this person it would look like I was biased
so they weren’t going to hear me so I was really in a dark period because I’m
like damned if I do and damned if I don’t if I don’t say anything we’re done
if I do say something we’re done so it was like what just I kind of I have to
choose now how can I be at the most peace while this plays out do I force
myself to say you know how far in that you’re gonna run into that – you’re
gonna see that a child of yours could be downloading their own lessons but their
past lives in a way that could be harmful to them what do you do lock them
in the room – for the rest of their life so it doesn’t happen you have to decide
that but you do have to figure out what you can do with the most piece but think
about that because past lives are there for us to see if you’re going to study
past lives or any other topic it’s always gonna be about the greater good
that you can bring into this topic into your life and in life of others so you
know that was a major test and a major lesson for me and I’ve seen things like
that even sense patterns but remember you’re not always literally manifesting
events it’s not always that every person that let’s say has been bad-mouthing you
did that in the past life literally there’s also an archetypal pattern of
being betrayed or spoken ill about and they could just be stepping in right now
playing that role okay doesn’t always mean they did that in some other
lifetime so for me I’m pretty clear about when I feel like
that is something I was or did or went through versus this is an archetype do
you think there’s a difference not really in that in time there is but I’m
still supposed to learn whether it’s just a pattern an archetype a literal
event or whatever and I must never hate those who play those roles the truth of
the matter is in all honesty in my heart of hearts if I could snap my finger and
release you from that role I would so I’m not I’m not gonna stick you in that
I won’t keep you in that role I hate you for that role which would keep you stuck
in it potentially but also buying me to it instead love and compassion would
release anyone from any kind of role no matter what they’ve done because then
they wouldn’t be doing that again and chances are I wouldn’t be dragged back
to it again so to me the law of grace doesn’t exclude the fact of
reincarnation it’s another option in fact your reincarnation ZAR going to
come through your your past lives are going to leak into your life you can’t
say well no I believe in grace so that’s not allowed anymore they’re going to
leak in until you bless them gone you know just some carte blanche kind of
well now that I read the word grace in the dictionary all my lifetimes are
clear no Buddha explained you stop feeding the wheel but you also have to
neutralize the things that have all been set into motion already so yes be a
nicer person but dang DIF it isn’t going to happen he says stuff from the past
that already exists has to come to the surface to be clear and Jesus explains
that in his own ways as well his own lifetime Jesus himself
he’s hung outside of the city gates of Jerusalem that in a previous lifetime he
was a warrior that sacked Jerusalem and killed
you know all these people and hung the King outside of the gates of Jerusalem
so what happened to him was actually a fulfillment of fulfillment of things
that he had set into motion in another life it sounds totally sacrilegious I’m
sure for some people wait Jesus was in another life and he did
something yep if he wasn’t then how could you ever use him as a model if all
he ever was was holy descended down from the heavens never experienced anything
on earth and was perfect and said why can’t you people do that then you could
say well because you decided perfect you know instead we can say you lost
and remember didn’t you yes I did and now it’s your turn
so to me it’s it’s a very beautiful canvas and tap you know just a portrayal
of everything the past lives fit in and it’s a wonderful painting to really
observe there’s there’s some and all as they’re called and I wish more artists
would consider tapping into these but if ever there’s an artist who’s also
psychic then you could learn to start channeling soul mandalas which would
mean images so if I’m doing one for this person here I start symbols trees
continents images face images memories of their lifetimes they’re most
predominant relevant ones in this life will start leaking through bleeding
through and I will start in picking up those impressions putting them on canvas
and I have your soul mandala there’s you you were a Native American and you were
this it’s really kind of cool you know to be able to go it’s kind of like a
summary of my painting of a summary of myself it’s just it’s really really cool
but not everybody knows about that but even those that might think that’s
intriguing may not have the skills really took and maybe confidence to
paint and Intuit images but everything about you is it’s bleeding through you
think no no it’s genetics my nose my eyes my
skintone whatever it is it’s all genetic even if
you do think it’s genetic your genetics still matched your records you don’t
have your mom’s eyes your father’s nose or vice versa this is a you have yours
you might have used them to get that type a Mediterranean look a Nordic look
a Native American that’s yeah true but people really underestimate that how
much their looks are picked up from some other lifetime something about you very
very often and and it’s so true that when we do exercises in some of my
classes were asked people to take turns looking and at people what you can do is
you can look at someone the way you would looking at an aura you can look at
someone and let your eyes blur prayerfully ask to see the most relevant
lifetimes and then what you do is you can just look at them as they are their
face and then just kind of let it blur and start asking like hypothetically its
imagination hypothetically if that person if I if I knew them in the past
what would they have looked like or if there’s relevant lifetimes affecting
them today what would those be would they and then ask would they be
male watch changes female what skin color facial hair beard no headdress you
play with bringing in these ideas and all of a sudden some things you’re gonna
go whoa and it starts showing up if you don’t trust your imagination in the
positive not to make things up but just creativity and imagination
if you won’t trust that a little you’ll have a harder time doing it I always say
you have to risk being wrong to be right so don’t get into the what if I’m wrong
just try it out and the worst thing that could happen is this you know I saw you
looking like a samurai I mean this is weird I because you’re clearly
your nine-foot tall blonde male in a female
and yet I’m seeing you as a male Samurai you know there’s nothing intellectually
you could it would make sense you’re like this got to be crazy
and then you wait often when you practice that and allow things to come
through you’ll be surprised to see this tall
blond female going i I used to have dreams when I was little that I was this
Asian samurai I even bought a samurai you know outfit and wore it for
Halloween last year you know things like Asian foods my favorite and and you know
you start to go wow now you’re not supposed to be all proud it
egotistically about it but you should be able to go this works this is real yes
we can tap into these things but it also means it’s always coming through you can
read faces that’s one form of physiognomies or a reading of faces
phrenology the bumps on the head palmistry the lines in the hand
everything it’s all bleeding through even the stars you were born in and in
your natal chart they’re there at the perfect setting for your particular soul
contract this time everything really is perfect set up perfectly and people just
so easily underestimate it and forget it but you know to imagine the way I am as
a kid things that we’re leaking through and further in my age and then Asian
lifetime and people you know there’s one name that people more than any other
name one name that people accidentally refer to me as like that’s another one
to watch for if your name’s Betty and everybody calls you you know Mary Ann
but it happens again and again and again and again you have to be able to go hmm
is it possible and you might track it down by saying so let’s hypothetically
say a female Mary Ann and how could I hone in on when that might have been
well first I could use Tremont dream study I could use
psychics to support but I could also just ask myself in my imagination where
could I imagine knowing most of the people that use that name on me you know
coincidentally most of them that call me Marianne or females or mostly they’re
Asian or mostly they’re this or that you know family members non family members
what might that be it’s just a trip how how beautifully these things can go and
you just explore you never get caught up in but you explore and bring it to the
now and when you do that you go wow you know so if people use this name for me
what am I going to do about it well if if one out of every five people I meet
calls me Adolf I might want to say okay I probably need to make some changes in
my life and you know in case I have any anti-semitic kinds of things going on
look at those you know I mean I make fun of it but if people are calling me I
might want to look at what that means if they all call me something that has to
do with important leadership let’s pretend like George Washington everybody
says you’re George Washington then I might say to myself you know if I was
and I’m running a business or a church or a household how can I bring that
leadership into that situation and it changes me it really does okay it’s kind
of like exploring any other mythological study where you access goddess and God
archetypes and bring their great qualities to you and heal the unhealthy
qualities they may have had too much this better watch that and you know just
like in astrology you’re a certain sign you know it’s and it’s very much like
that past lives just like astrology if I say you know well I drink a lot you know
yeah I just tend to drink a lot and then somebody says to me do you know you’re a
Pisces right yes do you know that Pisces often do drink a lot I Michael I would
go and I would want to do something about
that I would never want a memory a thought to pass life an archetype and
astrology anything to hold me especially on a negative in a negative form I would
use that as an awakened like well you’re kidding me Pisces that’s common really
I’m after it I’m all over I’m working on that I would that’s what I would do and
if you told me that a certain sign is very very intuitive and I’ve been
holding back that in myself I would look at it as license to or or permission to
come out and explore okay so past lives to me are a very healing experience what
we’re gonna do in our past life course now just start bringing to a close so
we’re first of all going to study in these few weeks you know you’re gonna
get a lot in a few weeks if you decide to join us it’ll just be a lot more
extensive and a lot less expensive than most things groups you could study with
typically we start courses not always but typically prayer opening comments
from the previous studies or weeks we’ve been working if people have sent in
because if you sign up for the course you’re given admission to a website if
you choose to and make comments with one another so we might sometimes read
feedback from that there’s then spontaneous sharing like I’m doing now
then let’s see there’s the interactive parts so that’s where you folks can ask
questions as we go along absolutely encouraged you know definitely hone in
what you’re asking so that it’s kind of simple as much as possible I’ll try to
repeat it to people watching online can know I’ll try to repeat your questions
sometimes as part of my answer other times directly if I can so that
everybody is on the same page but but it is open and by all means and you’re
encouraged to share especially though online as the group you are everybody
has access to that group online if you choose to and I love when that’s
happening cuz you might go well yeah but mine’s no
big deal I just I happen to have a dream last night about a past life and I don’t
think anybody else is interested you have no idea because someone else had a
dream doubted that it was relevant when you wrote I had a dream and it was after
I was thinking about this one lifetime where this might have come from and then
this dream that I was and it all comes clear someone else is gonna go thank you
so your sharing is educational on so many levels and I did mention by the way
things like health issues I don’t want you to say blame your DNA blame your
race blame your past life but that’s not what I’m into but I am into epiphanies
and ojas and Edgar Cayce called them scars of the soul because in his
readings he would say well this person has a little bit of this and they should
just take more of this food and it’ll help them this other person probably
needs a poultice this other person needs a castor oil pack this person needs to
exercise in a particular form that’s how he did his health readings but once in
every so many readings he would say this is from another lifetime and that opened
up a whole can of worms that’s the first time Edgar Cayce was doing his readings
he didn’t know about reincarnation all this was coming to him at the time and
one time he did a health reading and he loved helping people with those and one
reading said this is from another lifetime when that was over he came out
of his trance and everybody’s sitting around like this is old school people
and they’re all looking around like he’s like what it’s bad you said past lives
past lives like this was foreign to these people 80 years ago and but it was
true and he that reading said scars of the soul so that’s when you ran through
someone through with a spear and in the heart and you have a heart condition
this lifetime you know you did such-and-such physically a lot of times
it has to do with physical harms you cause you know sometimes I have been in
shock and now I have fears of being controlled
and that could be literally phobias about you know I was going to do a magic
act of breaking out of some handcuffs and I had a panic attack when they put
me in that’s a visceral kind of reaction but sometimes it’s more metaphoric
sometimes it’s like well I was enslaved and I was in shackles and now I won’t
work for anybody else see that’s metaphor it’s not a literal
it’s a behavioral or an emotional kind of thing so scars of the soul some of
those very specific things that have happened sometimes it’s this life and
sometimes it’s other things that have carried over can you know which one I
believe the answer is you don’t have to know anything
you are already okay does it help to know these things in the illusion of
life yes in reality none of this is even happening you’re fine
but in the illusion of life insights are good they’re these kind of epiphanies
for me especially they’re just ohm like oh yeah you know
it’s always expensive to me I’ve never let a lifetime that I can think of cause
me contraction oh now I can never do such-and-such because of that lifetime I
never felt that way but if you can remember this is about expansion mind
expansion then it’ll make a lot of sense and you bring a lot of pieces in the
things you’ve already done guys it’s not an accident
your beauty specialist and you know cosmetologist beautician with you
probably have done some things like this could have been anything from being the
servant of royalty and taking care of them to being someone who is a healer
now you’re it’s taking the form of cosmo cosmetologist women before it was a
healer that more and more you guys are going to enjoy how funny and fun this is
because you’re gonna just realize it was there all the time the kid that kept
treating you like they were your parent you’re like oh my god you know and and
they have to get over it you know look you were my mother before you’re not now
like you know it’s okay for you to help others with those epiphanies you were
afraid of such-and-such then because of its okay let that peace go and there are
so many just heartwarming stories about you know I remember this one woman had
these two kids one was a newborn and you know I remember one of them this woman
she had her her one child went into the crib room with the baby and she could
hear the child talking to the baby on the intercom and the child was saying to
its younger sibling can you tell me about God because I’m starting to forget
and that was like wow right and this other time this this um
this kid was complaining to her mom to his mom you know about the other child
that came into their life you know but I don’t like that you know I don’t like
this I don’t you know and the mom tried to hit them with some spiritual wisdom
and said well you know you were fine before you know why are you having a
problem now and the kid just blurts one of those instantaneous things I would
that’s before I knew they were coming you know it’s like there’s sometimes
these ideas like I didn’t know that was part of the plan and this kid leaks
these words out that when I was told that I was coming I was only told this
much and then this this plan changed from what I was told
at the time you know so these kids will slip these things out but it isn’t just
kids when you said to a friend of yours you know this this relationship is
smothering me it could have happened this job is killing me something like
that maybe just learning and sometimes it’s telling all those kinds of you know
this is this is just breaking my back you know these things may have happened
how is it helpful now see through it and maybe let that go when you let that job
go you’re bringing closure to a lifetime think about that you’re bringing closure
to have that lady with the French doors it’s a great one
but everybody on in this program and on this planet everybody in this program
has had that happen you have you know cut the chains that bound you one time
you took a chain that some person bought you who you know as a love kind of a
romantic gesture and when the relationship ended you cut it and threw
it away you don’t know why you’ve cut it it could have been I’m done with this
you know pattern I’m done with this thing whatever it happens to be
sometimes people have given gifts to you and you to them that are telling like
remember one girl got this this gift from a boyfriend that was so obviously
gross because of it implying his control over her to him it was just like oh
we’re just into cool things and I was like wow you know just not really great
so gifts you’ve given and received it could be a t-shirt that says
such-and-such who knows but there’s often something there that you don’t see
because people don’t know to watch and listen it’s all got it’s so amazing to
me it’s one probably the most amazing thing out of the whole topic to me is
how connected everything is your comment you know
oh I mean laughs he bought me a choker you know like you know and that could be cute it
could be it could be it could be cute but it might it might you know oh you
know we we really had a great sexy time last night they brought over handcuffs
that could be weird in all kinds of ways it could be fun and sexy if that’s what
you’re into but it could also be I wonder if it’s something else
I wonder if that’s something in here that they’re feeling and remembering the
way you dress eat certain colors and non colors you might wear all black because
you were a nun you might wear all black because you’re a witch you might wear
this color because of this you might wear this color because of that you
might wear it because it’s the opposite you might like right because you were a
nun you might like it we’ll like white because you were once an angel and you
remember being an angel it’s just you know I can look at people and just see
it I can just see you I go yep Wiccan past life there this in there you know
that you know I can I can just look at people and it’s so easily can download
to me oh yeah there’s samurai there Oh Knights Templar
it’s just very easy but I’m seeing it feeling it hearing it thinking it
knowing it it kind of comes to me in all kinds of forms and in any form it could
be one word out of your mouth and it all starts downloading to me and that’s how
it can happen for anybody we can all know everything at anytime
barring you know we have our filters too so just it’s all there and your children
if you have children or exes you know guys just sit with it and it’ll give you
a new dimension of understanding relationships with your exes even if
they ended and they weren’t really great to be able to say I could see where that
one you know a lady asked Edgar Cayce have I known my husband in another
lifetime he said yes he owned you doesn’t he act like it
that’s what that’s what he channeled in his wisdom of words out his mouth
yes he owned you doesn’t he act like it and it’s like and and if you think about
it that’s a brilliant accurate answer he gave her I’m saying to you the words
actually can give these things away your feelings can give them away the obvious
you know the just the these obvious things I lived on a boat for 20 years of
my life probably not a coincidence boating she had a boating accident
Munson her thing of water is lifetimes old so your love of water your love of
adventure your love lack of love for water you a homebody all these things
none of it by accident or coincidence that’s how we started two hours ago and
that’s will sort of ended I thank you guys for your time if you have closing
questions let’s do a couple quickly we’re gonna do some journey work in the
class thank you for asking we’re going to do some journey work
somewhere in there I never know because it’ll just kind of I just do the classes
as they happen but I know we’ll do some journey work especially since I just
told you we were going to do that now I have to but we’re also going to do some
great exercises that are gonna blow your mind
because of it’ll bring so many of the obvious pieces to you all thanks for
asking yes okay yeah right these synchronicities you’re thinking of
signing up for the course you get the announcement about it and on your watch
it’s the exact dollar amount that you’re gonna yeah it’s beautiful it’s beautiful
yeah and just like synchronicities to me not to obsess on lifetimes or
synchronicities but when you’re in the zone it’s very very affirming it’s very
cold to go click click click things clicking into place yes one more yes yes and yes because there are
several things you asked at one in different ways so the only real time
would be now because it’s the only one happening right now the past is gone the
future is not yet but in the illusion of linear time the past has happened
therefore their archaic ASIC records would say that they’re mostly but not
even those are entirely locked in even those are mutable and I’ve had really
bizarre experiences with past things that I know happened one way but when I
went back I experienced a shift in him when I came back to the present they
were different yeah you changed the past in the present like
almost like leaping time and I’ve had that happen and I’ll tell you how else
that happens when when the historians say actually absolutely factually here’s
what happened at the Alamo just as an example and then actually no it happened
this way how do you know you’re someone or someone’s hasn’t gone and changed
what happened it can happen and it does happen and then the history books end up
changing so there’s the past that can morph but it’s a little a little more
seemingly solid nothing solid in an illusion but seemingly solid the future
because it seems like it hasn’t happened yet seems more arbitrary a little more
mutable and neither of those is happening right now one has and one
hasn’t yet therefore the truth is only now that now is the closest you can know
to real the real time especially though since you can change the past or the
future right now so it’s kind of pop this is the powerful moment right here
and now so does that kind of answer that and so how far we go into things like
that and how deep to be able to jump this way in that way
the long story short in the journey work that will do like shamanistic work is
going to include how to do journey work back here change patterns that were set
into set into motion here which will change today likely then it’ll change
tomorrow but also working on events now and lastly dreaming the world into being
it’s called which is to say I’m going to effect tomorrow the proverbial tomorrow
with doing some work a different work today and that’s really beautiful
because that means all of a sudden I’m seeing myself I go and I see myself I
can see it in my journey work I see like I meant to paint and I unleash that
talent in my journey work and I even allow the future to start already
accepting it it’s on its way my art is coming to you like I’m downloading it
into the future and the future now has been given permission to accept it so
there’s a lot of that where you can say you know like like Abraham’s wife as old
as I am I’m gonna have a child and it’s put into the matrix and it doesn’t
matter how old she is it’s made a miracle because someone changed
something here experienced a miracle and then now and then something wonderful
happens and she had to wait a period of time because that means all that would
have been already kind of matrix wise locked in you know that probabilities
were already set someone had to change that God in their faith Abraham and his
wife their faith that changes but there’s so much that was kind of already
threaded as a likely future that had to all get changed which is one reason she
had to wait for several years and sometimes we’re like well where’s my
miracle sometimes a lot of work is being done under you’re behind the scenes to
bring your miracle especially if it’s phenomenal if I’ve got patterns and
patterns and patterns of poverty and then this lifetime something shifts and
I’m gonna win the lottery this beings going on man we’re gonna
have to now go into your dream mind your subconscious you’re you know all this to
get your self today to shift into accepting prosperity tomorrow lottery
okay we’re hearing it we’re gonna go and work that but they’re gonna have to go
and deal with patterns and fears undeserved bilities or also stole
somebody’s treasure chest once in a Middle Ages lifetime and Carmen all this
stuff has to be released and god only knows because if I’ve really done
something and it was going to get worked out over three lifetimes but a miracles
happening today and now my good is gonna come to me now instead of in three
lifetimes that would sometimes mean all the helpers on the other side are going
to go and get the person you’ve offended to cause the three lifetime wait karma
thing you know to come into your life today and manifest as a pain in the butt
or whatever they’re gonna manifest as for you to clear it and if you don’t
they’re gonna say well we’ll just be putting everything back the way it was
already planned that’s kind of amusing linear examples but it is like that if
you want things to speed up you have to speed up and speeding up according to
the illusion sometimes means pieces of the past brought in for healing and
clearing and then it’s done but you you know you got to be rise up and be the
better person so I want to thank everybody for their
time and blessings to you all I pray that we’ve covered it seems like a lot
of variety of things but but I pray it’s it’s really sinking in and and bringing
things together and do what you can join us it’s gonna be phenomenal and it’s
only a few weeks of your time all right god bless we’ll see you guys okay

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