what’s up everybody welcome back to
another DIY video this is gonna be a little bit different from our normal
vlogs kind of like the last one we did and this time we were building a raised
garden bed alright guys I just got back in the car
and I got a bunch of stuff with me I got tons of peat moss
I got topsoil I got garden soil all kinds of stuff to fill up these raised
beds once I’m done building them and I’m gonna take you guys through that process
and hopefully it’s a quick one this time we’re gonna be cutting the milling the
lumber real quick and then we’re gonna build it and fill this sucker up and
plant all these plants although it’s getting a little dark outside about the
store we’ll see how far we get today but after this maybe you two can start
planting your own garden like we do we’re gonna get to start with cutting
these boards down and I’m gonna use these cedar boards that I have here
they’re about six inches tall about two inches thick and we’re gonna make this
thing about eight feet long four feet wide and about a foot tall which is
about two boards stacked on top of each other they are all gonna screw into
these four by four so your posts here at every corner
it’s a very straightforward and simple build but we have one in the backyard
right now and it’s been working out great for us we’ve had it throughout a
year this one’s just gonna be bigger and
hopefully better so let’s get started cutting everything down what are you
doing buddy what’s that bud you helping daddy build you are ok well
it’s part still dangerous you can you handle it we’re picking out
all the boards ok this important part here board selection we’ve got about 6
boards here for me to be the full 8 foot length and 2 boards are going to cut
down 4 feet each all right the boards are all cut now
it’s time to start assembling but we’re gonna do it outside since once I build
this thing it ain’t going anywhere because it’s gonna be very heavy as you
see here this is our old raised bed it is okay it’s just a little over girl
with weeds and grass right now we put this tarp underneath to keep that from
happening but unfortunately it didn’t hold up we’re gonna move it dump all
this out and start fresh with some new soil so I gotta move this first okay so
now for the assembly I’ve got the bore is out here I had to do a little bit of
cleaning up from the old raised bed I’m going to build the new one right here
and I’m gonna screw all one two three four five six seven eight boards into
those four four by four posts there we go okay so I’ll give you guys a quick
update where I’m doing since can’t really see from far away this is the
pattern I’m doing right here where you can see one of the posts right there I
have screwed these boards right into the post itself I have lined it up right
there with the edge the top one the reason why it hangs over is because I
have the other board that comes over here on the side line up and it meets it
right there on the edge to make a little bit more of a square joint there kind of
like a giant box joint but maybe not really am i we’re gonna sum all four
sides it’s going quicker than I thought which is good and then we’ll staple the
fabric underneath to keep the grass from growing up I hope we’ll do a couple
layers of that put it down there and then we’ll get the dirt out and start
filling up it is finished it’s on its side there
now it’s time to staple get all the dirt in and be done with this thing okay so that is it for today it is
getting dark outside but we’ve got some good work done we finished the raised
bed which is exciting now all that’s left to do tomorrow is build that sucker
up with soil and plant some plants we’ll pick it up tomorrow we have more
daylight all right we are day two back to finishing these raised beds we’re
just gonna finish stapling this fabric on the old one and then we will put it
back here and there is all of the bags of soil that we got at the store you
helped a Mason we got the raised beds done get the old and the new it’s time
to fill these up with some soil start playing these plants cuz they are dying you okay just got done filling up those
raised beds with the soil and I am exhausted now for the final touches
planting all of these as you can see these plants have kind of withered up
and are almost dead did you get for waiting like a month to build this after
you bought the plants so we’ve got to plant these and hope we can nurse them
back to health but I think we can alright guys it’s finally done we did it
after really only about three or four hours over two days wasn’t too hard to
process but we finished it there’s the race beds the plants are all planted
they are wilted like I mentioned we waited way too long for this project we
bought the plants before we built the raised beds so don’t do that if you’re
planning on building your own raised beds and again this is a disclaimer we
are not professionals when it comes to gardening we just really enjoy it
so if you guys want to follow along this is not a traditional DIY video it’s not
instructional it’s basically just us documenting the process that we did you
probably will find easier ways to do it you’ll probably five more efficient ways
to do this please let us know what we did wrong we can do better or let us
know if you liked it anyway thanks so much for watching subscribe like let us
know what else you want to see I think we have some more DIY videos coming up
in the future enjoy that kind of stuff and I hope you guys do too as well
anyway thanks for watching we’ll see in the next video

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