DIY: Compost Bin Build

Alright, I have to admit, I am more of a utilitarian
kind of guy. Their is nothing wrong with that. Nothing to apalogize for. It just is. I operate off of a miles per gallon frame
of mind and not so much a Ohh, pretty frame of mind. I rarely round over the edges of my shop projects
and I don’t fuss to much over details that in the end matter very little. So it could be considered a little out of
character for me to spend time on what is essentially just a cosmetic factor. But that is ok. This compost bin is going
to be seen from our back porch and although I may be a utilitarian. My wife is a ohh pretty kind of person. and I’m not one to argue. That is how you
get yourself in trouble. After cutting and ripping all my pieces to
size, I’ll start assembly of the side frames. Countersinking those holes falls under the
“ohh, pretty” category. A couple of three inch screws at each corner,
that will suffice. That is one down. I’ll just do that three
more times and then start on the interior panels. I have incorporporated two of these in each
side so I will need eight total. The first one I measured for the vertical
pieces to make sure the smaller interior pieces fit and then I just visually
laid out the interior ones according to what I thought looked good. Now just to make my life easier. I used that
first one as a guide to assemble all the others. Now that that’s done lets put those inside
the side frames. First one. Then the other. Now I’ll gently tap the middle divider in. As I said, gently. After all three side panels are assembled
it is on to the doors. Only on the doors I’m going to assemble those
backwards from how I did the side panels. I’ll attach the outer frame around the interior
for sort of a custom fit. OK, lets assemble this thing. Studies have shown predrilling holes helps
save lives. OK not really. If you have ever worked with chicken wire,
you know it sucks so I don’t do it if I don’t have to. Hardware cloth is a lot simpler to work with.
Attaching it before or after the sides are attached was neither here nor there. I didn’t find it any harder or easier to do
one way as opposed to another. And there you have it. A compost bin that
is attractive enough to showcase in the backyard. Don’t forget to visit me at simply easy diy
dot com for a cut list and materials. Check out my second channel simply easy homesteading
to see the preparation and set up of this compost bin along with some
of the challenges I faced. Check the description, I’ll have all the links. Until then.

17 thoughts on “DIY: Compost Bin Build

  1. she wouldnt settle with four pieces screwed together?? well now u can say u got some nice crap in ur back  sorry tried keeping it G rated and  making a funny outta it .. nice build though i like the idea …ive learned to just go with it too. that saves lives..haha

  2. Speaking of plane….are u going to do a video on those nice hand planes ur father in law gave u?

  3. This is the perfect project for a beginner woodworker!  It's both pretty AND functional, and the return is practically neverending for the relatively little time and money investment made!  Thanks, Stan! 🙂

  4. The intro makes little sense. Since aesthetic is a value, improving aesthetic is an utilitarian endeavour.

    Nice compost bin, by the way.

  5. Ooooh pretty. Momma gotta be happy. It turned out beautiful Stan. The interior grid pattern was a nice touch. I'm sorry I missed this last spring.

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