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Hello, it’s unit 13 you’re on the scene at the homestead and I want to share my compost screen with you This was inspired by necessity and a video I saw on the YouTube channel by Desert Garden Prepper. If it hadn’t been for that video. I’m not sure I would have tried to make my own my own screen sifter thank you to Desert Garden Prepper for posting his inspiring video it truly changed the way I garden. As you can see it works good to separate big solids like rocks, cans, sticks, string, undigested compost, anything that won’t come pass through the the hardware cloth. I chose a barrel with a removable lid for a consistently round factory finished edge the video, video demonstrates how well the barrel and mixer fit together. This part of the video shows how it takes a little over 30 seconds to attach the barrel to the mixer with a common lock hasp and lynch pins. And how well those lynch pins fit into the lock hasp does make a difference. You don’t want it to be loose, it’ll be really noisy and sloppy. Um, and then the other part of the video here shows how it takes a little under a minute to line up the barrel, the wheel barrel and the castor’s. I use spring clamps to….um… to hold that caster assembly together. So that it will pop off really easy if any major problems, arise, and hopefully that will eliminate or minimize damage and there must be a deflector on the out-feed or unprocessed material and debris will get into your already sifted good stuff, and you don’t want to do that ‘er have to do it twice. And those are the things so if you do that, it would be time to sift. My biggest improvement will be to elevate the casters a little higher than they are now to increase the time that the material spins rotating in the barrel. I’ve noticed after several uses that the material I’m screening travels out of the barrel at a rate so that not all the finer material has the time to pass through the hardware cloth and ends up in the wheel barrel not where I want it in the finish pile. You want to store your wheel barrel in the upright position to help keep its shape and keep it out of the sun if you store it on its side with anything leaning on it, it’ll go out of round and buck itself off the casters as you’re trying to do things with it, you’ll see what I mean, don’t let it happen to you or, you’ll have to redo your barrel. The same thing will happen if you don’t pay attention to your bolt placement on the out-feed end of the barrel. Keep them well away from the wheels where the wheels or the castor’s are going to travel along the barrel out feed. That lip there. And then in the last part of the video it’s going to feature detailed stills with construction or material specifications and models numbers when they were available when they were easy for me to find. Um, I hope you find this video helpful and inspiring this is unit 13 I’m out of here. (Music playing until end of video) Visit for more information

9 thoughts on “DIY, homemade, Compost sifter, Trommel screen, Kobalt cement mixer, Soil mixer

  1. Love this one too….great job and just watched Desert Garden Preppers and another man that made one based on DGP version….between the 3 of yalls, I will be making one! By far 3 of the best I've seen on here out of hundreds! May your harvests always be bountiful….Cheers….
    In Lak'ech

  2. I do miss my 428-B Cat and my wood shop now.!
    I will be making a fine SCREEN drum assembly based mostly on your specks.

    But using 1/8 MONEL Aircraft grade volts instead of coarse drywall screws…. only because I am 62 and if I don't use them now I NEVER will.

    I'm building a hotel in the Philippines…. Thanks MUCH for a great video and a BIG THUMBS UP and shared

  3. #TrommelBuild just about to try my home made Trommel on my 23 month old leaf mould, nice bit of kit you have. #KeepCalmAndMakeCompost Facebook Group.

    🌱Happy Gardening To You And All My Viewers And Subscribers, Terry.

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